Compassionate Lawyer

 March 9, 2024

I cannot thank Sam enough for all the candor and patience in walking me through each step. It’s never an easy situation when your license is at stake, but I felt confident and supported by Sam and Elizabeth. Thank you for representing me and I would recommend Elizabeth and Sam to anyone needing legal representation.

***** Savana,  Hired Attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: Being competent and effective also means a client needs his/her lawyer to be relevant. Understanding these elements is essential. We appreciate your heartfelt response. Wishing you continued happiness. Sincerely, Sam Spital.”

Look No Further!

January 30, 2024

Sam Spital’s law firm came to my aid in my time of need during a confusing, overwhelming, and desperate time. They skillfully guided and assisted me with my case and answered every question I had. Not only did they do that, but they also comforted every worry I had. I would recommend this law above all others. Believe me I researched. I had no regrets and I am eternally grateful.

***** Anonymous, Hired Attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: We work tirelessly in redefining the self-confidence of professionals we represent as their defense counsel to protect their rights and advance their interest. We are grateful and honored to have been retained by you, and the trust and confidence bestowed on us.kindest regards, Sam Spital.”

Helpful during my time of need

January 8, 2024

I have not had the best experiences with lawyers before in terms of promptness, thoroughness, and price gouging. I am extremely grateful that Samuel answered my call immediately on the weekend for a consultation. He was very clear about what communications were covered during the free consultation, which was a lot! He had a very calming presence during my time of anxiety and was able to translate legal issues in an understandable way. I appreciated him breaking down next steps and being available for me to reach out to with updates. I am happy that I only needed a consultation, however if I needed further legal services I would have felt comfortable and confident working with Samuel.


Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Christina, thank you for your kind words. You clearly deserved a lawyer who treats you as a client and not a case. We were mindful of the situation in which you found yourself, overwhelmed with uncertainty and hoping for clarity. You were bullied, wrongly confused by a “scam artist,” and understandably misled by a what I label a professional thief. No one should have to go through such a frustrating situation. Because we invariably deal with the unexpected, we sought to comfort you with steps and procedures to resume your confidence, control, and to establish understandable short and long term goals. The process was to help you to overcome the then present obstacles as well as the unpredictable future. What made the difference to us was to enable you to consider all of the alternatives; the pros and cons relating to your options. Most importantly, for you to be appreciated for who you are and, under the circumstances, having legitimate needs and desires. Frankly, our role was to give you the ability to put this in perspective, along with perseverance, and to focus on your exceptionalism. If you feel we made a difference it’s actually because you had trust and confidence in our approach to the legal issues you were facing, and decisions you had to make. Thank you, Sam”

Saved my career

November 9, 2023

Making this phone call to Sam was the hardest and most humbling experience I had ever had in my life. I had made a dumb mistake and put my RN license in danger. I never expected Sam himself to pick up the phone when I called and he right away began to calm me down he cared about who I was and wanted to know about my life and family not just what had happened. We shared stories and by the end of the conversation he had already outlined a plan on how we would approach the board. He even gave me a set of questions and directions for the attorney I had out of state handling my criminal matter. He knew what this career meant to me and the outcome of case shows it. I had NO accusation, NO discipline, NO citation and, NO fine with the BRN Sam thank you from myself and my family !

*****Derrick, Hired Attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We will never accept the status quo. The possibilities are enormous. We “do not give in” nor stop fighting for our clients. We are persistent and “do not give up.” We are proud of our accomplishments, as well as the respect we get from the government because we are different, each of our clients are different and really matter to us. Your testimonial is greatly appreciated, particularly because YOU believed in yourself and trusted us to be your best and only choice. Sincerely, Sam

     Very happy client

        September 23, 2023

“I am so happy to have my license back and I couldn’t have done it without Sam. I highly recommend him if you have any issues with your license. Thank you so much Sam for your help and guidance.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”

***** Anonymous, Hired attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We are very pleased to hear you are happy with the results we achieved on your behalf. We are different because our clients are different. We DO IT; we don’t try. We LOVE our work, and that is why we are available 7 days a week. Helping clients achieve their goals is more rewarding than an hourly attorney’s fee. Instead, we quote and charge a flat fixed fee so there are no surprises. We obtain licenses for “new clients” AFTER they receive a denial. For other “new clients” who want to avoid the time, uncertainty, and lost income, they retain us BEFORE responding to a government Investigation or Accusation; BEFORE filing an Application; BEFORE agreeing to or acknowledging the terms of Probation; BEFORE seeking to modify or terminate Probation early; and BEFORE seeking to reinstate their License if revoked. We are grateful you placed 100% trust and confidence in me and my team. Do not hesitate to contact me for a complimentary attorney consultation when you have any questions. Best wishes, Sam”

      He could have just left me hanging

        August 21, 2023

“Because he does not practice in the area of law I need. He didn’t he wrote me back a very thoughtful response on my situation and he gave me some strategies to incorporate in trying to secure an attorney as I sift my way through them. That was over and above because I always tend to over explain but he read it.”
***** Jefferson, Consulted attorney

     Unconditional License Granted

       August 13, 2023

“With Sam strategy, insight and resources, my application for professional license was granted, even after I had previously surrendered my license. Sam helped my dream career back. I am grateful Sam always believed in me, advised me with a written action plan that included the necessary steps and evidence-gathering. Now I am registered nurse with no conditions, no restrictions, and no fines to pay. Sam was available for questions at every steps of the way. If you have any legal issues relating to a professional occupational license, I highly recommend Sam.”
***** Anonymous, Hired Attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Although there would have to be an egregious &/or totally extraordinary situation for us to allow, concede or agree to a client surrendering his/her professional license, we are eager to help prospective clients who were previously advised by another lawyer or unilaterally surrendered their license. We know the pain others experience when their treasured career has been preempted by the government; that is one of the primary reasons we are considered a formidable opponent; and, doing “just ok” is not enough. Our clients deserve effective representation, which is extremely greater than superficial or unexceptional work. We celebrate with you the result: NO PROBATION. NO RESTRICTIONS. NO FINE. NO LIMITS TO NURSING. AND, NO HEARING May all of your happy dreams continue to come true. Wishing you all the best, Sam Spital ”

      Reliable and dependable

        July 17, 2023

“Hi, I got another DUI back in 2020, that was my 2nd DUI. I was lost and worried out of my mind. I didn’t know what to do. My girlfriend at the time was able to find Sam and Sam lead me to Elizabeth. I was on the verge of mental and emotional breakdown. But after speaking with Sam and Elizabeth, They became my glimmer of hope during that difficult time. My case was resolved with just a fine with no probationary terms on 4/21. After my case was initially closed, I had to renew my license and report that DUI, the board of Nursing mistook that as a new case and tried to get me again on 5.31.23 on that same case. I panicked and contacted Elizabeth/Sam and even after 2 years of not speaking, we picked up where we left off. Elizabeth and Sam both responded timely and even sent a letter to the board of nursing on my behalf on that same day. Now my case is closed. They’re prompt response when I have questions and their willingness to work with my criminal lawyer was amazing. Every case is different but this was the best choice I’ve made for my legal team. I highly recommend Sam and Elizabeth.”
***** John, Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “John, you are the one to be thanked! We sincerely appreciate your complete trust and confidence in our methodology; as such, you knew and understood our targeted and laser focused strategy to identify the legally significant facts and issues, along with developing pivotal evidence on your behalf. Our goal was to fight and support you keeping your professional license without being restricted by countless terms and conditions of probation. We succeeded because there is no substitute for our passion and motivation; we developed a comprehensive defense and compelling “offense, with a totally favorable outcome. Stay well and do not hesitate to contact us for guidance, knowing our preliminary advice is provided as a professional courtesy and at no charge.”

       Best Professional License Attorney

         July 2, 2023

“From the moment I spoke to Sam, I knew I made the right decision. He instantly showed compassion and was extremely knowledgeable and thorough about my situation. He spoke with me for as long as needed, answering all of my questions, even after hours. I knew hiring him and Elizabeth to help defend my license was the best decision I could have made. Through their hard work and dedication on my behalf, they were able to obtain the best possible outcome in resolving my case. I was able to avoid a hearing and achieve a result with no probation on my license. True miracle workers.”
*****  Jamie, Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Jamie, its not about getting the best “deal,” but choosing the “team” with the best published results. While it may be our natural ability, we believe there is an “art” to communication, and an “art” to negotiation. No one can copy Coca-Cola® even if they know the ingredients. The consistent level of client satisfaction we achieve is unmatched and, therefore, the reason our clients consider the outcome priceless.”

      The Very Best

        March 5, 2023

“First, do not hesitate for a second on his upfront retainer cost. Sam worked tirelessly from the beginning to the very end for me. They were available during evenings and weekends, providing thorough and exhaustive legal counsel beyond anything I was expecting. The sheer amount of documentation provided to me regarding what they advised to be my safest legal route far exceeding my expectations. If you have a professional issue with your license, this is the A team. These are the people you reach out to when you believe you have no options left. This isn’t a practice where you have to wade through legal assistants or secretaries, you have direct access to them and you are not passed around. They are fantastic and would recommend them to anyone attempting to protect their profession license.”
***** Jeff  – Hired Attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Jeff, when we accepted your case, we knew it was the most important and career defining moment in your life, not just another “case” to a lawyer. We reciprocated your trust and belief by prioritizing our time, tasks, resources and methodology to develop a pivotal defense and compelling “offense.” When your state of affairs were obviously challenging to say the least, we focused on your goals, continuing to utilize our resources to design relevant and truly persuasive legal arguments, knowing this was also an opportunity for you to build your own self-confidence. Jeff, as our client, YOU REALLY MATTER. And, I am grateful you selected my team. May your life also be enriched with good health and positivity, Much appreciated, Sam Spital, Managing Attorney.”

     Highly recommend

       February 23, 2023

Sam is very dedicated to his clients and does not give up in seeking the best outcome. He gave me hope and helped to navigate my complex case and save my license. I am now able to continue my career thanks to him. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”
*****  Registered Nurse, Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “There is no greater reward than obtaining a winning result for our client, and we are grateful YOU had 100% trust and confidence in the systematic approach we utilized and the painstaking efforts to accomplish everything we set out to do. We are proud to have performed targeted research, proper analysis of the legally significant facts and law, pivotal strategy and building a comprehensive, lengthy written composition to obtain a favorable outcome as you deserved; far greater than a minimal effort or superficial and incomplete presentation. Wishing you the best now and in the future. ”

      Sui Generis “ONE OF A KIND” describes Sam Spital

        February 10, 2023
“I hired Samuel Spital based on his reviews, his knowledge, his vast experience, his prolific writings about law, but mostly his COMPASSION that hemorrhaged from his soul when he spoke with me at length about my case with the Medical Board. Sam is a resolute defender extraordinaire. Please do not hesitate to trust Attorney Sam Spital’s recommendations, which includes his associate Attorney Elizabeth Brady’s mitigation package that involves their ingenious “Step” plan, etc. I am still walking on air since Elizabeth called me to inform me my CASE was CLOSED. No intimidating interview, no fines, no citations, no probation, NO RECORD regarding the Medical Board’s inquiry. It feels like I woke up from a bad nightmare and everything is alright.”
***** LINDA – Hired Attorney


       February 6, 2023

“Sam saved my license after I received a felony conviction. He gave me hope and helped to navigate my complex case at every stage to save my license. I am now able to continue my career thanks to him. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”
***** CHRISTINA – Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Christina, we are extremely pleased with the unprecedented outcome of your truly serious and complex case. Most importantly, it is an incredible result to have had YOU as our client, along with your ongoing trust and confidence. As such, we were able to successfully manage, navigate and direct your case through an otherwise overwhelming tsunami. We built a factual and legal foundation for you to maximize your work opportunities along with setting up perfect timing to complete your felony criminal probation and sentencing. Christina, we always believed in you; and, we are truly proud to have helped to establish and engineer your ability to regain the right to work as well. It is all a reflection of you and a well deserved outcome. You can once again enjoy your career goals and dreams Wishing you all the best now and forever. Kindest regards, Sam.”

      Sam Saved the Day

       February 4, 2023

“Sam’s strategy and guidance helped me prevail in an unfortunate and unexpected situation. I was released from the contract and paid what I was owed in less than three months. It could have dragged on for a much longer time without Sam’s help. Also, I appreciated that, even though I am not a “major client”, he was available 7 days a week and always promptly answered all of my questions.This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
***** MELANIE  – Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Melanie, our goal is to provide an effective action plan including a full explanation of the alternatives, as well as the respective advantages and disadvantages. We are mindful of the time restraints, professional along with financial considerations of our clients, whether their case is complex and challenging or not entirely. Our laser focus is to craft a unique and thorough winning defense and ‘offense’ strategy rather than a superficial or mediocre approach. ”


        January 23, 2023

I was about to lose my license, but your team obtained an amazing result, which I cannot thank you enough.For others facing severe adverse consequences, do NOT give up. I had the privilege to have Sam and Elizabeth as my attorneys; they have been tireless advocates that developed a compelling and lengthy complete written Legal Argument on my behalf to the government.They were my champions and guardians. I am grateful to have had them fight for me, achieve an unmatched and winning outcome that saved my career.”
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

***** Hired attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: ““I sincerely appreciate the time you took to write a “5 star” Client Review regarding our advice and representation. There is no greater reward than obtaining a totally winning result. It has been an honor to provide the pivotal strategies and 60-75 page written Legal Argument for you to continue as a Registered Nurse, and in the career you hold in extremely high regard. all of our clients and YOU REALLY MATTER TO US. Thank you again for your trust and confidence.” Sam Spital, Managing Attorney”

      Ethical advocacy!

       January 2, 2023

“I have benefited from what turned out to be several free consults with Sam Spital. He’s been invaluable during unparalleled personal challenges, supportive of me in retaining my professional license. His belief in me has sustained me—I can’t thank him enough! He has been beyond generous with his time and expertise, plus his ethical and moral standards are impeccable. Your trust in Sam is well placed. He’s the epitome of what an attorney should be! Don’t bother searching, you’ve found the right person to fight for you and your license. I’m deeply grateful for his guidance.”This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.”
Consulted attorney
***** ANNIE – Five Stars
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Annie, we support and fight for our clients because they deserve a FORMIDABLE advocate on their side to level the playing field. While the government may have unlimited funds to pursue its agenda, there is no substitute for our passion, motivation, resources, compelling presentations and natural talent. We are grateful you allowed our targeted strategy to present pivotal evidence to on your behalf. to save your professional license”


December 19, 2022

“Sam believed in me from the start and never stopped fighting for the best outcome in my case. Sam helped me to gather evidence and persuade the Board to allow me to keep my license and avoid probation without having to go to a hearing. Sam truly cares about his clients and went way above and beyond advocating for me.  If you have any license concerns, I recommend him highly.”This review is from a person who hired this attorney.”
***** Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: Both as a former Deputy Attorney General representing California Regulatory Agencies in the early stages of my career, and in the decades since as a Professional Licensing Defense Attorney representing licensees throughout California, has given me the opportunity when retained to go beyond the minimum and truly understand our clients’ needs and desires, their goals and dreams, options, etc. We are formidable advocates, utilizing our unique resources, varied strategies and pivotal analyses to present comprehensive, detailed and lengthy written Legal Arguments to refute and/or marginalize the government’s case. We take our work as lawyers seriously. Your accomplishments as that of our other clients continue to inspire us to achieve unparalleled results. You are invited to contact me when you have a question in the future. Also, we appreciate your endorsement of our achievement on your behalf to those you know and with whom you associate. Wishing you continued happiness and good health, Sam Spital”


August 9, 2022

***** Jennifer Oden – Consulted attorney

Investigation Closed

July 16, 2022

★★★★★ Hired attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: We take pride in our role to protect a client’s legal interest. Yes, we succeeded in totally disproving the allegations in the open Investigation by the State Government. We do not gamble on a superficial approach when we have consistently won our clients’ cases by utilizing what has proven to be the best strategy…. to present very lengthy and comprehensive legal arguments after developing evidence as we did in your case to completely exonerate you in a case the government had otherwise relied upon that placed your career in grave jeopardy. The outcome not only caused the government to close its investigation, there was no adverse action, no public record, and your license history is crystal clear. We hope others who read your testimonial will choose to be proactive, regardless of the facts and issues that may appear inconsequential to a lay person, however, even what seem to be frivolous complaints can damage or totally destroy one’s career. Thank you gain for your ongoing trust and confidence. We wish you much happiness and success now and forever. Sincerely, Managing Attorney Sam Spital

Positive review for Sam Spital

May 2, 2022

From the very first phone call with Sam, I felt that he genuinely cares about her clients and is an advocate who does not give up. Thanks to him, my license is saved. I did not have to go to a hearing and I will not have any restrictions on the license. I am grateful to have found an attorney who really cares and goes the extra mile. His years of experience and expertise in the field speak for themselves. I highly recommend him if you have any issues with your license. You will not regret it. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
***** Hired attorney 
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: We go beyond the basics, as we know “your attorney can and does really matter.” We sought to demonstrate who you really are, by producing a lengthy and compelling written legal argument. You DESERVED to have a fighter and champion on your side. Yes, we are passionate and nothing could make us happier than protecting your license and career. NOW THE CASE IS CLOSED, NO HEARING, NO CONDITIONS. AND NO RESTRICTIONS ON YOUR STATE PROFESSIONAL LICENSE. You continued to have trust and confidence, and now you are comforted in believing and actually knowing you made the correct decision.Your kind words are much appreciated. Thank you, Sam Spital

Knowledgeable and professional!

