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Prior to the filing of an Accusation, you may be contacted by your licensing agency by letter, or by an investigator with the Department of Consumer Affairs or the Board that issued your license.

It is extremely important you reply in a prompt and cooperative manner, but you need to be aware this is not a friendly encounter. We recommend you obtain experienced State Board Professional License Defense Legal Counsel immediately. If you feel compelled to say anything, perhaps state: “I want to cooperate fully with you, but I will have my lawyer call you first.” It is better to be cautious than later sorry because your statements were used against you in a later Accusation.

It is best to have an immediate plan of action.  The Managing Lawyer, Sam Spital, should be retained to develop a comprehensive short and long term plan of action and strategy to resolve your investigation at the earliest possible stage in an appropriate manner.

At Spital & Associates, we provide advice and representation to clients on administrative investigations in connection with a professional or occupational license in all cities in Southern California and Northern California (Statewide), whether they are beginning college to get a degree or learn their chosen profession; those who are applying for a license; those facing an investigation after their application has been filed and/or the loss of their professional license because of disciplinary action at their (current or previous) employment, or having sustained an arrest or conviction.

Since 1978, Sam Spital our Managing Lawyer has built a reputation for his zealous advocacy and relentless representation before nearly every Board, Bureau and Department in the State of California. He brings a commitment to his clients of  the highest quality and service possible,   regardless of the type of professional and occupational license you want to obtain or already possess. Although the government has us outnumbered in lawyers and staff, and what seems unlimited financial resources, we are not outsmarted.

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