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California Board of Accountancy.

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 The California Board of Accountancy will deny an application for license for a conviction of a crime related to the duties and functions of an Accountant, done any act of dishonesty &/or making a false statement on an application for license.

At Spital & Associates, our California Accountant License defense attorneys protect your rights and advance your interests in an investigation or prosecution. We have over 49 years of experience as a former Deputy Attorney General and skilled defense lawyer.The Board prosecutes cases against individuals that have a license as a CPA if there is an allegation of one or more of the following more common grounds for disciplinary action:

  • Sexual Misconduct by CPA or Accountant
  • Abuse of Alcohol and/or Prescription Drugs by Accountant or CPA
  • Use by a CPA or an Accountant of dangerous Narcotics/Substances
  • Incompetent and/or Negligent Practice of Accounting
  • Conviction of a Crime Substantially Related to the Practice of Accounting
  • Falsifying records by a CPA or Accountant
  • Fiscal Dishonesty/Fraud/Theft by Accountant or CPA
  • Unlicensed Practice of Accountancy

There are events that must be reported to the CBA. Although the following link is the Licensee Reporting Form, it is very important that you obtain legal advice  regarding the reporting of any such event, as this can be a basis for an investigation by the CBA and/or the filing of an Accusation to suspend or revoke your license.

Before discussing your Board of Accountancy case, whether an application for a license; an investigation, law enforcement,  the Office of [State] Attorney General; and/or with anyone, you should obtain the advice of an experienced California Board of Accountancy Defense lawyer at Spital & Associates. Ask for Sam Spital, Managing Attorney. Call now for a FREE CONSULTATION with Sam (619) 583-0350 !

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