March 27, 2022

Sam’s knowledge and representation was such a welcome relief. He helped me through one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. Without his experience and ability to navigate the system I would have been lost. Thank you so much Sam! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
***** Kate Hired attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: Kate, we are pleased with the results of our work on your behalf. California Regulatory Agencies cannot violate their authority; and, we appreciate you allowing us to oppose their actions. We highly believe a clearly unreasonable and erroneous and/or an arbitrary and capricious action is NOT the only standard of proof to obtain a victory. Good luck in all your professional and personal goals. Attorney Sam Spital.

Restoration Professional

February 9, 2022

“Sam never fails to amaze me when he provides advice that turns out to be indispensable. However I shouldn’t be too surprised at his knowledge, being that he has worked on the prosecution side and defense side for decades. Sam’s has not only been selfless but also has proven to be knowledgeable in several different legal matters for me.”  Thank you so much Sam! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
★★★★★ William – Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “William, we work tirelessly for our clients, and your review means everything to us. You deserve having a lawyer who has your back, is proactive and resourceful. We truly appreciate the trust and confidence you have had in seeking advice on multiple legal issues to help guide you in the past, now and in the future. Wishing you much success and happiness, Sam”

Exemplary and Professional Attorney

February 6, 2022

“I highly recommend Sam Spital. He provided excellent service, demonstrated professionalism, and personal attention to detail. He made himself available to promptly answer all my questions regarding legal matters.” This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

Best CARE from attorney

February 4, 2022

“It is so rare nowadays to have an immediate answer, advice and several follow ups even if you are not retained as a client!!!!   Highly recommending! This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.”
★★★★★ Elena
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Everyone deserves an opportunity to understand and be guided through the process to obtain legal advice and, if desired, representation. Thank you for your review. ”

Outstanding attention to detail!

February 1, 2022

“I was referred to Sam from a colleague and was pleasantly surprised from our initial conversation. Sam was very nice and took the time to explain my options in detail. I hired Sam to help me navigate through my situation related to my accounting business. I am so happy with his service and will definitely work with Sam in the future.” This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
★★★★★Krista  – Hired attorney
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Krista, your testimonial is greatly appreciated. It is not enough to simply provide legal advice without providing the alternatives, pros and cons, as well as the propriety of the options. You, your associates and business acquaintances are invited to contact me by email or telephone, now and in the future. We maintain hours 8:30am to 8:30pm on a daily basis [and that includes weekends]. Take care and be safe.”

Highest Integrity! Extremely Knowledgeable!

February 1, 2022
“I have hired Sam on multiple occasions. I own a real estate brokerage so it is absolutely necessary to have a professional attorney who is knowledgeable in business, contracts, and all aspects of Real Estate. His advice has been very valuable to me in my business and gives me the peace of mind that I need when running my day today operations. Sam is very easy going and is very punctual when an appointment is scheduled. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone who needs a great attorney!”  This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

★★★★★Ernest – Hired attorney

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Ernest, it has always been a pleasure to work with you, particularly to share in the joy of your growth and success as a Real Estate professional. It is refreshing to share in the dedication, passion and responsiveness as characteristics you value when you represent your clients, as do I. Your review is truly appreciated. Hoping 2022 and the years that follow bring you continued happiness. ”


December 13, 2021
“When I contacted Spital and Elizabeth, I was recovering from what was perhaps the lowest point in my professional career. I had just begun to put my life back together when I received news I was now under investigation by the Medical Board. I cannot begin to describe how devastating, anxiety-provoking, and hopeless it felt to feel as though you are about to lose everything you worked so hard to achieve. It had taken such a great deal of effort to rebuild my life and the investigation made me doubt I deserved another chance.
My advice from Sam has been very helpful. I was initially planning to talk directly with the investigator and not hire an attorney at all but Sam, thankfully, did a great job in his consultation to convince me otherwise. He helped me to believe in myself and feel that I deserved a second chance. He has continuously worked to protect my interest at all stages of the case. Sam believed in me from the start, and has continued to work hard on my behalf. He has done an excellent job of helping the Board to see who I am and the difference I make through my work. I highly recommend hiring Sam and Elizabeth for legal representation.”This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
★★★★★ FIVE (5) STAR
Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: Both as a former Deputy Attorney General representing the Medical Board of California in the early stages of my career, and in the decades since as a Professional Licensing Defense Attorney representing physicians throughout California, has given me the opportunity to level the playing field. When we are retained, our role is to go beyond the superficial and understand our clients’ needs and desires, their goals and dreams, options, etc. We are formidable advocates, utilizing our unique resources, varied strategies and pivotal analyses to present comprehensive, detailed and lengthy written Legal Arguments to refute and/or marginalize the government’s case. Unlike a public and online Accusation [formal charges], this is also critical at the Investigation stage, which can be characterized as an Interrogation and not a friendly encounter. You have spent years to reach the point of filing an Application to obtain a physician’s license in California, and we take our job just as seriously. We are inspired by your accomplishments and love of medicine. Do not hesitate to contact me when you have a question. And, we always appreciate your recommendations to the host of others you know and with whom you associate in the health profession. Wishing you continued happiness and good health. Sincerely, Sam Spital”

Excellent Attorney

October 3, 2021

“Sam took my call that same day I contacted him. He listened to my situation and was willing to assist me. I am very pleased with the legal advice and representation I received from Sam. He helped to fully restore my license and end probation early. Sam believed in me throughout and helped achieve the most favorable outcome. I am grateful for his services.” This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

– Jan ★★★★★

Sam Spital Is The Michael Jordan In The Arena Of Law! The Greatest Ever!

September 29, 2021

Sam is the best lawyer in the the country! It’s not even close! I highly recommend Sam Spital to anyone who is seeking legal advise from the best Attorney out there.”

– Joe ★★★★★

Great team: August 23, 2021 Hired attorney

August 24, 2021

Want immediate action and straight talk when looking for help to false accusations while doing your job? Sam Spital will get back to you quickly and get right to the meat of what is needed for the best course of action. This is not some guy that is going to overlook discrepancies in your story. If you are not being honest he will be honest for you. He takes time to talk to you. Genuinely is interested in helping you. He will tell you the truth about your case and promise only that if you will be honest and work in a timely fashion with his team you can expect the best outcome possible. He will encourage you, and if you are truly being misrepresented, you want team on your side. Mr. Spital listened to me asked questions and connected me with a team member to work with as soon as he accepted my case. He has such a great team that I didn’t have to have any further communication with him about how to handle any of the proceedings. The communication was constant and direct. Competence you can depend on! Thank you Sam Spital and team for handling my case. Especially Elizabeth Brady who went beyond what I expected.” This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

– Ricardo Garcia ★★★★★

Samuel Spital’s response: Ricardo, we are grateful you had 100% trust and confidence in the pivotal strategies we utilized, along with the presentation in writing of compelling and lengthy legal arguments. It is through our unparalleled defense AND targeted “offense,” we achieved an optimum result. We knew your case was serious and complex as well as a potentially career changing event. However, you deserved a fierce advocate (a formidable lawyer), and we delivered, providing NO guarantees and NO empty promises. .Also, the Regulatory Agencies and their lawyers know we are selective in the clients we choose to represent, NOT taking every prospective client’s case; they know we believe in and are passionate about our work, and most importantly they are mindful we represent highly competent and accomplished professionals. We are effective because we do NOT do a superficial or a mediocre job; instead we are zealous, working long and hard to truly protect our clients’ rights and to advance their interests. We are honored to have been there for you in every way. Wishing you happiness and success now and forever, Sam Spital, Managing Lawyer

Excellent attorney! Kind and honest

August 15, 2021

“Even though Attorney could not take my case, I am very much appreciative of the time he spent with me on the phone and of the time he took to write me a follow-up e-mail. He is one of the kindest and honest attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Regardless of the outcome of my case, I can say that attorney Sam gave me much food for thought. He did all of this on a Saturday! If he is able to take your case, you will be in good hands.”

– Yvette ★★★★★

Returned call on Holiday weekend

July 12, 2021

I was so surprised when Sam returned my call after 5pm on a Holiday weekend. After calling several attorneys he was the only one to call back. Even thou he did not practice in the field I needed counseling. Sam took the time to listen to my issues and steer me in the direction of an attorney who could help. I appreciated Sam listening to my situation, and with confidence shared a colleague’s contact info.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

About Sam Spital

March 20, 2021

“I have not met Mr. Sam Spital and he didn’t take my case due to his crazy busy schedule for his clients already, but by reading his email response faster than lightening with sincere and professional sharp experience, I could tell he should be in the White House! All the blessings from heaven above to him and his staffs!”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Generous with his Free consultation.

March 17, 2021

“Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. Sam is patient and seems to have the best interest of the person in mind. Spent over half an hour with me for free. Much appreciated!”

– Judy ★★★★★

Very Kind in Approach, and meticulous

February 28, 2021

“I needed some advice, and approached Sam. Even though he was super busy, he took time out of his schedule to clarify my doubt by giving a detailed response. And even pointed me in the right direction. Mind you, no money changed hands when he extended his advice. I am amazed at his commitment and level of service.” Thank you Sam!

– Sumit ★★★★★


January 31, 2021

No pressure to use his service. He has a wealth of knowledge. Even recommended me to a more specialized attorney to achieve better results. He really is for the client and not your money. I could feel this guy really wants to give back to a career that has made him successful. He took his time with me and treated me with great respect.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Exceptional lawyer!

January 18, 2021

Sam provided excellent representation and saved my career! He achieved the best outcome and without probation. I am grateful for Sam and highly recommend him if you want to save your license.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Excellent Nursing Board Lawyer Saved My License

January 5, 2021

“I am so grateful I found Sam. He provided the best possible representation, believed in me from the start, and never gave up until my license was saved. Sam is great at what he does and I highly recommend him.” This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

– anonymous ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We are grateful you had 100% trust and confidence in our approach and, therefore, allowed our targeted and laser focused strategy to present pivotal evidence on your behalf. Our goal was to fight and support you as our client because YOU deserved a FORMIDABLE advocate on your side to level the playing field. The government may have unlimited funds to pursue their Regulatory agenda to revoke the license of a Registered Nurse, even in a serious and complex case as yours. However, we prevailed because there is no substitute for our passion and motivation; we developed a comprehensive defense and offense; presented a compelling and lengthy written legal argument, as well as possess what some describe as a natural talent. May the New Year bring you health and happiness, now and in the future.”

MBC Investigation Closed

November 1, 2020        Hired attorney

I recently faced an investigation by the Medical Board of California after a misdemeanor DUI. Sam and his fellow attorneys offered outstanding legal advice and representation, communicating clearly throughout the process and working diligently to ensure that my license remained free of disciplinary action.Thanks to his efforts, my case was closed without action taken against my license. I would absolutely recommend his services to anyone who found themselves in the same unfortunate situation I did.”

California Licensed Physician ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We are grateful you chose us as your Medical Board Defense Counsel. Not only did we build a powerful and comprehensive written Legal Argument, we have the competence, expertise, thoroughness and boundless passion that you deserve. We are proud of having produced a truly winning result, thereby allowing you to maintain an unrestricted California Physician’s License. Wishing you continued happiness and success. Sam Spital, Lawyer.”

Stop Wasting Time, HIRE SAM SPITAL.

October 12, 2020

“If you are fighting to keep your Professional License, HIRE SAM AND ELIZABETH. Do not be deterred by the cost of their services. They are worth every penny! No amount of money is worth losing the license you worked so hard to obtain. I was in a situation where I was terminated from my job and reported to the Board of Nursing. This was an extremely dark time in my life. When searching for representation, I spoke to a bunch of attorneys, including Sam. With recently losing my job and having no other source of income, I unfortunately went with a cheaper attorney who had decent reviews. BIG MISTAKE- This prior attorney made a mess of my case and gave me terrible advice. After one year, he told me my case had been closed. The BRN then came back and wanted to revoke my license this time- the case was far from being closed. I was back to square one and decided to call Sam again.
Sam and Elizabeth instantly took me under their wing and got to work. Sam and Elizabeth are highly intelligent EXPERTS in what they do. They are professional, honest, and experienced attorneys that will guide you in the right direction. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Not only did I get to keep my nursing license without having to do probation, I was able to get my confidence and dignity back after making an honest mistake that almost cost me my career.
Do not be fooled by the BRN, they are NOT on your side and have little mercy for those fighting to keep their licenses. Hire Sam and Elizabeth- THE REVIEWS SAY IT ALL. They will defend you until the very end and wont stop until you get the best possible outcome.

– Janet ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Janet, we are glad you never felt alone. Unlike your first lawyer you said provided “terrible advice,” we are obsessed about getting a winning victory. Our compassion, empathy and shared humanity is a natural ability. We believe no one should be defined for life by a bad decision, an honest mistake or deterred after losing a job. Helping to protect what matters most to our clients is at the core of everything we do, no matter what the circumstances. We are extremely grateful for your trust and confidence in our boundless energy, laser focus, our process, commitment to level the playing field, and to have had the privilege to establish a planned strategy specifically for YOU. Feel free to call or send an email if you, your family, associates and friends have a legal question. Best personal regards, Sam.”

Excellent attorney to handle your case professionally!!!

October 5, 2020     Hired Attorney

I had a situation where my pharmacist license to be revoked due to personal situations. Luckily, I contacted Mr. Spital’s office based on my colleague recommendations. Mr. Spital didn’t waste any time from the first phone call working together with his associate Elizabeth Brady, they were able to save my license and my family life out of misery. I am very thankful for all the hard work and direct communication from your office directly to me to keep me up to date and get the situation resolved. If I happen to run into the situation in the future or if I happen to know anyone in my situation I definitely know where to recommend them for a great outcome. Thanks a million always.”

– Thomas T. ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Thomas, we support and fight for our clients because they deserve a FORMIDABLE advocate on their side to level the playing field. While the government may have unlimited funds to pursue its agenda, there is no substitute for passion, motivation, compelling presentations and natural talent. We are grateful you allowed our targeted strategy to be laser focused and present pivotal evidence on your behalf.”

Government Case Closed – No Disciplinary Action

October 5, 2020

“Sam was knowledgeable, upfront and professional. It’s no wonder why him and Elizabeth are the absolute best in the business! My license was saved with no disciplinary action!! I could not have asked for better attorneys to fight for me. Thank GOD for them both.”

– L.C. ★★★★★

 Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:   “L.C., we are gratified to have been selected as your advocate to develop exculpatory evidence and other proof, as well as strategize to build a comprehensive 60-75 page written argument with credible forensic experts to have the Government’s Investigation CLOSED WITHOUT MERIT. Now, there is no legal action that exists on your otherwise stellar record. You are thanking us, however, we want to thank you for your initial and ongoing trust and confidence in the process we utilize, the compassion we have for our clients, and the intense dedication we have for our work. Best regards, Sam”

Physician License Granted

October 3, 2020     Hired Attorney

“As a physician applying for my medical license in California, I consulted with MANY different lawyers before choosing Sam. I had prior convictions that jeopardized my application. Sam spoke with me multiple times, even PRIOR to me retaining him, walking me through the process, and the possible outcomes. While other lawyers said my case was likely hopeless, Sam was always honest about the uphill battle, but was confident that we could obtain a favorable outcome. I received exceptional legal advice and representation regarding the Medical Board of California. Sam had my back, believed in me from the outset and guiding me every step throughout the process; successfully advocated for my license to be granted WITHOUT restrictions. I recommend without ANY reservation, Sam to anyone applying for a license or having a legal question regarding a California Regulatory Agency. As a physician I do my due diligence before making any decision, and I really can’t be more pleased with my process and the outcome. He was available day and night for any question, and was exceptionally responsible, professional, and pleasant to work with. If you are choosing between lawyers, do yourself a favor and HIRE Sam. I cannot recommend him enough and owe him for saving my career.”

– Licensed Medical Doctor ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “When we first conferred, I knew you would be a preeminent Physician and, therefore, believed in you from the outset. You deserved a warrior and not just a fighter; my team was always energized to get the best possible result. We greatly appreciate your kind words, and it is awesome the MEDICAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA saw the wisdom to issue your Physician’s license without any terms, conditions or restrictions. Wishing you much happiness and success now and in the future, Sam Spital.”

Dental License Granted without Restrictions

September 28, 2020     Hired attorney

“I received an unsurpassed result through the legal advice and representation of Sam regarding the Dental Board of California who initially denied my Application for a License to practice Dentistry. I cannot thank you enough for believing in me throughout the process; I am thrilled by your advocacy and having the opportunity to obtain my California Dentist license without ANY restrictions. I unequivocally endorse Sam to everyone who plans to apply for a professional license or if they have a question concerning their California license.”

