Long-term inmates move to county jails

Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to ease state prison overcrowding has created other problems.

Now, county jails that are not built to hold long-term prisoners are being forced to take felons with long sentences. Sheriffs say that these prisoners pose security threats and are more than the jails can handle.

Though it is good to think of solutions to overcrowding, it is irresponsible to send dangerous criminals to facilities that are not equipped to hold them.

Governor proposes new prison plan

In response to a federal court order to reduce California’s prison population, governor Jerry Brown proposed a $315 million plan to send inmates to vacant county cells and private prisons. He hopes to avoid what he says would be a mass release of dangerous felons.

Brown says that public safety is paramount and that the state has the money to implement the plan.

Whatever happened to enhancing the probation system and having one-on-one probation officers to help in the rehabilitation process? What about teaching working skills in jails and prisons like they did in the 50’s so inmates can earn a living and become productive citizens? The prison system needs an overhaul, but one must question if this is the right way to do it.


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