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Gun owner charged in accidental shooting death

55-year-old Todd Conrad Francis is being charged with three felony counts: involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and criminal storage of a firearm. Francis’ 9-year-old daughter was playing with her neighbor Eric Klyaz in the garage on June 4. They were handling Francis’ 9 mm pistol when it apparently went off, killing Klyaz. At the time, the … Read More

FBI arrests 14 in connection with international gambling ring

The FBI staged raids on Wednesday during which they arrested 14 people, one of whom may be a manager in an international gambling ring. This violent ring, which has been operating for a decade, is alleged to have taken millions of dollars in illegal sports bets. The FBI launched a full-scale investigation into the case, … Read More

Attempted murder suspect arrested

Police arrested an attempted murder suspect in Vista on Tuesday, eight hours after he went on the run. Kenneth Wayne Welch, 42, allegedly beat his girlfriend, then left the scene in his pickup truck with their 5-month-old son. Welch left the unharmed child with a relative. Welch’s girlfriend said that he hit her on the … Read More

Las Vegas couple pleads guilty to fake insurance scam

Michael and Melissa Woodward pleaded guilty Wednesday to state tax fraud and other charges. The Woodwards were charged with 11 counts each, including grand theft, tax fraud, residential burglary, theft from an elder and selling insurance without authorization. The couple are alleged to have scammed 240 to 250 elderly people in San Diego County and … Read More

Evidence from hidden camera was properly authenticated, court ruled

An Ohio doctor was charged with sexual misconduct after his inappropriate sexual comments were secretly taped by one of his patients. Larry Lee Smith argued before the Court of Appeals that the hidden camera violated his due process rights, but the court found that the secret tape was proper and did not violate any of … Read More

Ex-CIA Edward Snowden is source of leaked NSA reports

29-year-old Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the Central Intelligence Agency, provided information to journalists about the secret U.S. electronic surveillance program. He revealed his identity voluntarily in a video interview on the U.K. Guardian‘s website. Snowden is currently residing in a hotel in Hong Kong. It remains to be seen whether or not … Read More

Auto theft sting operation results in 64 arrests

After eight months of investigation, 64 people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with a network of North County auto theft rings. “Operation Perfect Storm” had undercover detectives begin to infiltrate multiple unrelated operations starting in August, California Highway Patrol Commander Scott Parker said. The officers then proceeded to set up a storefront to buy stolen … Read More

Supreme Court Ruling Allows DNA Samples After Arrest

The US Supreme Court ruled on Monday that it is legal for the police to take a DNA sample at the time of an arrest for a serious crime. The ruling came about after a court in Maryland said it was illegal for a police to take Alonzo King’s DNA. King was arrested for felony … Read More

Sex offenders, criminals allowed to be counselors

The lax credentialing system in California has allowed convicted sex offenders and people with substance abuse problems to work with clients. California is one of only two states that does not require background check on people who are registering to become substance-abuse counselors. No criminal background check is run, and in fact applicants are never asked … Read More

National City father of injured baby arrested on abuse charges

A man has been arrested for child abuse after police discovered the man’s baby had fractured rigs and bleeding on the brain. The 5-month-old was taken to the hospital by paramedics after someone reported the child was having difficulty breathing and was possibly having a seizure. At the hospital, doctors discovered numerous rib fractures and … Read More