– California Licensed Dentist ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We work tirelessly for our clients, and it is testimonials like yours that mean everything to us. You deserve having a law firm that has your back and our goal to level the playing field by obtaining your license to practice dentistry without any restrictions or conditions has been fulfilled. We truly appreciate the trust and confidence you had in our pivotal strategy, and we wish you much success and happiness serving your patients as a new Dentist in California.”


February 19, 2020     Hired Attorney

“Samuel has made nursing representation a science and honor in advocacy. Sam is a very professional and knowledgeable asset to anyone who has had allegations made against them by a board of any kind. His quick response, excellent recommendations and vast array of assets in regards to his legal teams and referrals that would benefit anyone’s circumstance. Thank you Sam and Elizabeth for Saving my license. I would recommend you two to anyone who needs a strong advocate in their corner.”

– California Licensed Nurse ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We are so pleased to have met and exceeded your expectations. Our work is personalized and intended to present a microscopic view and detailed analysis; we are results-driven and cannot thank you enough for placing your trust and confidence in retaining my special and unique team in which we know you deserved a formidable lawyer. OK is not good enough!” Best personal regards, Sam Spital, Managing Attorney.

As good as his reputation

“Not only did his reputation proceed him, he was able to abate my anger and redirect the purpose that I had originally gotten in touch in the first place. I had accusations of professional misconduct that were totally erroneous and destructive. i felt boxed in and desperate to be heard by anyone who would listen and exonerate my side of the story. Sam gave me not what I wanted to hear but what he heard and how my explanation was going to play out. That’s right regardless of right or wrong, but how this situation was going to work against me. At that point I needed a solution from a third party. Sam slowed the dialog so I could begin to see exactly how this situation was going to work for or against. The wisdom and methodical approach offered was so common sense and my best option. i greatly appreciate the additional time Sam spent, it exceeded the value of a retainer or the professional courtesy from someone in his position. I felt the sincere interest from a professional who didn’t have to extend himself as he did. I’m appreciative to have Mr Spital as my legal counsel”

– Ricardo ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Ricardo, we genuinely appreciate being selected as your lawyer. We do not take lightly your professional career and the trust and confidence you have bestowed on us; we use our decades of unique experience and knowledge along with our demonstrated problem solving skills that are documented by over 260 written testimonials to level the playing field in our comprehensive presentations to the Government. There is no greater satisfaction to us than obtaining a WINNING RESULT FOR YOU. Wishing you the very best now and in the future, Sam Spital, Lawyer”

Great attorney who loves what he does and brings great results!

“Sam Spital and Elizabeth Brady are excellent attorneys. They helped me with a case against MBC, and no charges were filed. I found them to be very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their work. They went above and beyond for me. I would recommend them to everyone.”

– Dr. A ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“We are honored to have represented you in connection with the Medical Board of California (MBC) Investigation. Most importantly, we are very pleased to have the MBC INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITHOUT MERIT. Thank you for your kind words. We wish you the very best now and in the future. Sincerely, Sam Spital, Lawyer.”


“When I called Sam regarding an RN issue with the Board, he immediately contacted me and informed me of what may be ahead of me, what to expect and how it should handled. His confidence gave light into his experience and allowed me to rest assured that I had contacted the right Attorney. We then hired Sam and his Senior Associate Attorney Elizabeth. Sam and Elizabeth then developed a detailed action plan, worked tirelessly in an effort to strategize as a team, and guided me regarding the Investigation Case, developing a compelling argument on my behalf gathering forensic expert evidence and gave the best counsel regarding how to proceed with the case which was essential as well as invaluable. Elizabeth and Sam were with me every step of the way and were understanding of my situation as well as compassionate, gave the best counsel and were generous with their time. Sam’s Senior Associate Attorney Elizabeth even assisted me with another issue for which she hadn’t been retained. These Attorneys, Sam and Elizabeth are truly the “BEST” and I am very grateful for ALL their help and hard work! Resulted in the best possible Outcome: -BRN investigation was closed as a final disposition; -Early Termination of Probation granted. ***THANK GOD!!!”

– Steven ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Steve, it is with great pleasure and admiration of you as a Registered Nurse to have worked on your behalf to obtain an extraordinary result on two fronts: Not only were we able to submit compelling legal arguments to cause the BRN Investigation to be CLOSED without any disciplinary action, but we also obtained an Early Termination of Probation for you. You are truly a worthy and dedicated professional and we wish you continued happiness and good fortune. Sincerely, Sam Spital”

Great Advice

“I was able to consult with Mr. Spital and he was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He has great experience and expertise dealing with administrative law cases, criminal defense and federal crimes. He is a good choice.”

I immediately felt as ease and he is knowledgeable to boot

“Extensive Consultation. Sam is an awesome lawyer. When you call, the focus is on your issue and he truly wants to help. It will be a conversation, not an interrogation. You will be pleasantly surprised. He will calm your worries and give solid legal advice.”

– Anonymous ★★★★★

Sam is a fantastic attorney!

“I am an extremely happy client. Sam and Elizabeth have always known exactly what to do, and were able to put a stop to any further inquiry from a licensing board.

During the past four (4) years, I have also come to rely upon their accurate and superb legal advice and representation, positive attitude, and thorough approach; whenever I have reached out to them. I appreciate they are available day and evening to answer my questions.

Thank you Sam and Elizabeth for giving me the best legal representation possible! Anyone who retains them will be completely satisfied and safe in their capable hands.”

– Melissa ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Yes, the GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATION WAS STOPPED AND NO LEGAL ACTION WAS TAKEN AGAINST YOU. There truly is an “art” to communication, and we strive to achieve the best results for our clients when we are retained as legal counsel. Michelle, we are grateful for your special words of appreciation, and we know you deserve the best attorney representation. You are welcome to contact us now and in the future for legal advice, and we invite your friends and associates to do the same. Sincerely, Sam Spital. Lawyer.”


I have been a client of Sam’s for 5 years. He has successfully represented me in an unsubstantiated MBC complaint and I have found his counsel to always be relevant and helpful. He is the first attorney I contact for legal matters.”

– Dr. S ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Thank you for the trust and confidence in my professional services. We are proud of the results in having the MBC Investigation closed and no disciplinary action was filed against your physician’s license. Wishing you much happiness and success in the future. Best regards, Sam Spital, Lawyer”

Issues with the California BRN? You MUST contact Sam Spital, Criminal Defense and Administrative Law Attorney

“After an internet search for RN Licensure Defense Attorneys, I was fortunate enough to contact Mr.Sam Spital. He immediately contacted me by phone, asked several pertinent questions, and began discussing a defense strategy. After numerous phone and email conversations with Sam Spital, he then gave my case to one of his principal attorneys. They collaborated on my case, communicated with me and built an effective strategy to address the California BRN. Because of their strong defense, my case was dropped by the BRN. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Spital to any RN who has a complaint filed against them with the California BRN.”

– Wendy ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Wendy, we know there is no greater reward than obtaining a winning result for you, our client, and we are grateful you had trust and confidence in the approach we utilized and the painstaking efforts to accomplish everything we set out to do, including the proper analysis, strategy and comprehensive presentation to obtain an unprecedented outcome in which the State agreed and, therefore, closed their case, with no disciplinary action on your record.”


Sam is a true client advocate always putting his clients first. I appreciate his candor and experience and always looking out for my best interests. He possesses a wealth of information and is a bright spot in the industry.”

– November 22, 2019 ★★★★★

Five Star Spital Review

“Sam Spital is a First Class Professional!!
He’s also a wonderful human being!!
I began working with Sam because our medical group needed Legal support and Counsel. He went above and beyond the first consultation with hours of support and guidance even before he was ever retained. Every time I connect with Sam I am always impressed with his vast well of knowledge. Not only is he highly knowledgeable, but he is passionate and speaks with only his honest, skilled and accurate legal opinion’s through his extensive experience and background! He’s reliable day in day out!!
I am so glad we connected with Sam Spital and Elizabeth Brady!!
Sam is also one of my key inspirations to eventually going to back to get a law degree. 5 STAR FIRM!!”
– Brandon M. ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “Brandon, we sincerely appreciate your expressions of praise as Director of Business Operations for a large and successful Medical Center in Northern California, with various practitioners utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to coordinate the care and treatment of patients. Our goal is to continue providing sound legal advice and personal representation as it relates to the often challenging regulatory powers of the Medical Board of California. Lastly, there could be no greater heart-felt compliment to a Lawyer than to hear I also inspired you to further your education and, eventually, seek a career as an attorney. Thank you, Sam Spital.”

Caring Wants to Help People & Goes Above & Beyond- First Conversation

“Upon first conversation went above and beyond with helping me. Not your typical lawyer who doesn’t have time, spent 30 minutes coaching me on first conversation. Wonderful guy, God bless him.”

– Elizanda ★★★★★


“Mr. Sam Spital, Esq and Mrs. Elizabeth Brady, Esq
Mr. Sam Spital and Ms. Elizabeth Brady showed genuine interest in my case before the BRN. They spent their time in my consultation and were available at all hours.
You will be well informed about all the complex and often frustrating issues you face when it comes to licensing issues before the BRN.
They are excellent professionals that provide legal representation to protect your rights.They get the best possible result for your case.
And as in my case, the Accusation was dismissed without disciplinary action.”

– Philip M. ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Philip, we are extremely pleased to have convinced the government to withdraw and dismiss all charges. You deserve the best and we sincerely appreciate you acknowledging we worked long and hard to deliver the best possible and unparalleled result. If you or your friends and associates have any question in the future, do not hesitate to call or send me an email. Wishing you well now and in the future. Sam”

Life Saver

“I hired many and wish I had found him first. He knows the administrative law game unlike any other. Generous with his time and knowledge….forever thankful to have finally found him!!!”

– Tifanny ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We tell both prospective as well as the clients who are retained to NOT GIVE UP any dreams or goals because there are or may be challenges. The rewards of achieving what you strive for are priceless. Every day you wake up is sweeter knowing you are doing what you want, no matter what it takes to reach the destination. You want a lawyer who you “trust and believe” in; who honestly cares about you; who is tough, really smart and knows the law; and, is meticulous. It is truly significant that WE GET RESPECT from the prosecution because of our will and courage to stand up for our clients, and we are really grateful you selected us because you knew we would work harder as YOUR personal and skilled advocate. The Government and their lawyer, the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) also knows we are selective, believe in, passionate about or work, and represent highly competent and accomplished professionals. We do not do a superficial job, instead we are zealous, working long and hard to protect our client’s rights and advance their interests. Most appreciative, Sam Spital”

Dedicated Defense

“You developed an comprehensive action plan, worked tirelessly in an effort to strategize as a team obtaining an extraordinary result having the Accusation dismissed with no disciplinary action.

– Isaac ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“There is nothing more rewarding than for us to represent a client and initiate a strategic plan of action with the goal of obtaining a winning result. We outperformed everyone’s expectations by having the public Accusation withdrawn and dismissed. Clearly, we appreciate having trust and confidence in choosing us to represent you, and for us to realize the best possible outcome. Wishing you much joy and happiness now and in the future.”

Sam Gave Me Hope

“Sam and Elizabeth are a great partnership. Sam talked to me at length on the phone, got the lay of the land. He was comforting and re-assuring without being sticky sweet. I felt listened to, I felt he understood the serious nature I was facing. He gave me something I was lacking: Hope. He and Elizabeth Brady do the good work: They saved my life.

– September 7, 2019 ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We fully understand how challenging it is to open your mail, receive a call and/or be contacted by a State of California SENIOR INVESTIGATOR who claims a complaint has been filed against your professional license, you are not provided the details, however, requested to sign at least one consent form and provide details and information, no different than an “interrogation.” But we welcome and thank you for choosing my team to perform the appropriate assessment, research, fully engage in detailed communications, thorough factual and legal review and analysis, along with a calculated and pro-active strategy to develop a ‘winning” defense and offense. We are very pleased to have had the GOVERNMENT COMPLAINT AND INVESTIGATION CLOSED WITH NO DISCIPLINARY OR ANY OTHER ACTION. This is a well-deserved result you can now and in the future focus on your career and have peace of mind. Thank you for the trust and confidence, Sam Spital”

Passionate and enthusiastic to help.

“I am a LVN and I was seeking a really good attorney who could help me with an issue that I had with the BVNPT. I called Sam and I was incredibly impressed. He was informative and very helpful. This was actually my first call to an attorney in regards to my case and I never looked back. Sam was so eager to help. He offered information and assistance without anything in return. Because my case was a little more complicated, he referred me to the appropriate attorney that could be of great assistance to my case. If you are looking for someone who is eager to help and who is passionate about their work, then I highly recommend Sam. I had a great experience with Sam and I am so thankful for his help. Thank you Sam!”

– anonymous ★★★★★

I am truly grateful for the excellent service

“There are not enough words to express how thankful I am I found this attorney. From the first moment I spoke with him my mind was at ease and I knew that I was in good hands. he always gave me easy to follow directions and the results were always our desired outcome. There are not enough words to express how happy I am with this lawyer who obtained an amazing conclusion for my board of vocational nursing and psychiatric technician case. I am truly grateful for the excellent service they provided and the difference they made in saving my license in my career.

– Jeri ★★★★★

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: “We are very appreciative you had the trust and confidence to retain my team regarding the ACCUSATION that was filed against you. We developed a comprehensive “written” action plan for you; and, worked tirelessly in an effort to strategize against all odds in which the Board had a compelling case to require a surrender or obtain a revocation of your license. Instead, we provided the government with a thorough defense and “offense,” thereby obtaining a truly exceptional and unprecedented result in which the government charges were resolved without an administrative hearing. Most importantly, there is no suspension and no revocation on your record. You deserved to have legal counsel who believed in you, is passionate and leveled the playing field by every means to secure the best possible result. Thank you for your very kind words, which mean so much!”

Clinical Pharmacist

Mr. Spital spent more time with me over the phone compared to the total time spent talking to numerous attorneys in my home state. He graciously & politely explained the legal process along with the pros & cons of hiring an attorney not in my home state. I felt great ease and comfort speaking with this “kindred spirit”…and I have never said that (or felt that) about any lawyer. That speaks volumes!”

– anonymous ★★★★★

The most humble genuine and caring man you will ever meet!

“I just want everyone to know that Sam is truly a wonderful person, an amazing attorney and the most smartest and kindest individual you will have the pleasure of meeting shall you seek his expertise. His passion to help and at the same time educate the people who seek his help is remarkable!
Sometimes when an individual has been in a specialty/profession for a long time, it becomes part of them, like second nature and they stop practicing from their heart because it becomes a mechanical approach.

This is why Samuel Spital is one of the few “GREATS”!
Although I KNOW that practicing law is second nature for you, Sam you haven’t lost the drive to really and truly help, embrace and support the people who are vulnerable and are in need of advice, guidance and counsel! Your passion pours out of your heart Sam, don’t ever stop touching peoples lives!

I’m thankful that our paths crossed, you forever left an imprint in our hearts!

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Kati, it has been my sincere pleasure to have provided the legal advice and assistance you desired. You are truly a fantastic individual, and dedicated professional. Should you, your family and/or friends have a legal question in the future, we are available seven days a week, and regardless of whether in Southern or Northern California, we are here from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. I hope you keep in contact so I can follow the progress in your career. Wishing you the very best!”

– Kati Rios ★★★★★

Highly recommended

“I called Mr. Spital’s office this morning and he found time to speak to me on the same day. His advice was extremely valuable. He cares about his clients and wants to understand the entire situation before giving advice. I highly recommend Mr. Spital to new clients and I look forward to continuing to work with him as my attorney.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“We sincerely appreciate your trust and confidence. The purpose of our advice and representation is to craft an appropriate strategy to level the playing field; in doing so, our goal is to provide a client with as much information as possible along with the alternatives, advantages and disadvantages, Thank you for your kind words. Sam Spital, Managing Lawyer”

– Omar ★★★★★

He really is excellent!

“I have used Sam for several situations now and he has not let me down. In fact, I moved out of San Diego, but after frustration dealing with other lawyers, I called him to see if he could help again! He couldn’t- it wasn’t his area of expertise, which tells you that he knows his niche and he is very very very good at it. I highly recommend you at least talk to him; his heart is really in trying to help you.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Joan, your testimonial is very kind; and, I am available whenever the occasion may arise to continue providing legal advice regarding professional licensing and State Board issues”

– joan ★★★★★

Winning Attorney for BRN cases

“I was accused of false allegations by the Board of Nursing. To make matters worse I was finishing up more graduate school and potential probation would prevent me from gaining licensure as a nurse practitioner. I also carry multiple state licenses which could all be subjected to discipline and at the time I was planning on moving out of state. It was in my best interest to obtain the best possible outcome for my case. I wholeheartedly felt I did not deserve an unduly harsh sentence of probation. I consulted many attorneys and was conflicted as this was my first time needing one. After a careful discussion with both, I ultimately choice Sam and Elizabeth. Sam blatantly told me he could never predict what the outcome would be, but I should never accept defeat without trying…. He also was the only attorney who told me step by step what I should do…even if I chose NOT to hire his team. I believe I received a winning result because he gave me crucial advice early on….something no other lawyer did. Conversing with him felt like I was speaking with my father and not a lawyer. He always had MY best interest at heart and I greatly appreciated that!! He listened to all my personal concerns and even provided great career advice! After consulting with Elizabeth over the phone, I felt confident she was best for me. I wanted someone with years of experience dealing with the BON and she had plenty. I found her to be intelligent, meticulous, and responsive. She formulated a perfect mitigation package and with her help we obtained the best possible outcome for my case! Their team worked tirelessly to obtain an unprecedented result on charges filed by the State Board. I live out of state, and I believe his team was worth every penny because: they got the job done. Thank you Sam and Elizabeth!”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Catherine, we know you have a choice of who to contact and, of course, who you decide to retain to represent your rights and interests. We greatly appreciate your kind words, and for the trust and confidence you bestowed. You can be very proud of your passion, dedication and commitment to the nursing profession and the patients you serve as a Registered Nurse. We are very happy to have produced a winning result for you!”

