Fort Hood shooter receives death sentence

Maj. Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for his 2009 shooting spree at Fort Hood after mounting barely any defense while representing himself.

Some posit that Hasan seeks to be a martyr, which is why he represented himself and did not call witness, give a testimony, or make any statements other than taking responsibility for the shooting. He admitted to his guilt, saying that he was a soldier who switched sides, and that he wanted to protect Islamic insurgents abroad. He had tried to plead guilty before the trial started but was unable to do so.

Hasan has been accused of seeking the death sentence, but his former attorney said that he doesn’t have a death wish. It is hard to believe that he does not, however, after choosing to represent himself and not mounting any sort of defense.

The military justice system has a lengthy appeals process, so it may be years or decades before Hasan is put to death, if the sentence stands.


Fundraiser for shooting victim

A fundraiser was held for Will Barton, a courageous young man who survived being shot in the head during a violent crime spree during October of 2012. He was one of two people who were shot, and his condition was considered by doctors to be “unsurvivable” Miraculously, he is alive and doing much better than anticipated.

Barton, who graduated from Point Loma high school, has come a long way since the shooting last years. His loved ones gathered in Mission Hills to show their support for him and raise money for him.


4 killed in Orange County shooting spree

A series of shootings across Orange County has left four people, including the gunman, dead. According to this report, the first shooting occurred at Ladera Ranch. It is believed that the shooter killed one person here prior to fleeing in an SUV. The suspect then continued to attempt to carjack at least two vehicles, which resulted in two more deaths. He shot and killed himself shortly after police found him in a stolen vehicle.



Compton shooting leaves one dead, two wounded (Sam Spital)

“The Los Angeles Times reported on September 10, 2012 a homicide in the neighboring community of Compton in which one person was killed and two others wounded. Unfortunately, Compton has had 14 homicides so far this year. Because the article did not provide any further details, it is unclear what other facts exist to understand the defendant’s motive, excuse and possible defenses. Suffice to say, violent crime is a complex and serious matter that often stems from one’s inability to deal with stress, whether financial, personal or social. No excuses are being made, except it helps to identify the forces at play so that society can do a better job in preventing such widespread and continuing scourges.”

SAM SPITAL, Criminal Defense Lawyer


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