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The Bureau of Real Estate (“BRE”) issues licenses and imposes disciplinary action against Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents in California . These two types of cases are handled by BRE Legal Counsel who pursue the action before an Administrative Law Judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”). The Office of Administrative Hearings is not part of the BRE. This is a trial in that the matter is prosecuted by BRE Legal Counsel, you are defended by your own lawyer (unless you choose to handle the case alone, which we clearly do not recommend), there is a court reporter who transcribes the proceeding, and each side presents written and oral evidence, there is a full opportunity for objections, cross-examination, and the matter can be appealed as well.

In BRE cases, the Real Estate Commissioner makes the final decision and not the Administrative Law Judge. BRE has the power to either reject or modify the Proposed Decision of the Administrative Law Judge. Some cases can be resolved without an Administrative Hearing.

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