– Catherine ★★★★★

Sam Spital Goes Above and Beyond

“I am thinking about bringing a case against BBS. Sam was supportive, understanding, and realistic. He clearly understood my concerns without lengthy explanations. Sam offered a variety of solutions that were specific and thoughtful. I truly appreciate his advice and suggestions moving forward.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Among other things, our goal is to provide the advantages and disadvantages as well as the alternatives for our clients to make wise choices and, in this regard, license defense matters in general, and the BBS in this particular case.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Attorney Spital

He is the ruler other attorneys should measure themselves by. Thank you for your cost free advice.”

– anonymous ★★★★★


Sam is the “go to” lawyer if there is any question that arises in your business and personal life. Most importantly, he is smart and knows the law. In addition, he treats you as family and a close friend. You will be impressed as are we. Thank you for helping out with our credit card dispute! A+++”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Mike, you can count on us whenever the need arises, as we are here for you regardless the size or extent of the issue or challenges you may have, now and in the future.”

– Mike ★★★★★

He delivered

Mr. Spital delivered what he said he would. That sums up my review… A big thanks, too!”

– Patricia ★★★★★

Knowledgeable, kind attorney

“I have worked with Samuel in the past and found him to be very accessible and helpful during a very difficult legal situation. I plan on continuing to count on his insight, experience, and direction in the future.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Margie, it was a pleasure working with you and, as always, we are available from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm seven days a week to provide the legal advice and proper scope of representation as the situation at hand necessitates.”

– Margie ★★★★★

Sam got me my Respiratory Care Practitioners license

I contacted Mr. Spital when faced with a denial to practice health care. Throughout the gruesome process of this denial, Mr. Spital offered not only his legal expertise but also encouragement. He didn’t treat me like a client, but rather as a beloved son.
His experience as former deputy attorney [general] makes him a wealth of knowledge in the area of administrative proceedings. Mr. Spital helped me get favorable outcome and has earned a life-time of trust from me. Thanks be to God for Mr. Spital!”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Carlos, thank you for your heartfelt review and statements. You deserved to obtain and quite worthy of recognition for what you bring to the profession; we are quite pleased at the outcome and being instrumental in assisting in getting your California RCP (RT) license. Wishing you the very best, Sam”

– Carlos ★★★★★

Great Attorney Great Advice and Consult

Mr Sam Spital gave me great advice that helped me navigate my way through a legal issue involving a misdemeanor that I received. He gave me great strategies on how to get those charges dropped and it helped me to save my professional license. He is a great attorney because he spent more time giving me advice and he took the time to advise me on the steps that I needed to take to protect my future.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“I get great satisfaction out of helping individuals obtain answers to their questions. When we are retained, we provide sound legal advice. and a winning plan of action. While others have vision, we see the whole picture. We bring the strength, wisdom and courage to develop for our clients a road map utilizing a proven strategy to level the playing field. Your review is much appreciated, Sam Spital, Managing Lawyer”

– anonymous ★★★★★


“The government opened an investigation, and Sam gave me advice and provided his personal representation. His dedication and effort was beyond my expectation. No matter where you reside in California, if you have a case, you need Sam in your corner.Thank you Sam for being there for me unconditionally.

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response: 

Roger, I am most appreciative of your testimonial. There is nothing more fulfilling than to help a client and receive their positive feedback. Our goal is to work long and hard to advance our clients’ rights and protect their interests. Our tested and proven methods focus on developing a winning strategy by presenting a comprehensive defense, and even more compelling is establishing a thorough and persuasive offense. Wishing you much happiness in all your endeavors. Thank you, Sam Spital”

– Roger L. ★★★★★

Too late for me

“I was very desperate as I couldn’t find a job as NP or RN after receiving probation from the BRN 2016. Case was started in 2011 as RN, accusation filed 2015. I wanted to know what I can do about probation. Essentially what had been done was done. But Mr. Spital advised me of what is needed during this time of probation. How to look for jobs, what to do during the interim of probation, and how to make me look productive and actually getting things done to better myself. I can’t believe he spent at least 30 min with me! There was more advice and positive comments to help self esteem. I only wished I had retained his counsel when this whole thing started. I may have gotten a letter of reprimand instead of probation or even dismissed…. I like to say next time, BUT, there is NO next time!!!! If you know what I mean. Once is enough. But certainly, if I need to shorten probation, I will ask for Mr. Spital’s help. Thank you for the strategies and cheer.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Our teleconference was etched in my brain because I was disappointed to hear the agony and distress you experienced with your previous, albeit recent, BRN licensing case. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss your situation even though my law firm or any of my colleagues were not involved. Everyone deserves to know their rights and their options in every legal matter. You worked so hard to achieve the heights you reached in your career and, therefore, deserve no less from any other professional with whom you confer. While up until the point of yesterday’s contact, we never had the opportunity to previously dialogue, I am pleased to hear you are happy with the information, strategies and insight I provided; and in particular, so that you can better realize your dreams from this point forward. I hope you will send an email to let me know the progress you are making. And, do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions in the future. Most importantly, we do not have to be retained to help you (and others who contact us) have a better understanding of their rights, as well as knowledge of the law and the process involving professional licenses. Wishing you all the best, Sam Spital, Lawyer”

– anonymous ★★★★★

Excellent Defense of CSLB Accusation

“I contacted Mr. Spital regarding an accusation filed against me by the CSLB. The Accusation sought to revoke my license for a felony conviction. Mr. Spital took extra time on a Saturday afternoon to give me a thorough consultation by phone. His approach was direct and honest when describing the process and possible out comes. I decided to retain his firm to represent me. The possible outcomes where revocation, suspension, or other disciplinary actions including large fines/bonds. I expected some sort of punishment, but the out come blew my mind! After his firm submitted a detailed mitigation package to the Attorney General the CSLB withdrew the Accusation in its entirety!I highly recommend Mr. Spital and his associate Elizabeth.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Thank you for your heartfelt testimonial, positive adherence to our legal advice and your ongoing cooperation; and, particularly the trust and confidence bestowed on us. We believed in you and continued to relentlessly fight to successfully obtain a “complete dismissal of all of the charges” brought by the California Contractors’ State License Board. Even with a felony criminal conviction, you deserved a second chance. Our fervent passion, unequaled determination, detailed factual presentation, and persuasive legal arguments produced an unprecedented winning result that you truly are worthy of. Jeremy, we wish you much happiness and success in your personal and professional life, both now and in the future. Sam Spital, Managing Lawyer, Spital and Associates.”

– Jeremy ★★★★★

Professional and honest

“Sam was referred to us regarding a CSLB issue. He was very up front and advised that we may not need to pursue possible litigation. Effectively saving us the grief of a long case that may lead nowhere. It is difficult to find attorneys with simple honesty.”

– Stan ★★★★★

Awesome Attorney

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon fretting about a complaint filed with the BRN, I call Mr. Spital and he answers the phone and helps me to sort through the jargon in the BRN letters. After the phone call I feel so much better and that I have the best Attorney in my corner.

I love my job, I love to help my community and worked hard to get my RN licenses and I want only the best to help me resolve this complaint. Mr. Spital is the man for the job. Thanks bunches Mr. Spital.

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“Heidi, we are proud to receive your positive feedback. Our goal is to advance and protect our clients’ interests by developing a winning strategy in our presentation of both a defense and compelling offense. Wishing you the best! Sam Spital”

– Heidi T. ★★★★★

Excellent Attorney

“Mr. Spital saved my career as a RN. After retaining Mr. Spital and telling him all the details regarding my situation with family court and a bogus domestic violence restraining order, he gave me excellent advice. He inspired me to collect all the important facts that made me chose and continue in my career as a nurse. I felt he truly supported me like he would his own family member. I was accused of Domestic Violence and knew there would be a negative impact on my career. Together we put together a tough defense and I felt very liberated. This attorney won’t let you lose and will do anything to lift your integrity. I feel very fortunate that I have someone like Mr. Spital to turn to with any type of legal problem. He is full of excellent advice and will take you through the process. I was able to settle my case but was ready to protect my RN license, my career which means the most to me. I felt respected and cared for by Mr. Spital. He was very generous with his time over the phone. It wasn’t about money for Mr. Spital, it was a deep concern that showed me there are people that truly care.
I definitely would use this attorney again if I need to.”

Samuel Eugene Spital’s response:

“LISA, thank you very much for the genuinely kind words you wrote regarding the role I played as a lawyer in your situation. I am not only pleased, but honored to have been instrumental in the results that were achieved. People like you reinforce the reasons I obtain great pleasure as an attorney representing individuals and, therefore, focus the majority of my practice on the defense of others, whether they reside anywhere in the U.S., Canada and particularly throughout California, who have or seek a professional and occupational license from a California Board, Bureau or State Department. Wishing you much continued happiness and success in your life and chosen career. Sam Spital”

– Lisa ★★★★★


“Spoke with Sam for about 40 minutes yesterday in regard to a potential work issue. He advised me on how to handle this and any possible problems that arise. Even though I did not need to retain him immediately, he assured me our conversation still was safe under attorney client privilege. If I do need to retain a lawyer in the future, he will be the one I call. Genuine caring man who set my mind at ease. Knowing his experience and having him.on my side has really been a blessing. Happy 50 years to you and your wife Sam,”

– Mike ★★★★★

Extremely helpful, knowlegable, right guy at the right time

I’m grateful for being referred to Mr. Spital last week after receiving a letter regarding a notification from a licensing board about a client complaint issue. I didn’t have to provide a lot of backstory, or explanation about my profession; psychotherapist/social worker, as Mr. Spital had a comforting familiarity and expertise with the topics/concerns I mentioned. Although this was an unofficial consultation in my state of confusion about how to move forward, I was impressed and relieved by the clarification and description of different options provided to pursue in resolving the matter at hand, such as ideas about what to include in a written response to the licensing board. Mr. Spital got right to the point, offered straight forward feedback, as if he’d worked on hundreds of cases like mine. He has a refreshingly off-the-cuff personality which set me at ease after the stress of confronting a problem I’d never experienced and thought it would be difficult, if not impossible to find an attorney with his experience and specialization/s, i.e., licensing boards and administrative law. Thankfully, sometimes different circumstances come together and you get exactly what you need at the right time. Mr. Spital arrived at my time of need and look forward to proceeding, hiring him as my lawyer to suit the situation at hand.
Can’t thank you enough.”

– Mark ★★★★★

Honest and Passionate

I wished I would have contacted Samuel Spital earlier in regarding possible disciplinary about my professional license because he truly cares about people and is honest. He listened to me for one hour and gave me advice that other lawyers would have charged me for. He is compassionate and truly cares about people. He is confident and passionate.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Above and Beyond Consultation

“I called Sam for legal counsel regarding a situation in which I feared my license may be at risk. He was nonjudgmental and readily available to answer my questions. His response time to questions was fast, which was incredibly important because my need for legal counsel was urgent due to short timelines. He helped me walk through complicated details of the case to determine my next course of action and was honest with me when that turned out to be consulting with another attorney with a specific area of expertise that he does not have. He took well over the 60 minutes of free consultation time advertised in order to help me make truly informed decisions, and I am grateful for his services. I highly recommend his services if needed.”

– anonymous ★★★★★


He was helpful!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Best lawyer

I have never encountered a lawyer with such expertise who is at the same time kind and very caring. I was in a panic mode after receiving a letter from the BRN over the weekend saying something happened during my renewal process. This is the first time I ever got anything like this in my almost 40 years of nursing career. I called several lawyers and they were, of course, closed . I came across this law firm and was so blessed . Sam answered just like the reviews said. He is simply phenomenal and guided me through the process. I couldn’t thank him enough for giving me some peace of mind. Thanks again Sam from the bottom of my heart.

– Mary ★★★★★

Best in the west

I have contacted Sam’s office and left a massage, Sam called me within 20 min. he listened to my case, gave me detailed answers to all my questions and advised me on getting a local lawyer in my neck of the woods (we are 6 hours away from each other) WOW is all i can say, i would recommend you contact Sam and listen, take notes, and follow his advice, its the best thing you can do for yourself. when he told me “if we are here and are not helping the public, then we are just doing for our-self, and that is not kosher” i knew i wanted him on my side.

He is a great guy, a good listener and full of good advice.
thanks Sam.

– RON ★★★★★

The day you need someone on your side…

Dealing with attorneys can sometimes feel like a trip to the dentist for a root canal without anesthesia! I spent a couple weeks reviewing attorney profiles, filtering through the masses hoping to find that perfect one. I needed direction on how to defeat a retaliation complaint (and fine) to the Board. I had almost lost hope, I prayed that God would lead me to the one person who could help. Then, late one evening I happened upon Sam Spital’s website. My heart began to race as I read his profile, testimonials and experience. I think I found my gem! I sent him an email, and within an hour I received a response!!! He moved fast, gave me a list of things to provide, and I hustled to get him the info. He called me and we had almost a 2 hours phone consult where he answered ALL my questions, concerns and helped me put things into prospective. He weighed all the pros and cons, explained how the process works, what I’d be up against vs what I should accept. I took everything Sam told me into careful consideration,and I asked a ton of questions. We covered extensive details specific to my situation, including some basics; attorney fees, personal cost, time, experience, allegations, fine vs court costs… he explained justice vs legal systems, HIPPA laws and subpoenas for my type of case. His dedication to people is extraordinary! I can’t thank Sam enough for the gems he handed me! I truly appreciated all his time and information he gave me! Literally…. FREE. He’s one of the most extraordinary attorneys I’ve met in my lifetime, and not that I’ve had that many, however, his honesty and straightforwardness, not only gave me food for thought, but helped really see things in a different prospective. I ended up not hiring Sam Spital, not for any other reason, but this fact; after his detailed information, and under his wisdom, moving forward wouldn’t be in my best interest, given my circumstances. He was more concerned for my outcome, than his own. This man truly loves his profession, and is devoted to helping those of us who are dedicated to our professions! If you’re in need of an Administrative Law Attorney, Sam Spital is the first and last call you need to make! “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough, but just know, he made a huge difference for me!

– Michele ★★★★★

Omg! Very knowledgeable and Caring

I called attorney Spital at 9pm a Saturday night to Ieave a voicemail for him to retrieve on Monday. However he answered the phone! I spoke with him for over an hour listening to the very informative information regarding my situation. After talking with him I feel empowered to continue my litigation with a WIN attitude. He gave me information on how to find a good lawyer and to utilize search engines to find the right attorney. In reviewing the attorney backgrounds I found no attorney that came close to Mr Spitals star rating, review rating, % of cases won or the time he commits to each case. Whoever hires him you are truly blessed as my case is not in his area of practice.

– Bernadette ★★★★★

Time well spent

My case was not specific enough to Mr Spital’s law practice. But instead of politely dismissing himself and advise seaking another attorney, Mr. Spital spent a considerable amount of time with me, listening to my problem, asking questions, giving advice on how to locate an attorney specific to any case you may have, preventing me from making many more dead end calls. Mr Spital educated me on legal aspects of my problem making it much easier to discuss the problem with the next attorney. When finished with the call I felt I had made a friend. Mr. Spital provided advise, showed concern, knowing there was no monetary gain. If I have a legal problem more specific to Mr. Spidal, he will be my first call.

– Derald ★★★★★

Very helpful

I contacted Spital and Associates for a consultation regarding my California Medical License and Sam called me back within an hour. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest and practical. I only wish that I had called this man sooner!

– Jenny ★★★★★

A Gem!

Sam Spital is awesome. I have worked with many attorneys and Mr. Spital returned my call immediately, offered practical, helpful advice, encouraged me and supported me. If you want the best, call this man. He is an absolute gem.

– RR ★★★★★

Nursing Board Accusation

Attorney Samuel Spital took time to review my case and let me know what I should expect from my current lawyer who was not as aggressive as I had hoped. He gave me direction, and validated my concerns. Its too late for me to change lawyers this late in the case, but thanks to Attorney Spital I now know what my current lawyer should be doing! I wish I had hired Attorney Spital in the beginning. It would have prevented so much misery with the other lawyers who are Trucks, taking as much of your money as possible, and not preparing for the administrative hearing.

