Long-term inmates move to county jails

Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to ease state prison overcrowding has created other problems.

Now, county jails that are not built to hold long-term prisoners are being forced to take felons with long sentences. Sheriffs say that these prisoners pose security threats and are more than the jails can handle.

Though it is good to think of solutions to overcrowding, it is irresponsible to send dangerous criminals to facilities that are not equipped to hold them.

Female inmates sterilized without approval

The Center for Investigative Reporting has found that almost 150 women were sterilized by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation between 2006 and 2010 without state approval. Former inmates and prison staff both say that patients were coerced into being sterilized, and those who were targeted were often pregnant, and were those deemed likely to return to prison.

The tubal ligation procedure for prisoners has required approval from top medical officers on a case-by-case basis since 1994. No requests have come before the health committee, yet at least 60 were performed at Valley State Prison for Women, and many were performed at California Institution for Women.

It is disgusting to treat human beings in this way. These women’s bodies are their own, and have the right to decide whether or not they should be able to bear children. A licensed professional should not be able to manipulate and coerce people in this way. It is against the code of ethics and against human decency.

Some proponents will argue that society has a vested interest in the welfare of the children of those who lack good judgment. All taxpayers not only pay a huge sum of money to incarcerate criminal offenders, but for their medical conditions and/or diseases. Some pundits ask why we spend more money for each staff to operate our prisons than we pay teachers.
As long as we debate the pros and cons of this and all other important  topics of particular interest, we will eventually reach a consensus if not a reasonable and proper solution.

Fundraiser for shooting victim

A fundraiser was held for Will Barton, a courageous young man who survived being shot in the head during a violent crime spree during October of 2012. He was one of two people who were shot, and his condition was considered by doctors to be “unsurvivable” Miraculously, he is alive and doing much better than anticipated.

Barton, who graduated from Point Loma high school, has come a long way since the shooting last years. His loved ones gathered in Mission Hills to show their support for him and raise money for him.


FBI arrests one-time CSUSM student-body candidate

Commentary by San Diego Criminal Defense Layer Sam Spital:

“UT San Diego online edition on February 11, 2013 reported a former candidate for student body President, Matthew Weaver was arrested by the FBI for suspicion of wire fraud, a related charge and unauthorized use of a computer. The article revealed that user identities and passwords of approximately 700 students were stolen by the computer hacker to alter results of the student election to allegedly benefit himself and fraternity brothers, which is the method votes are cast by students. Although not reported in the article, these positions are paid by the school and had the particular candidates in question been elected they would have been able to make a combined $36,000 from stipends.

Last year, Cal State San Marcus University Police arrested the suspect when they discovered him at a school computer in possession of a device known to be used to steal computer passwords, however, he was not charged at the time with any criminal offense. Weaver now faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted of the charges filed in the pending federal complaint. The sad reality is the defendant clearly did not consider the unintended consequences of his apparent desire for power. Now, his future career aspirations and professional goals will be marked by the charges if proven and/or he decides to enter into a plea deal if offered. Here is where the defendant needs truly competent defense counsel to marginalize the allegations; it is also very important to remember the suspect is innocent until proven guilty by evidence beyond reasonable doubt.”

— Sam Spital

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