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Accidents involving commercial vehicles such as a construction vehicle, taxi, bus, rental car, or other business vehicles are never really expected. Professionals who have special commercial driver’s licenses or other special training usually drive commercial vehicles. On top of this, these professional drivers tend to have an increased interest in making sure that they are driving safe to ensure that their job is safe. Unfortunately, commercial vehicle accidents do happen in San Diego, and they are know to cause serious injures and even death. If you or someone you love is a victim of a San Diego business vehicle accident, call Spital & Associates to speak with a San Diego commercial vehicle accident lawyer who will fight to get you compensation for your pain and suffering.

Commercial vehicle accident lawsuits can be difficult to pursue because both the driver and the employer may be considered legally responsible for the business vehicle accident. Because there are possibly two responsible parties, there will also be two or more insurance policies covering the accident. This requires you as the victim to sort out insurance coverage and liability before you can be fairly compensated for your injuries. A commercial vehicle accident attorney can help you with this difficult and sometimes confusing process.

Another problem that San Diego commercial vehicle accidents can pose is the large size of many of these business vehicles. For example, while a local delivery truck isn’t nearly as large as a semi, it is larger than an average non-commercial passenger car. Therefore, in an accident the commercial vehicle can do substantial damage to a smaller car in a collision. A commercial vehicle accident is much more likely to result in death or permanent injuries, such as brain injuries, amputation, paralysis, or other serious injuries. Treatment for these injuries can be incredibly expensive.

Nor only are injuries acquired in a San Diego commercial vehicle accident expensive, they also often halt the victim’s ability to work. If you are the victim of a commercial vehicle accident in San Diego, CA, you may feel overwhelmed by your physical injuries and financial woes. However, you might be in the position to fire a commercial vehicle accident lawsuit in order to seek compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. You may also be able to pursue compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one and the emotional suffering that this accident has caused you.

If you are a loved one has been injured, or even killed, in a commercial vehicle accident in San Diego, contact Spital & Associates to secure full compensation for your injuries, pain, and/or suffering. Our San Diego business vehicle accident attorneys have the experience and skill it takes to provide you with the highest level of representation and secure the best possible results in your commercial vehicle accident case. Call Spital & Associates today at (619) 583-0350 to schedule a consultation with a San Diego commercial vehicle accident attorney to pursue compensation for your San Diego commercial vehicle accident.


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