– Darin ★★★★★

Amazing Human Being

I called Samuel Spital late on a Friday night, as I was obsessing over my clinical supervisor’s abuse of power and his threats to “report me to the board” – for no apparent reason. Attorney Spital answered his phone and proceeded to answer my questions unhurriedly – with legal expertise and with the wisdom only a long & introspective life will bequeath. He was able to answer some key questions for me, as well as give me a condensed bird’s eye view of my situation, enabling me to address events now and a the next level. This person is a gentleman – but has a knowledge set and way about him that I feel he can seriously kick some arse when the need arises.

– anonymous ★★★★★

A miracle man of God

I called Sam to ask him to take on my case unfortunately it was to close to court date. I was feeling hopeless with my mistake with board of nursing. Sam help me feel that I have a chance . He prepared me on how to speak what to say how to make sure my witness are creditable. My husband and I felt the warmth of Sam’s heart. He spoke to us for over 2 hrs pro bono. I was so afraid before to fight my case he left me feeling confident in myself. Win or lose Sam thank you. Thank you for giving back to help others. I have always live my life doing the same as a nurse. I love people Sam . You are a God blessing to us. I have faith that I will win my case thanks again from all me and my husband’s heart. We love you sam

– Stephanie and Herb ★★★★★

Great Job!

I so appreciated Sam Spital for being available and giving me his free time on the weekend to advise me on a delicate matter. If I need to hire legal counsel I would continue to use his services.

– Judy ★★★★★

An amazing person

I can’t begin to express how incredible this man is. He is a true professional who cares about his clients. If you need help, do yourself a favor and call Sam. You won’t regret it. I’ve never encountered a more professional and caring person. I’m a journalist and have skills in listening and as a result my habit to dig for information during interviews and I was able to learn so much more then the average call would have produced. He spent an hour the phone with me on a Sunday and saved me more then I can possibly explain.

– Jon ★★★★★

One in a Million

It was a great surprise to find out that everything Mr Spital promised me came to fruition.
One of the few lawyers I would recommend to my friends
A lawyer with ethics

– Neil Eisenberg ★★★★★


I usually do not write reviews. But this time I had to. I needed some legal advice and called Mr. Sam Spital. One of my buddies refereed me over to him. I made one call and knew Sam was the right lawyer. He gave me options and explained thoroughly what needed to be done on my behalf. I did not make any further calls. I was confident that Sam Spital would be able to win my case. I retained Sam Spital immediately and he started working immediately. No joke this man works 24/7. You will always know exactly where you stand. He emails you back right away and picks up the phone and even texts. You can’t go wrong with this attorney. If you are seeking a lawyer you can’t do any better than Sam Spital. Also we won the case. With Sam it is hard to lose.

– Nicole ★★★★★

The best of the best.

I can’t thank Sam and Elizabeth enough for their help and support with my case. They have both been very efficient and supportive. Thank goodness for lawyers like them.

– Annette ★★★★★

Sam Spital Actually Cares

I was presently surprised when Sam called me himself as a result of an internet inquiry and phone call. I was calling about an Administrative Action dealing with The California Department of Insurance. He actually reviewed all my documents and gave me more options than hire me before you lose all your rights. He was very friendly and seemed to actually care about my plight. I am a Combat Disabled Veteran (80%) and was in the Desert Storm Era and was awarded a combat action ribbon for my service in Mogadishu, Somalia. Sam actually thanked me for my service before I even told him who I was. This is why I knew he read all my documents because it was mentioned in the official responses from the DOI. I am going to explore the options which he recommended, which he spent about 30-40 minutes discussing with me on the phone. Sam showed ethical, moral and professionalism in the highest regard. I really appreciate what Sam has done for me and really appreciate the fact that he appreciates Veterans! I salute you Sam!
Christopher J. G.
El Padrino Corporation

– Christopher ★★★★★

This Man is a Saint

Forget all the bad things you’ve heard about lawyers and check this out. This man took a blind call from me at 7:00 AM to discuss my options in dealing with the California Board of Registered Nursing, but even more than that, he provided a plan for me to resolve my legal issue whether I secured him as my lawyer or not. Additionally, he was supportive and injected hope into a situation that appeared bleak, to say the least. This man’s passion for what he does is never in doubt. He is a bulldog and I’m thankful I had the chance to speak with him. I cannot overstate my gratitude. Since I live in another state, it’s too early to know whether or not I will need his legal assistance in this matter, but he put me on a path to success no matter where I seek counsel. One thing is certain, if I ever needed counsel in California, I know to whom I would turn. Grateful in St. Louis.

– Cam ★★★★★

Hard worker , passionate lawyer hard to believe that he exist

Dear Mr Spital ,
Today is Sunday and I can’t believe that you picked up the phone and how passionate and energetic person you are. I am truly amazed with your knowledge. I am in a difficult situation and I feel like that this is a bad dream I am in . You opened my mind .
Thank you
E and S

– anonymous ★★★★★

Truly the Best

I cannot begin to thank Sam and Elizabeth for all of their hard work regarding my case. They are both always available and answer any question that may arise at any time. I am 100% confident if it wasn’t for Sam and Elizabeth’s expert knowledge as license defense attorneys, my outcome would not have been good. They truly are the best.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Successful Resolution

After a single night of poor judgment I placed my professional license and reputation at peril and subject to the scrutiny of a licensing board. I retained the counsel of Attorney Spital and after a year of investigations and legal proceedings, he represented me before the licensing board. To this end he prepared an extraordinary mitigation package outlining my career and credentials and presented a cogent argument on my behalf. Within less than a week, the board dismissed the matter without consequence. I believe that his strategy to provide the board with thorough documentation on myself, my career, my accomplishments as well as on the mitigating circumstances related to the issue at hand facilitated the board’s decision to look no further into the case. I am grateful for his services and highly recommend him.

– Jorge ★★★★★

I understand why….

I actually called him because of his great reviews. He spoke with me today and was quite clear he didn’t work with my type of case. Yet he gave me great advice and even a referral for someone who might be able to help. What a kind and generous man! Thank you Sam!

– Jeannie ★★★★★

Went above and beyond

I can’t say enough about Mr. Spital, he went above and beyond expectations during our initial consultation. Highly knowledgeable, honest and upfront. I highly recommend.

– Jeff ★★★★★

Best Lawyer

Sam Spital is the best! He took the time to really lay out all of my options and called me back right away. He is hardworking and will work hard for your case. If you’re looking for someone you can trust and someone who cares, look no further! He is highly experienced and very knowledgable.

– Shannon C. ★★★★★

Passionate Attorney

Very knowledgable and most likely one of the best. I haven’t decided how to proceed in my case and that is the only reason isn’t already retained.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Highly Recommend!

I can’t thank Sam Spital and Elizabeth Brady enough for their expert advice, comprehensive detail to mitigation briefs, promptness and clarity with communication with all parties, and their knowledge of the processes of the State of California Bureau of Real Estate. They were able to save my 30 years plus Brokers Real Estate license from being suspended or revoked to being completely reproved by BRE….Huge Thanks!

– Joe ★★★★★

Professional and Charitable

I recently had the task of searching for a administrative hearing attorney. After talking to a few attorneys I had the opportunity to speak with Sam Spital. He listened and was very informative and talked about a a strategy that he would use for my situation. What has impressed me most was his charitable information that he did not have to provide to allow me the time to organize my case. I plan on retaining Sam Spital help me through this situation.

– Lynn ★★★★★

Honorable man

I called Mr. Spital’s office and left a message about my case in Virginia. I figured that I would just talk to a paralegal but no. Mr. Spital called me back personally out of his busy schedule and spoke with me free of charge and give me great advise. Even though he could not help fight my case. He helped me to know when I am wasting my time and money with a lawyer and showed me how to find a great lawyer. He also gave me the invitation to call him anytime if I had anymore concerns. Mr. Spital also called me back later on that evening to check on me and see how things were going. None of this was over a dollar amount. Mr. Spital’s words to me were “Its not about money here this is about one human being helping out another human being , that is what we are put on this earth for.”

– Adam ★★★★★

Expert lawyer

Sam and Elizabeth are an amazing team. They work extremely hard to achieve the best possible outcome and are always available to guide and support you throughout the process. I picked Sam and his team to help defend my nursing license against the Board. I am so glad I did. They worked tirelessly to advocate on my behalf. Whether you reside in the United States or Canada and have an issue or concern regarding a California professional or occupational license , Sam and his team are tenacious and will fight for you. They are truly extraordinary; I can’t thank them enough.

– anonymous ★★★★★



– Michelle ★★★★★

Most honest down to earth lawyer I ever talk with.

Samuel Spital is great and most knowledgeable lawyer but most importantly very honest and caring person. Mr.Spital gave me advice with my active businesses absolutely free of charge and spent his valuable time educating me on how to avoid future problems and build solid and reputable business.I am going to recommend him to all my small business friends.I feel like I made a new friend for life and have a strong legal representation in case of any issues arise in my businesses.Thank you Mr.Spital you are truly most honorable attorney I’ve ever met.

– Edward ★★★★★

Thanks Sam!

Sam is an incredibly helpful lawyer, who knowledge of dealing with complaints against your license. In the 10 years I have had my Landscaping Contractors License, we have never had a complaint filed against us. We are now dealing with a hostile client who is threatening and unreasonable. Sam has given me valuable advice, on his own time, to help me work through the situation to avoid going to the Attorney General. His advice is so valuable, and I appreciate that he took the time to help me avoid a legal battle. If we do indeed go into legal battle territory, I will call on Sam again to help me out of it, as I know he can do the job right.

Thank you Sam!

– Andrea ★★★★★

Thankful to have the best Lawyer

Anyone facing potential administrative discipline against their professional license faces stress and uncertainly like no other. From the moment I spoke to Sam, he assured me he was on my side and would do all he can to help my situation. I am very grateful to be working with Sam and Elizabeth. They are always available and respond to my many questions promptly. Since day one, he has proven he will do all he can to help my case and to go above and beyond. Thank you Sam and Elizabeth, I can’t tell you enough how much it mean to have you on my side. You truly are the best.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Exceptional Service!

Attorney Sam Spital and Attorney Elizabeth Brady were exceptional with handling my case. I currently possess a professional license; however, a poor lapse in judgment on my part late last year placed my license in jeopardy with the regulating Board. I was facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol; any conviction would require to be reported to the Board thereafter, which may result in the Board suspending or revoking my professional license. Losing my license could ultimately result in the loss of my employment, which would have been a financial hardship for my family and me, as well as created a more challenging position for me to seek employment elsewhere.

After conducting extensive research online, I sought the assistance and services of Spital and Associates, and was immediately confident that they would be able to provide the legal assistance needed in my case, based on numerous positive reviews that have been provided by their previous clients. Attorney Sam contacted me soon after I had submitted my inquiries online, and provided me with information regarding the legal process, as well as their past experience with defending a client who also possessed a license with the same regulating Board. Attorney Sam indicated that winning the case was not guaranteed, but he and his firm promised to strive in order to provide superior and dedicated service to obtain favorable results. After working with Attorney Elizabeth and Attorney Sam for a few months on my case, and upon submission of the documentation regarding my incident, the regulating Board informed me that they have decided not to pursue a Disciplinary Action on me, and that my license would not be affected by my previous actions.

I am extremely grateful for the assistance that Spital and Associates provided, and would highly recommend this legal firm to any professional who may be faced with the possibility of losing one’s professional license. Without the help of Spital and Associates, I would not have been able to retain my professional license, my employment, and my livelihood. Thank you again, Attorney Sam and Attorney Elizabeth.

– Tiffany ★★★★★

Review of Spital and Associates

Sam and Elizabeth, I can’t thank you enough for all of your perseverance, strength, knowledge, and kindness. I would have been at a huge disadvantage without you.
Please be happy and know I am eternally grateful for you assistance.
Most sincerely,

– Marti ★★★★★

Thank you Mr Spital!!

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Mr Spital! He is a very trustworthy and hard working man to make sure you get what you deserve! He made sure he took the time to explain every single thing and right I had! I seriously can’t thank him enough!!!!

– Brittany ★★★★★


I highly recommend Mr. Spital for any nurse seeking expert counsel and legal representation, regardless of how big or small you think the accusations made against you are. As a registered nurse (RN) for the past 16 years, I received an accusation from the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) for the first time in my career. Under misguided advice from other RN colleagues, I did not seek legal representation immediately. Additionally, the documents provided by the BRN led me to believe the hearing did not require legal representation, as stipulated in their clause “may or may not need legal representation.”. Therefore, I thought at the hearing, I could share my side of the story with the judge and he/she would see why I believe there was a standing order to perform a Foley catheter on an immobile hospice patient for comfort and prevention of skin breakdown for end of life comfort, as initially oriented by hospice RN. This was the biggest MISTAKE I could have ever made. No matter how big or small you believe your accusations are, please seek legal counsel immediately. If you receive any documents from the BRN, I suggest that you giving Mr. Spital a call STAT. You will need the time for him to properly represent you. I called Mr. Spital on a Saturday morning and received a call back within 30 minutes. He even took time out of his Sunday schedule to provide additional advice. In addition, he provided pro-bono counsel all weekend and helped me navigate my discussions with the BRN deputy attorney. Because of Mr. Spital, I was able to understand my rights as a RN and my options. He provided countless hours of advice to help me with questions after questions as I was extremely uneducated in the ways of law. Without Mr. Spital’s advice and the help of God, I could not get through this difficult time in my life. Unfortunately, since my hearing was three weeks away from my initial contact with Mr. Spital, he could not represent me. However, his patience, responsiveness and expertise in this field leads me to believe that he is the best lawyer for this type of case against nurses from the BRN. I’ve interviewed at least three other attorneys, none of which come close to the valuable of service that Mr. Spital has provided. As the saying goes, “you get for what you pay for “. Do not hesitate to get legal representation from the best since your license deserves nothing but the best!!!

– Janice ★★★★★

Good advice

Within a few seconds of our initial phone interview, Mr Spital made all the difference in my feeling about my upcoming hearing and offered other great alternatives to the probation terms that the RCP board was offering me. Very smart, quick witted,and proactive in his advice and assistance. Nuff said!

– Al ★★★★★

Advice when I didn’t know where to turn

I called Mr. Spital after researching and finding his name online. Our case? A contractor taking a sizeable deposit for parts, then failing to do any work or produce parts. I wanted to know if I had a suit and how to efficiently handle my problem. He answered the phone himself. After a brief conversation he recommended I file in Small Claims Court and also file charges with the District Attorney. He could easily have had me come to his office and charged me $$$ to tell me just that, but he saved my time and his, and my money. I will definitely call him again if need be.

– Brenda ★★★★★

a real mench

Sam spent more than an hour on the phone with me. This was a cold call on a case that he knew he was not going to be able to take. His genuine concern and helpful information were so appreciated at the time because he not only freely imparted his knowledge(he does talk fast) but his encouragement as well. This was as important to me as anything else when most people can barely hear half the nightmare I’ve endured for nearly 3 years before cutting me off and dispassionately wishing good luck (and farewell). Thank You SAM!

– Warren ★★★★★


Back in February I had a positive drug test. Sam gave me some helpful information over the phone. We talked almost everyday for about 2 weeks. I was fortunate enough that my test was mislabeled and did not have to take this to trial. Sam talks fast but is very knowledgable with the BRN. Sam would be the only person I would recommend for taking on the Board of Registered Nursing.

– Ethan ★★★★★

You want to read this —trust me!

BEST LAWYER EVER!!!!!!!!! Makes you feel 100$ comfortable talking to him!!!!!!!!!!!trustworthy, honest straightforward, personable, down to earth lawyer, recommend to anyone who wants a lawyer that is reliable and there for you a 100% I REALLY,REALLY LOVE HIM!!!HE IS HONESTLY THE BEST !!!!! No matte what time I called even late hours he still answered He stayed after hours, even on weekends and even a holiday to accommodate me—-who eles would do that? NO ONE!! am so grateful that I found him!!!!!!!He is in it not for the money but he generally wants to help people !!!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

One of a kind !

It is not everyday that one finds themselves fighting for their livelihood. It is a very unnerving process to say the least. When I found Sam, I was very skeptical. I felt he was most likely going to be “the typical attorney.” I found out very quickly I was wrong! Sam is anything but typical! There are truly not enough adjectives to describe him! I could verbalize all day long how intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and empathetic he is, yet still this would not do him justice! Every claim made prior to mine about this man is very accurate. Sam Spital is truly a remarkable man, and spectacular attorney. It was such a blessing to find him. You will get the very best representation from Sam because he will settle for nothing less! Equally important is his impressive background. If you want peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that you have the very best; stop here, because you have found your man…without a doubt.

– anonymous ★★★★★


Thank you for your time in reviewing the specifics of my case and personally responding to me multiple times on a holiday Sunday. You are an inspiration to me and what I want to be when I become an attorney. You are of the highest ethics and morale. Everyone should hire you should they happen to be in a similar situation as mine. You’ve given extremely valuable insight on my case and I am very grateful our paths crossed today.

– Susan V. ★★★★★

Medical Board Representation

Dear Colleagues,

I must say that I wish there was an option for more than five stars….

I am an Orange County medical doctor and in situations that most doctors, fortunately, are unfamiliar, we need a man who makes it his mission to set the record straight, identify holes in the accusation(s), and identify strengths in our armor. Sam Spital has the grit, knowledge, and comprehensive understanding of the law that is needed.

I would surmise that regardless of the profession, there is not a person more on top of his or her game when it comes to the representation of professionals before licensing board than Sam Spital. The unfortunate reality is that the boards that govern our practice have at their disposal virtually unlimited ammunition and financial backing to seek remedies for issues that come before them. The medical board presumes that an accusation before them demands a punishment, or, at best, a compromise. In other words, we are at risk of being condemned, or our good names muddied, even without fair process. Sam Spital is a man who levels the playing field and gives a voice to those of us who want only to do well and serve.

Recently, I experienced a scare working with a county agency. I called Mr. Spital, who was snap to respond to my email inquiry, get me on the phone, and bring about calm and reassurance. For the next 8 hours I walked with more confidence. At the end of the day, I had learned that my fear about a medical board inquiry was unnecessary and that indeed I had nothing to answer to. Those 8 hours were far more comfortable because of this man.

Had I to face a medical board inquiry, I would want to do it with no one other than this man in my corner. I would, if given the opportunity to recommend anyone to a colleague, look no further than this gentleman, Sam Spital. I wish you nothing but the best Sir…I am in your debt. Dr. C.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Excellent attorney!

Outstanding Litigation Defense. Sam resolved our Superior Court case quickly and wisely. I cannot imagine another attorney getting such a spectacular and winning outcome. Thank you Sam for your personal attention and settling this case for my family, and on top of that for about ten cents on the dollar. You are an amazing person and treated us as a close friend.

– Leticia ★★★★★

Sam is dedicated to the representation of his clients

I have worked with Sam on joint-defense matters, and his knowledge of the applicable law and the “rules of the game” in the jurisdiction we worked in was excellent. His number one priority is his client’s defense. It is a pleasure to work with someone of his professionalism, attentiveness and knowledge

– anonymous ★★★★★

The best legal team for nursing cases

Sam is the Best Criminal and License Attorney in California.
The State Board opened a case against me. But, after retaining Sam Spital, who prepared a comprehensive and superb legal compilation, the investigation was closed without merit. I am thrilled with the superior knowledge and huge success of Sam and his legal team in representing clients, and particularly the outstanding and unequalled result he got for me. Sam’s advice was priceless. I highly recommend him to anyone with a criminal case and/or California professional license. I would not use any other attorney and know I can always rely on Sam being there 150%.

– Estela ★★★★★

Consultation, very much appreciated

I cannot state how much I appreciated Mr. Spital spending his time in my consultation. He was absolutely wonderful. He assessed my issue, and was attentive, honest, and most importantly in my case, extremely reassuring. This reassurance was probably what I needed the most, and I can’t tell him how much it really meant to me. I have kept all his information, and will be more than willing to refer my other physician colleagues. All the great reviews that you have seen are clearly justified. Thank you again Mr. Spital!

– Joseph ★★★★★

Expert Criminal Attorney

Not only will you obtain a winning result, but if you

call SAM, you will get both a compassionate and

skilled attorney. Thank you Sam for being there for me.

– Anna ★★★★★

Sam Spital is the Best Attorney in California, period.

Although Attorney Spital has an office in San Diego, he has handled my Los Angeles criminal case in the most admirable and positive ways imaginable. I retained Sam Spital, Lawyer and he was very helpful at all hours of the day (even at the wee hours of night) and weekend over many months on the process and options I had available. I highly recommend Attorney Spital to anyone with a criminal, professional or occupational license case because of his in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and numerous huge successes in representing his clients. I can certainly attest to his superior legal expertise, as he has represented my case and defended me in my case.

My case was handled admirably and resulted in a judgment that is very favorable for my end. This kind of success is all due to the prudent legal advice of Attorney Spital, his wise counsel, hard-working diligence, thoroughness to every detail, as well as his wealth of knowledge and experience in handling cases such as mine. Moreover, the attorney fees were more than reasonable given the volume of work he and his forensic experts produced and ultimately the incomparable results.

I sincerely want to thank you Sam and the hard work, diligence, and thoroughness of your office. It is with my great honor to write a very favorable testimonial. I am very confident in attesting that no one could have obtained the remarkable outcome as Attorney Sam Spital did on my behalf; he did not promise more than he could achieve, and more importantly he delivered far greater than I could have hoped and dreamed. Sam is truly the greatest lawyer you could ever have and I will forever be grateful for what he did on my behalf. Bless your office, Sam, and may you long serve your fellow man.

– Cookie ★★★★★


I highly recommend Sam Spital and Elizabeth Brady to anyone who is dealing with administrative law issues. Both Sam and Elizabeth are exceptionally knowledgeable about all of the complicated and often frustrating issues one deals with when faced with problems in medical board licensing. They work all hours and are there for their clients – no matter how many times you ask the same question.

I had a much better result in my own legal battle with a licensing board than I expected. There is no doubt in my mind that this could not have been achieved w/out the help of Elizabeth & Sam. I feel extremely fortunate to have found such an amazing legal team!!!

– Kris ★★★★★


INCOMPARABLE ATTORNEY. I contacted and retained Sam Spital to handle a State investigation against me.

Sam was successful in having the investigation closed and the case dismissed. All attorneys are not equal. If you want a lawyer you can rely upon and is always available, you should hire Sam, who is always working, no matter what time or what day I called or emailed him, Sam personally returned every single call and email immediately. I highly recommend SAM if you are involved in ANYINVESTIGATION OR CHARGES BROUGHT AGAUINST YOU. Sam gets it right the first time and without spending your life savings or having to deal with it for years on end. When you call Sam you will discover he is a warrior, but treats you as a friend and not only a client

– shirley ★★★★★


I have been a medical consultant for 20+ years and needed to call upon Sam on occasion. He is TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGEABLE and ALWAYS WILLING to help. He has worked with me on numerous legal documents and I value his input. No matter how busy he might be, his attention has always been focused on me when called upon. Whenever I have referred him to other clients, they also praise his work ethic.

– Gail ★★★★★


Sam Spital handled my CRIMINAL CASE with the integrity, passion, and confidence. He’s very knowledgeable, trustworthy, highly professional, and a very experienced and approachable attorney.

Sam worked tirelessly, even responded to my phone calls on the weekends. Sam Spital is the hardest working lawyer in history. I received updates on every step of the case, emails, and he answered every question. He worked long hours (even on weekends). If you never want to lose, hire Sam. I would recommend Sam to anyone who wants the TOP attorney in history. I’m truly grateful. I would never hesitate to hire Sam Spital again. Thanks Sam!!

– Mark ★★★★★


Sam Spital genuinely cared about my case and ME. He and his associate, Elizabeth Brady, are thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced concerning licensing issues and the CA-BRN. Often Sam would call me unexpectedly just to see how I was doing or to update me. Even after he wasn’t my lawyer he was available to answer questions, give suggestions etc. free of charge. I strongly urge anyone facing problems with their nursing license to contact Sam BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING! Sam is an honest man and an honest lawyer. Daren

– anonymous ★★★★★

Hire Sam Spital

I made a mistake. I knew what I had done was wrong and I was sorry for it. I also knew I had to accept the BRN’s choice to investigate the incident, but I was not ready to simply accept punishment without my day in court. I admitted to the mistake but I work hard at what I do, help a lot of people and I wanted them to know I’m a good person who deserves to remain in practice.

I feel that it would have been crazy to attempt this on my own. I was ignorant to my rights and the legal system and I needed a specialist. I wouldn’t hired a general medical practitioner to perform my heart surgery and I was not going to hire a general practitioner of law to defend my livelihood. Sam Spital had the kind of experience I needed. He helped me put together a strong legal declaration, and although I did not deny the offense, I showed remorse and was able to offer the kind of mitigating facts that Sam knew would be important.

The results speak for them self “after due consideration we have closed the complaint, finding that there is not reasonable cause to warrant further action…” I truly believe that if I had not gotten representation I would not have my license today. Hire Sam Spital!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Sam is fantastic Defense Attorney

SAM IS A FANTASTIC DEFENSE ATTORNEY. I had the pleasure to work with Sam and I could not be happier. He did everything he said, and never left a stone unturned. He always kept me informed of the status of my case and provided the alternatives so I could make an informed choice. I have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone with an issue involving a criminal offense and/or a professional license in California. Sam knows how to succeed, uses distinguished experts to support hisdefense, knows the law, how the opposition thinks and delivered a winning solution. You will not be disappointed.

– belle ★★★★★


Sam Spiral has changed my life. I completed my life long dream of nursing school, took and passed the NCLEX state exam and found out that the state board denied my licensure for lack of disclosure. Sam gladly took my case and with the decades of experience, I am now a licensed nurse and pursuing my degree. Thank you Sam for all of your work and dedication.

– Mark ★★★★★

Amazing Advice, Thank You!

I called for representation, he couldn’t representative me but he gave me a lot of helpful advice on how to carry on my case. He called back two times, and gave me many ideas on how to represent my case. Thank you so much!

– Georgiana ★★★★★

Best experience with a lawyer ever:)

He was very professional, caring and LISTENED to me. He was willing to spend his time helping me and answering my questions honestly and frankly. I have had a difficult time finding any other lawyer or even assistant wanting to truly try to help me. I have a better understanding and “gut” feeling about my situation after speaking with him at length and Mr. Spital is the image I have in my head when I imagine a lawyer who is wanting to fight for you and help you as opposed to just make a buck off of you! Thank you Mr. Spital for your valued time!

– Heidi ★★★★★

Great Lawyer

I had a situation today and its was Late and I called Sam Spital and he was available and answer all my questions was very helpful. Highly Recommend Him..

– suzie ★★★★★

Very Professional

Great Attorney!
Sam REALLY KNOWS the law and will fight for you.
Winning our case was his sole objective.
Don’t waste your money and time with another attorney or law firm.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Trustworthy, Responsive & Knowledgable Without a Doubt!

I was experiencing issues with a case.Needed some professional advice. Despite his busy schedule he made himself available. His straight forward advice on how to handle the matter and turned the situation around completely. I would definitely feel comfortable referring clients to Sam Spital!

– Anna ★★★★★


I have done business with Sam Spital for several years, and I am extremely happy. It never ceases to surprise me how he makes himself available at any time of the day or night I want to discuss a legal issue or have a question. Sam is not an ordinary attorney; I recommend him to anyone who wishes advice that wants it from an “extraordinary lawyer,” who is right on target without a lot of legal jargon, whether it is a civil, criminal offense and/or administrative law(professional license) matter in San Diego and statewide. You will be gratified.

– Ernest ★★★★★

Saved our Lives

A Life Saver. How lucky I was to have found Sam over the internet. The first time I talked to him I was

filled with hope concerning our situation. Trying to solve issues from another state and not personally knowing

your attorney is difficult but Sam’s professionalism and caring (strong word for a lawyer) made all the difference.

He made a stressful situation much easier and the result was successful. Thank you again Sam,

– Patti ★★★★★

Legal Advice – Priceless

Called late on a saturday evening thinking I would be leaving a message for legal advice and actually got Sam. It was truly amazing what happened, he spent 1/2 an hour listening and providing advice completely free of charge. He helped me shape a letter, with correct wording and just the right phrasing to invoke the response we wanted. This man is hands-on, he shows geniune concern and interest…I can not thank him enough.

– Pete V. ★★★★★

Worth every Penny!!!

Found Spital & Associates after extensive research online! God must have been guideing me that day! There were soooo many so called experts in the field of defending your license to practice! Later I found out that these “others” had only recently jumped on the bandwagon since The Board of Registeted Nurses in Ca got reprimanded a d therefore started “throwing the book at Nurses”. Long story short… He got me throughit! Listened to my fears and comforted me when I broke down and cried!! Even worked with my criminal defense Lawyer free of charge and helped me clear my “Good Name”. I was found ” Not guilty” charges were dismissed and I’m back to my Dream Job as an ICU RN, A4M

Thanks Sam,

– Brenda Lee Wenzel RN. A4M ★★★★★

Two Thumbs Up!

I found Mr. Spital via Google. I explained to him that we do not live in CA but MIGHT need representation there. Mr. Spital listened to our situation, then told me it may or may not be worth hiring an attorney at this point . . . after which he proceeded to help me FREE OF CHARGE anyway! I found him to be knowledgeable, confident, patient, and perhaps most of all, respectful. He answered my questions and gave me great legal advice. If he treats “call-in’s” who owe him nothing that well, I suspect he does a fantastic job for his “paying” clients!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Outstanding, peace of mind

Sam is a phenomenon. His integrity and genuine consideration for my issues were truly touching. I made a cold call to his office and he scooped me up metaphorically and really helped me to understand and address the difficult issues I was dealing with that kept me awake at nights. I will definitely work with Sam in the future as I know that he is a great lawyer with a great heart. The combination is rare and precious. Thank you Sam.

– Raffi ★★★★★

Fantastic lawyer and person!

Sam is an amazing lawyer and person! Sam answered my calls 24/7 with a compassion that was amazing. Don’t hesitate due to any geographic challenges, as I always felt as if Sam was right there for me at any time.

While holding a position as an RN Case Manager and nationally certified wound care nurse I made one error that nearly cost me my 33 year career. I had been fighting the Accusation without legal counsel for one year and was quickly losing ground with the BRN. I saw the writing on the wall and initially called Sam to help me surrender my RN license to the BRN.

Sam immediately gave me hope to continue to fight for my license. Even though I had been emotionally beaten down by the BRN, he helped me to continue to fight when I no longer had the energy.

Sam and his Associate Elizabeth Brady saved my license and I am working without probation or restrictions of any kind in a position of higher responsibility than before the Accusation. Sam focused on offense while also presenting a powerful legal defense. He put in place the right team of distinguished specialists, highly regarded forensic experts, and key witnesses in order to make a powerful presentation. The results were spectacular and there was no actual trial or hearing. He clearly is an experienced, energetic and highly talented lawyer.

– Carol ★★★★★


I have had the opportunity to consult with Sam. Brilliant lawyer very knowledgeable, honest, has a lot of wisdom. Sam is an expert in the field and a true professional.
I had a difficult case I called several lawyers and no one figured my case like he did. Moreover, he was caring and considerate. I felt comfortable to talk to him. Sam is someone you can trust and I highly recommend him. He is an example to many lawyers and one of a kind.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Legal Advice

A personal thank you goes to Sam who spent 1 hr with me on my case over the phone gratis.

Sam is a straight shooter and gave me the legal advice I needed to make a decision on my upcoming case.

I truely hold Sam in high regard. I have full confidence and trust in his ability and knowledge if my case matures past futile threats. I would definitely recommend him to friends and/or family members if they needed legal representation.

God Bless

– Philip ★★★★★

Cares about his clients

I have worked as a nursing expert for Mr. Spital on numerous cases. He cares about his clients and he knows when his clients need experts with special education to help resolve the cases. He takes the time to understand his clients cases and does an indepth analysis of each case so that he can get the best outcome for his clients case.

– Laura ★★★★★


SAM SPITAL STOPPED ALL CRIMINAL & CIVIL LIABLITY FOR ME: I contact Sam Spital for legal advise when I was threatened with hundreds of thousands of dollars in civil liability AND a serious complex criminal case. Sam Spital personally handled everything from the beginning of the case to the end of the case. All my prayers were answered and for once I could relax knowing Sam Spital has taken over and was on my side. He is right the first time; I had a truly winning result. If you, your family or your friends want to level the playing field and losing in not an option. (SAM SPTITAL IS YOUR GUY!) He is competent, professional and his fees were quite reasonable. Sam always answers your calls and emails immediately. You just don’t find a lawyer like that anymore. You have to go through a chain of calls. Sam Spital is always right there with a peace of mind for you. I would use him again with no doubt in my mind. Should you have any questions, I am always willing to talk to someone about my experience with Sam. Best of luck to you. Michelle C.

– Michelle ★★★★★

Judgement of fraud

Kept us informed and would always answer our questions with specifics related to the process. Immediately responded to emails and phone calls.

– Merriam ★★★★★

An Advocate for the Cause

As a new nursing graduate with an unfortunate, disputable incident in my past, I was grossly unprepared for the obstacles the BRN hurdeled my way once the official application for licensure process began. I made the mistake of attempting to handle the situation without legal guidance. Mr. Spital was able to step in and provide efficient, professional, and reliable legal assistance in navigating through the licensure process obstacles while maintaining open, clear communication and striving for an acceptable outcome. Without the diligent efforts of Mr. Spital, proceedings with the BRN would have been bleak indeed.


– Jessica ★★★★★

Superb Attorney!

Sam Spital was highly recommended to me by a colleague and to this day I remain in their debt. Sam is an exceptional attorney and someone you can genuinely trust. He is deeply committed to his work and clients. In spite of a full case load he always made my husband and I feel as though we were his only clients. Sam kept us fully informed and never hesitated to return our calls after hours and on weekends. When he says he is available 24/7 he really means it!

– Victoria ★★★★★


Sam is an awesome attorney and an awesome guy. He, Elizabeth, and his team are professional, attentive, and efficient. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t have my calls or Emails answered promptly if not immediately. He fought hard for my me and we got the outcome we were looking for. I would not have been able to continue my future or my education without him. I can’t thank him enough.

– Charlie ★★★★★


Sam Spital and his associate obtained an outcome for my case that is better than I ever thought possible. I know that it was their hard work, experience, and guidance toward the use of highly distinguished expert opinions that made this possible.

Sam, I am just grateful for what you did and highly endorse you to other licensed professionals,whether nurse, physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, psychologist, counselor, optometrist,occupational or rehabilitation therapist who must deal with a state licensing board.
Again, I can’t even find words to express how thankful I am for all you did for me.

– Debra ★★★★★

Potential Client–Extremely Impressed!

Called for a quick consultation on a Nuisance Case and was thoroughly educated on the subject. Very intelligent and personable attorney. Highly recommend.

– Shain ★★★★★

Hire Sam Spital

I made a mistake. I knew what I had done was wrong and I was sorry for it. I also knew I had to accept the BRN’s choice to investigate the incident, but I was not ready to simply accept punishment without my day in court. I admitted to the mistake but I work hard at what I do, help a lot of people and I wanted them to know I’m a good person who deserves to remain in practice.

I feel that it would have been crazy to attempt this on my own. I was ignorant to my rights and the legal system and I needed a specialist. I wouldn’t hired a general medical practitioner to perform my heart surgery and I was not going to hire a general practitioner of law to defend my livelihood. Sam Spital had the kind of experience I needed. He helped me put together a strong legal declaration, and although I did not deny the offense, I showed remorse and was able to offer the kind of mitigating facts that Sam knew would be important.

The results speak for them self “after due consideration we have closed the complaint, finding that there is not reasonable cause to warrant further action…” I truly believe that if I had not gotten representation I would not have my license today. Hire Sam Spital!

– John ★★★★★

Expert Criminal Attorney and Best License Defense

I contacted Mr. Spital regarding my case which turned out to be much more serious than I originally thought. He took the time to go over all my options and was able to help me in reaching an appropriate course of action. I really appreciated his honesty and integrity. Although he prioritized my case and performed over five hours of legal analysis and strategy, Sam did not charge me a dime. I will forever be indebted to Sam and without any reservation I recommend you call him if you have any criminal or professional license issue.

– Josh ★★★★★


When I spoke with Sam Spital, he took the time to evaluate my situation, gave me legal advice on a criminal case that my former attorney did not do in the entire time he handled my case. I did not know Sam, but he treated me as if I was his client and even more akin to being a friend. He did not charge any fee for his advice. Sam’s superior legal knowledge is unmatched by the lawyer I previously worked. If you have a criminal case or any legal problem in the areas of law Sam practices,

you should call SAM. You will be impressed …….

– anonymous ★★★★★


MOST KNOWLEDGABLE and uniquely experienced attorney. No one knows the practical implementation of the law like Sam Spital. In my line of business there are a lot of sharks and you have protect yourself. When I went on the search for an attorney It was really difficult..who could I trust? Not knowing the quality of his reputation in the greater San Diego Area, I called 5-6 attorneys who were referred to me and I didn’t feel comfortable with any. The moment I called Sam , I knew I was in the right hands. Have been with him for a year now and have full confidence in him. Sam has pulled me out of some pretty unsettling situations UNSCATHED. He knows those little life and death details that are so often missed by even the most accredited of “professionals”. Sam always presents my options, his recommendation and then all of the remote but important circumstances that may arise in NO-BS fashion. When Im feeling uncertain about the future, I call Sam Spital. Truly one of americas finest. Sam YOU ARE THE MAN!

– Kenneth ★★★★★

Licensing Matters

Sam is an expert in licensing matters and offers clear advice that clients need to hear. His years of experience have not sapped his enthusiasm for his work.

– David King ★★★★★

Potential Client review

Spital & Associates were my choice when I needed assistance on a real estate transaction. Unfortunately, I did not call them until the transaction was final. In hindsight I should have called prior to putting ink on any documents used to purchase a residential property with a partner. The firm’s responsiveness was incredible and coupled with the quality of service I received, I highly recommend Spital & Associates. They provided very compelling advice and assistance during a time that I found myself unable to objectively view the problem let alone come up with any solutions. Even Stan himself is very down to earth and takes a “hands on” approach providing high quality fast responses.

– anonymous ★★★★★


Sam Spital handled my devastating CRIMINAL CASE with the passion. I felt I was a family member or relative.
Losing was not an option for Sam! He worked tirelessly, even at night and on weekends. Sam developed a winning offense as well as defense strategy. I received frequent updates and I was always aware of every step in his presentation. I recommend you call Sam if you cannot afford to lose. harmit

– harmit ★★★★★

Superior Work Superb Ethics

*****SUPERIOR WORK SUPERB ETHICS I know now what is it to be accused of negligence. I’ve been a nurse for many years and considered myself a very good professional. One day everything changed. If you are in the same situation I was, you need to find a good lawyer. Guilt, shame, uncertainly about future, tons of thoughts were racing through my head. Don’t let yourself down more than you already are. Even if you are a very good nurse, you need to show it to the BRN. Samuel Spital and Elizabeth Brady are the people you can trust. They are great professionals with superb work ethics.

You will have all your questions answered. They outline the whole process for you right from the start: what you have to do, how much it will cost you, what you can expect in the future. They are available 24/7. I searched a lot of websites before I found Samuel Spital. I am writing this review because I want good RNs to stay in practice. Good luck.

– mila ★★★★★


Sam Spital was highly recommended to me by a colleague and to this day I remain in their debt. Sam is an exceptional attorney and someone you can genuinely trust. He is deeply committed to his work and clients. In spite of a full case load he always made my husband and I feel as though we were his only clients. Sam kept us fully informed and never hesitated to return our calls after hours and on weekends. When he says he is available 24/7 he really means it!

– Victoria ★★★★★

Outstanding Man

Sam, I will forever be grateful for your help on my criminal case and your concern regarding the Board of Behavioral Science and my license with the BBS. Once I retained your services, my worries were over. You are a man of your word, say what you mean and mean what you say. Thank you for your tireless efforts, being available 24/7 and doing outstanding work for me.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Sam is the best!

I have consulted with Sam a great many cases. I have found him to be 110% committed to helping this clients. His legal knowledge is impressive and it is matched by his motivation to help his clients. You are in the best hands when you retain Sam.

– anonymous ★★★★★


I am a senior citizen and have called Sam Spital for legal advice for about ten years, both while my husband was alive and since he passed on. Sam always cared enough to spend the time to answer my questions on countless occasions and also give me options, all at no charge. Trust me, I always offered to pay Sam, but he would not accept any compensation.

I fully endorse Sam if you want a dedicated and competent lawyer on your side.

– Donna ★★★★★


I reside in Canada and practice as a licensed physician. A short time ago, I sought legal advice from SAM SPITAL & ASSOCIATES to obtain a medical doctor license in California in which I had a pending offer for a Fellowship at a renowned California University Medical Center.

Sam and his team demonstrated their vast knowledge of the MBC, were available 24/7 to respond and answer my questions, and they were extremely helpful as well as supportive. If you are a physician or know one that either wants to obtain or has a California license, you should retain Sam Spital if you want your case to be done right the first time. Do not gamble on the outcome &/or the delay from another lawyer. I will always call Sam for any legal questions I have as a physician. Nina S, M.D. Canada

– anonymous ★★★★★

An Excellent, Honest and Sincere Attorney.

I contacted Sam via email for help with a licensing matter for a friend. He called me within 45 minutes of me sending that email, and left a voicemail message with a follow up email. I called him back and he immediately took my call. After just a few minutes of speaking with him there was no doubt in my mind that this attorney is very knowledgeable, but even more importantly, very sincere in his desire to help people in need of assistance in these matters, even if they are not a client. The amount of time he spent on the phone with me, a non-client I would have never expected. Most attorneys would charge for that amount of time, but not Sam. This truely shows his desire to help people because it is the right thing to do, regardless of whether they become a client or not. He is truely a sincere advocate for his clients. If you need assistance in an Administrative Law issue, look no further, Sam is the attorney for you.

– Barbara ★★★★★

A good friend

I have known Sam for several years . He was very helpful when I had my own business. I have known Sam you be loyal and trustworthy

– Wayne R Amaral ★★★★★

Nurses Facing Actions Against Their License

A genuine client advocate. Always gave me sound advise even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. An expert in handling BRN matters. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with the BRN.

– Marion ★★★★★

Wonderful attorney!

Sam was very diligent, persistant, and responsive. He got me a full withdrawal of all charges and I was very happy with his services. I would highly recommend using Sam to anyone.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Great lawyer!

Sam Spital is devoted to the legal profession and you can be sure he will treat you fairly and provide objective advice with passion. He puts his clients first, and even when you are not a client he is there to help. In my case, I called him for legal advice, he spent a great deal of time, but I chose another lawyer to save money.
> Later, when there was a problem with the advice I received from the Other lawyer, Sam still spent time talking to me and offering many alternatives, none of which meant he would receive an attorney’s fee. Can you imagine talking to a lawyer after you did not hire him and he still provided free advice?
> I recommend you call Sam if you cannot afford to gamble on the outcome.

– Daniel ★★★★★

Sam Spital–The perfect lawyer in my opinion!

I had a difficult case that nobody wanted to take. It took many months of searching until I found Mr. Spital.

Although it took a long time to settle, he was there for me at every step. Without him there would have been no resolution.

– Silvia Shepard Associate Editor “Mature Life Features” ★★★★★

A class act and a 5-star attorney.

When I received a complaint from the CSLB regarding a licensing issue I was shocked and began looking for a competent experienced no BS attorney who could help me.

After interviewing 2 other attorneys, I called Sam Spital. Based on Sams positive attitude and years of experience being a DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL for the California Department of Justice. I knew he was the right man for the job.

I would highly recommend Sam Spital to anyone with a legal problem.

Thanks Sam!

– Greg ★★★★★

Sam is more like a friend to me than a lawyer

Sam Spital has always payed attention to detail. Aside from his high rating he has never missed replying to any of my emails in an incredibly timely fashion. It’s like he never takes a vacation. I could not recommend anyone more highly should you have the need for his services.

– Ron ★★★★★


I needed an attorney and went to Sam, expecting to be called back at a later date. To my surprise and delight, I was able to have questions answered and take notes as we spoke. This also happened to be on a Friday evening at approximately 7:30 PM. I found Sam to be a person of integrity, who handled my request in a very professional manner, showing his genuine concern for my needs. If you want superb advice from a lawyer with proven success, call Sam.

– Barbra ★★★★★

Administrative Law – Nursing

I contacted Sam Spital because he practices administrative law in San Diego and I needed information. Mr. Spital was gracious with his time, and consulted with me as a professional courtesy. He was knowledgeable and well versed in the area and provided invaluable time and assistance.

– Rebecca ★★★★★

An amazing outcome!

While holding a position as an RN Case Manager and nationally certified wound care nurse I made one error that nearly cost me my 33 year career. I had been fighting the Accusation without legal counsel for one year and was quickly losing ground with the BRN. I saw the writing on the wall and called Sam to help me surrender my license.

Sam immediately gave me hope and energy to continue the fight. He and his Associate Elizabeth Brady saved my license and I am working without restrictions of any kind in a position of higher responsibility than before the Accusation. Sam focused on offense while also presenting a powerful legal defense. He put in place the right team of distinguished specialists, highly regarded forensic experts, and key witnesses in order to make a powerful presentation. The results were spectacular and there was no actual trial or hearing. He clearly is an experienced, energetic and highly talented lawyer.

Living hundreds of miles was not a concern and I had the sense that Sam was right here in town. He answered my calls 24/7 and with a compassion that was amazing. He truly cared about me personally and is an amazing lawyer and person.

– Carol ★★★★★

very accessable and understanding

When you feel your life is coming to an end, you need help and you need someone who can help….its SAM! He is always accessable 7 days a week, always gets back to you quickly and helps you feel like you aren’t alone. He helped fight too keep my license and kept me well informed throughout the process!

– amber ★★★★★

THANK U SAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got received an investigation letter from the State Board, I was really worried. I browsed the internet for the best lawyer /counsel to help me deal with the State, and found Mr. Sam Spital… I remember it was Sunday early morning 8am that I called him. I was amazed he personally picked up my call. From then on Sam was always there to help me deal with my biggest fear and stressor (professional State license investigation ).

Sam is very reliable, genuine, trustworthy and a perfectionist in his work. He treated me like a friend. I feel so blessed that I had the chance to work with him. All I can say is to “trust Sam with all your heart, follow all of his instructions and for sure you will have the optimum best results.”

Thank you Sam. Words cannot express how I feel so fortunate to have had you on my side during those days when I initially felt I should just give up. You are the best and truly remarkable man. “ 2 thumbs up Sam.” Thank you for everything! Now I can sleep better and know my license is not in jeopardy because finally my case was closed with no further action from the State licensing Board. You are truly heaven sent, SAM . ????

– ms.victory ,LVN ★★★★★

Atty Samuel Spital , a Lawyer that can make a difference in your life, someone you can trust

With my previous bad representation I had with another Lawyer, I find it hard for me to decide which of the Lawyers that I had called and talked to, is the right one, but with Atty Samuel Spital, I had a gut feeling that “HE” is the right Lawyer for my case. He is very professional, honest, caring , considerate and a lot more qualities that any clients would like their Lawyer to possess. He always find time from his busy schedule to answer your calls and talk to you. He makes you feel comfortable, secured and a part of the team while trying to work and plan for the best legal representation for your case. He does not waste any time.

Atty Samuel Spital went beyond his call of duty for my case and had given me the “BEST LEGAL REPRESENTATION SERVICE” that no money can buy. He made a difference in my life and with the experience I had with him as my Lawyer , I honestly believe that he will make a difference on the life of any clients he will have!

– Nan ★★★★★

A friend in need…

My wife called Sam Spital during a time of great legal stress. She couldn’t speak, asking that I explain our need to Sam. He spoke with us by phone for a very long time, first with me, then with kindness and genuine concern with my wife.

Sam determined that our case would best be served by another attorney, because of legal details, and recommended several for us. Nonetheless, he continued to help us in many ways. Even after my wife did select another attorney, as Sam recommended, he called several times to ask about our welfare. He has encouraged us to keep him up on the progress of our case.

Sam’s caring and knowledgeable help to my wife and I has been absolutely beyond belief. Thank you, Sam.

– Jerry ★★★★★

Sam Spital provided me with priceless, honest advice

Sam Spital provided me with priceless, honest advice. Mr. Spital personally answered the phone with every call. If you are looking for the best to represent you, look no further because you found the right attorney in Sam Spital.

– Susan ★★★★★

Sam Spital…Simply THE BEST!

Spital and Associates handled my case in which I was being threatened for breach of contract, negligence and collusion to cause harm to a business from a prior employer. Sam Spital and his Associate, Elizabeth literally dissected the plaintiffs case and proved, point by point, how their pending lawsuit would have been frivolous, held no merit and could possibly have been grounds for the plaintiff’s attorney to be reprimanded and possibly disbarred. Needless to say, nothing ever transpired from my prior employer and I never heard from their so called “lawyer” again. Sam is easy to speak to and always available and I recommend his service

– David    

Kudos to Sam Spital

We are a national low voltage electrical contractor licensed in California, with our corporate office in Washington State. We found ourselves before the CSLB in violation of certain Professional Codes. After comprehensive research we hired Sam Spital to represent our company.

Sam brought to the table extensive knowledge and skills in criminal law as well as administrative law. He obtained an unprecedented result “withdrawal of all accusations” filed by the CSLB.

We never had the pleasure of meeting Sam in person. Our entire case was handled by telephone and e-mail correspondence from Washington. We had to develop a trust relationship from the beginning. This trust was well placed.

Sam provided across the board legal consultation timely and effectively. Due to Sam’s efforts our business in California was never disrupted.


President, CEO

Secretary, CFO

License Compliance Department

– anonymous ★★★★★

Sam Spital and Associates – Competent , Passionate and Personable

I was very fortunate to have found Sam Spital and Associates. I worked closely with both Sam and his associate, Elizabeth Brady, for over 1 year in order to successfully resolve a licensing issue with the California Board of Pharmacy. I am impressed with their total dedication, perseverance, competence and passion. Sam and Elizabeth were always available, including evenings and weekends.
I highly recommend Sam Spital and Associates! You will definitely be in good hands.

– Jerry ★★★★★

Client Review

It is important to emphasize how poor the quality of our life would be if my husband and I had not retained Samuel Spital and Associates. In this case, which was a litigation matter, Sam was successful in presenting a compelling and powerful defense. Due to the strategy used by Sam, the case resulted in a pay out of 30 cents on the dollar. He was persistent and knew that we were in a strapped financial position, which meant that literally, every penny counted. Essentially, the fees we paid to Sam came directly from the dollars he saved us (and then some.) There is no doubt that we would have paid double or triple the cost had we retained any other attorney(s). This was also a very stressful matter for us and Sam handled it with the compassion and true understanding that we needed. To say that we are very, very pleased with the outcome of our case is an understatement. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that we would hire Sam again and refer him to our friends and colleagues.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Attorney for state licensing issue

I was desperate to find an excellent attorney to assist me with a CA Board licensing issue. I was contacted by an investigator and did not know which way to turn, what do do, or how to do it. I contacted several attorneys, but when I contacted Sam, I knew I had the right person to help me.

Sam was always available, as was Elizabeth who worked on my case personally. They gave me sound advice that I never would have known on my own. Sam and Elizabeth stayed in touch with me almost daily, helping me to stay focused and positive.

To make the long story short, the board has dropped the investigation, and my license is no longer in jeopardy, due to the advice and direction I was given by Sam and Elizabeth. I would recommend Sam to anyone that has a professional license issue. He knows his stuff!

– Jennifer ★★★★★

For those who are serious about getting a second chance, Sam is your answer!

I am one of many, many people who have survived a licensure issue with one of the boards of California because of Sam Spital & Associates’ amazing ability to provide a defense beyond what you expect. In fact, I am one of the very fortunate clients to have my case completely withdrawn (mine was with the Board of Pharmacy) due to Sam’s incredible work! The experience behind his firm is unmatched. As everyone else has mentioned, you can contact him almost any time of the day, any day of the week and you will get your response right away. The litigation brief that was prepared on my behalf was so unbelievable that I felt like I had a second chance already. Seriously, for those considering hiring a cheaper lawyer should reconsider because hiring Sam Spital is like getting insurance for your future and essentially your life. I would guarantee that Sam Spital would give you the very best outcome out of any possible situation. I am just one of many examples of his awesome work! The investment is worth every penny, hands down!

– David ★★★★★

Sam’s the MAN!!!

I recently needed some help obtaining my Chiropractic license in California. I hired Sam Spital because he understood where I wanted to be and better yet, he had a plan of how to get there. Sam and his team quickly worked with me and the state board, in just a couple short months, has just accepted my application and I can now take the state Jurisprudence test and become licensed. Sam has done an amazing job, personally taking my phone calls and keeping me with up-to-date information. Sam Spital is the man, hire him! Thanks for everything Sam, my mom and I really appreciate all your work.

– Eric ★★★★★

Outstanding service

Sam handled my case with Board of Registered Nurses very professionally. He is a true fighter. The case was closed without merit. I would highly recommend him to not only nurses but anyone who is seeking legal assistance. He is honest and will keep you informed every step of the way. He is truly an expert in his field

– linda ★★★★★

thank you for all of your help through hard times

Mr. Spital, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for these troubled times.

I have never been in any type of trouble let alone an issue with BRN! Thank you for your guidance

and your encouragement with hope, meaning, and perseverance. Though what ever happens with my

license I at least know I have the best team of LAWYERS to help me save it, and in all honesty

this has brought a positive impact on my life experience.

– Jerry ★★★★★

Simply The Best

The State Board of Registered Nursing opened a formal investigation regarding my license. Sam represented me throughout the Administrative Law case, obtaining proven results by having any allegations “withdrawn” so there is no public record of any disciplinary action. The investigation has now been closed. Thank you Sam for making something impossible possible. Your assistance was priceless!

– Lisa ★★★★★

Sam sets the bar. Sam’s nothing short of a miracle!

Sam Spital’s acumen with the administrative court system in California is priceless. Before ever meeting with Sam, I was impressed with his background as a former Attorney General and now defense council in an area specific to my needs. His extraordinary experience and exceptional skills separate him from virtually any other lawyer in his specialty. Sam lives and breaths the protocols involved with professional licensure boards as well as the California Courts. I can’t convey enough gratitude to Sam for accelerating my licensure and keeping my case from having to go through the arduous, formal hearing process. At the same time, I knew that if I did require a hearing, I had the most assertive and knowledgeable lawyer as my ally. Sam saved me many months of headache, lost wages, and other fees. Without Sam, I would not have been able to create the mitigation package that compelled the board to issue my license. In fact, Sam helped me achieve more than I had originally expected. This is Sam’s specialty: nipping it at the bud by directly addressing the board’s issues and keeping things out of court for a fast settlement.

Sam, made a stressful process more relaxed, giving me a tremendous amount of confidence that we would achieve our outcome. He knew exactly how to address the board’s concerns with maximum efficiency. Together, he and I mapped out a plan of action. He executed flawlessly on his end while keeping me in good spirits and on task on mine. We were a true team. Through it all, Sam communicated thoroughly and compassionately. Truly caring about his clients, he made himself available according to my busy schedule. Sam always returned my calls and emails with surprisingly fast turn-around, including late evenings. I always dealt with Sam directly, no messing around with secretaries and assistants. As personal as his support and services are, Sam is a 21st Century professional who effectively uses technology to operate remotely; we were at opposite ends of the State.

In sum, Sam’s nothing short of a miracle worker who more than earns his fee. I couldn’t be happier with our results. He’s my go-to-guy for all things legal from here on out. Sam Spital receives my highest recommendation. Thank you, Sam!

– Ms. Nguyen, D.D.S ★★★★★

Sam’s Administrative Law Advice and Representation Was Priceless!

I found Sam Spital on the internet. I phone interviewed three attorneys, their fees were comprable and they all seemed qualified to handle my case. After speaking with Sam, I felt he would be the strongest fighter for me and really cared about the outcome I wanted. Sam handled my Real Estate Broker license administrative complaint amazingly well.

We had some trust account issues and operational issues during an audit and the DRE wanted to revoke my Broker license forever. Sam took the case, worked with me to prepare my case and then presented it to the DRE attorney. Sam saved my license and minimized the disiplinary fines and actions that DRE placed on me. In two years I am back to full Broker status again and my company continues to operate.

Sam was quick to respond, personally answered almost every call I made to him. Kept me informed through each step of the process. Cared about my results and became a good friend over the phone, through email and fax. He is in San Diego and my case was in Los Angeles, but the distance made no difference for the case. We did it all by email, fed ex, fax, and phone.

His Administrative Law advice and representation was priceless!! I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with a State Board License issue or administrative hearing.

Thanks Sam!!

– Ben, San Bernardino ★★★★★

From the moment he opens his mouth…..

You can tell that Sam is truly in it for the love of helping people. At 10 PM one night, after many frustrating days of my own research on my legal matter and just feeling a little overwhelmed, I ran a search for a 24 hour real estate attorney helpline. Sam’s site was the first one I saw. I dialed the number, not exactly sure what to expect on the other end of the line. After a few minutes of confusing the poor guy rambling on about my problem, he almost intuitively began telling me exactly what I needed to do. As corny as it sounds, it was like he knew exactly what I was going through at the time and I hung up the phone with not only a sense of relief but also a feeling of excitement and renewed vigor for pursuing my legal matter. I now have his number saved in my phone and fully intend on passing it along to everyone I know. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Sam.

– Kim ★★★★★

The very best!

Sam Spital picked up his phone, answered my questions honestly, very conscientious. There’s a reason there are so many have people have have given great reviews. I will always use Sam in the future. Great all the way around.
Thank you Sam.

– Andreas ★★★★★

A most excellent attorney!

Samuel E. Spital is the most competent and honorable attorney to ever make my acquaintance. He loves the law and is extremely generous with his legal knowledge. Most importantly, he has a genuine concern for the overall well being of his clients and will not participate in a legal action that he believes is not in their best interest. I have consulted with him three times now and each time he has talked me out of filing a lawsuit and then refused any compensation for his time. Considering legal action is a frightening thing and picking an attorney out of the phone book is a daunting task. Do yourself a favor and give Samuel E. Spital a call. Respectfully, William M. Rich

– William Rich ★★★★★

Best experience ever!

Trust me, if you want a lawyer that’s approchable and on top of your case, contact Samual Spital. I had such a pleasant experience with Samuel that I’m recommending his service to anyone who’s looking for an excellent law firm. Sam is very easy to talk to and a pleasure to work with. He is someone who communicates well with clients, and does a good job representing the clients. Answered ALL my questions with expertise and fast! When it comes to lawyers, I always had bad luck, until I found this Samuel Spital
Contact him and avoid the headache!
SAN DIEGO , CALIF. 92108-1642
619.583.0350 FAX 619.583.1850   [email protected]

– Denise ★★★★★


Four years ago I ran into some trouble with the law and received a DUI. Not sure what to do, I found a lawyer to help me. I selected SAM SPITAL since I remembered his name from living in San Diego before. I called his number on a Sunday afternoon and got a call back that same day. I didn’t think lawyers worked on the weekend, but lucky for me Sam did. He took the time to listen and give advice on my case. He also wanted to help me “help myself,” so not to repeat the same thing over! Sam connected me with the right people and I got back on the right path. He guided me though the criminal process and answered all my questions. I am doing much better today and making better choices. Thanks for your help Sam.” T. Towey.

– Terry ★★★★★

I highly RECOMMEND Sam Spital

Sam Spital helped our son favorably settle a dispute with a California University. He was extremely professional and conscientious. He and his team worked to achieve a positive outcome via settlement rather than in the courts. We would not hesitate to use his expertise should the need ever occur in the future.

– anonymous ★★★★★

You Need This Lawyer! Without Sam Spital, you may not do as well with your case! You have a chance to turn your case around!

1. Sam Spital was easy to find on the internet and was also easy to contact.
2. Sam Spital’s return call was almost immediate and it was handled by him personally, not a law clerk or associate!
3. Sam Spital listened to what I had to say. He offered his support and assured me that he could help me with my case.4. Sam Spital sent the necessary paperwork for me to retain his law firm, immediately; I did not have to wait. My case was not reviewed by a law clerk before being turned over to the lawyer. At this law firm, I got to speak to the head lawyer right from the start! Sam Spital began working on my case from the very first time I called him. I received daily emails and updates and was always kept in the loop. I never felt like I had to chase anyone down to find out about my case. 5.If I needed something explained to me, it was done to my understanding and satisfaction. All deadlines were met on time for papers to be filed. 6. I was given a discount after Sam won!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Recommend Sam

I used Sam for my legal matter, and he took care of the issue quickly, professionally, and to exceeded my expectations!

– anonymous ★★★★★


Sam was very responsive so if you are used to working with Lawyers who do not return calls you will find Sam a breath of fresh air. Sam is very honest and open with you,and he made us feel like our case was his most important case.

We would most definitely recommend Sam for anyone with legal issues.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Highly recommend Sam!

Sam was very helpful in my case and exceeded my expectations! I would definetly recommend Sam to anyone!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Excellent service

Sam was very quick to respond to my legal issues and made me feel more confident. He was very well prepared to defend me. I would highly recommend.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Effective, efficient and timely legal service!

When I learned that I had been the victim of identity theft, and consequently was facing potential harassment charges, I turned to Sam Spital and Associates for legal advice. Mr. Spital moved quickly to diffuse the situation. Within 24 hours of retaining his legal services, Mr. Spital sent a preemptive letter to the other party, which successfully dissuaded them from seeking any legal action against me. Thank you, Mr. Spital.

– anonymous ★★★★★

School issues

Sam helped me get my transcript and school record cleared so that my former misdeeds do not follow me for the rest of my academic career. He was professional and prompt. An overall awesome guy.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Sam is great!

Sam is helpful, knowledgable, and completely dedicated to his clients. He goes above and beyond the call of duty!! I would highly recommend him!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Hard-working, Honest and Incredible Lawyer

I knew from the moment I spoke with Mr. Spital he would be the right attorney for me. Sam is extremely knowledgable and constantly kept me informed with information pertaining to my case. His superior work ethic and honesty allowed me to have complete faith in him. I very much appreciated all the time and effort he put in to winning my case.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Thank you so much. You were such an asset to my case.

I couldn’t believe that you actually answered my phone call at 2 in the morning. You took my case with such confidence and assured me the entire way what my rights were and the choices we had. I wasn’t an easy client, I called you often with lots of questions, and my case was complicated. Yet, you were professional, supportive, and advocated for me all along. Your experience and knowledge definately helped me achieve the results I needed; and, now I am able to move forward in my life. Thank you so much!!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

a lawyer who actually works for his clients!

Mr. Spital actually works for his clients, as opposed to other lawyers. Mr. Spital was punctual and kept me informed along the way. He worked hard for me and settled my case in a timely manner. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but in the event that I do, I would call upon Sam Spital and always recommend him to family and friends in the need of a great lawyer!!!

– anonymous ★★★★★

Excellent Administrative Hearing Attorney

Long story short….I still have my professional license today thanks to Sam Spital. Sam and his associate Elizabeth fought aggressively and passionately to keep my license from being revoked and were successful, despite what seemed to me a hopeless case. Sam also lived up to his title – counselor- providing me not only with legal counsel, but also with professional and personal counsel that made him stand apart from other attorneys I have dealt with in the past. His devotion to my cause was exemplary.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Honest Lawyer

I was overwhelmed with a $300,000 lawsuit over real estate property. In search of a reliable lawyer, a friend recommended Sam Spital and Associates. Once I expressed my concerns to Sam, I was confident I would receive proper legal advice and representation. Throughout the process, Sam demonstrated exceptional legal expertise ensuring all my questions were answered in a timely manner. Sam’s personal attention, coupled with his dynamic personality, had a profound impact on the outcome of the estate litigation. The case was settled, I had to pay nothing to the other side, with a reasonable attorney’s fee as well. Sam Spital has my highest recommendation as a trustworthy lawyer.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Client Review

“Sam is a wonderful lawyer and person. He works hard to give you his very best, and my
husband and I depended on him greatly when we had an extremely difficult business
situation to resolve last year. I honestly do not think we would have been successful in
our outcome without him.

Be prepared for Sam to tell it to you like it is. If you like that (and we certainly
did), and if you want someone who knows what he is talking about, this is the lawyer for
you. Joan Pastor Thompson, PhD, Licensed Psychologist PSY 21808, and John Thompson, MBA.”

– anonymous ★★★★★

San Diego’s Authentic Numero Uno Attorney !

I was rear-ended by a delivery van driver while sitting at a stop light and hurt my right knee on the gearshift column. I knew it was bad, but not how bad at the time. I knew I needed some professional legal advice to see what my options were.
For some reason my memory took me back to the late 70’s/early 80’s of a commercial that use to play on TV about the Law Offices of Sam Spital. I did a quick “Yahoo” search on the Internet and found he had a nice web page. Without hesitation I gave his office a call that night. He returned my call promptly, and right away I felt I was in good hands.
His first and foremost concern was my injuries. Everyone he referred me to from the excellent orthopedic surgeon who performed two surgeries, on down to the rehab therapists who helped strengthen the knee back up, were GREAT people to get to know.
Sam Spital was able to take a negative occurrence and turned it into a positive experience for me. Through it all, Sam Spital became a friend of mine and family. He even went WAY above and beyond by helping me land a good job when I was recovered and ready to return to work. Now that’s a unique attorney! If you need an experience qualified attorney, I totally recommend Mr. Sam Spital. He’s been doing this for a long time, and it’s very apparent in the end result.

– Bruce Merrill ★★★★★

Best Lawyer in Town

I can not put into words how comfortable I was, while working with Sam. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects of law. He was able to
answer all my questions with a very fast turn around time. Sam always made himself available to me anytime I had questions and made sure I was informed of all issues during the entire process. Simply put, Sam is an excellent Lawyer.
If you are looking for a caring, honest, or professional lawyer, I would
recommend SAMUEL SPITAL to anybody.

– anonymous ★★★★★


Sam sat down with me in an initial consultation and worked through and solved a number of technical issues that I couldn’t have done without him. Also, he helped me think about the legal aspects of what I needed to do and consider before filing a lawsuit against a very large company for stalking and harrassment.
Because of how close I was to the situation, without his guidance through the information and without his thoughts on what to expect from a legal perspective, I wouldn’t have been able to effectively do this kind of assessment on my own.
From my experience, he is trustworthy and honest. But above all, he provided insight and experience where most lawyers would not have been as up front.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Trustworthy Lawyer

From the first day that I contacted Sam, I found a professional and articulate communicator who delivered exceptional results. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and made himself available anytime for my phone calls. His expertise and negotiating ability delivered the desired result without the need for lengthy litigation. He is a true expert and assisted me through some very difficult career issues. I plan on using Sam’s services in the future should the need arise. I highly recommend him to all prospectice clients. Simply put, I found a SAMUEL SPITAL to be a man at the zenith of his professional skills and pinnacle of personal achievement sharing it all with others.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Bring a BIG GUN to the game…

Spital & Associates has performed flawlessly. Sam and his entire team put forth the type of effort I wanted but never expected to get.
I am on the opposite coast and to have this quality of representation
with only phone and e-mail communication is a grace filled surprise.
Whenever I require legal assistance in this region I will always go to
Sam and his team. They have worked tirelessly, not only on my primary
goal, but on an ancillary issue that arose as part of discovery.
I will not hesitate to recommend Spital & Associates and let prospective clients know that their issue will receive the highest priority and will not be left until they request action, as has happened in so many other business dealings.
Sam has always kept me informed and I continue to be impressed with
his professionalism and knowledge.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Outstanding Lawyer

Sam is an excellent lawyer. He has the ability to listen and be diplomatic, and he has the ability to be aggressive and really go to bat for you, and both are critical. My husband and I also found Sam to be very responsive, to be extremely knowledgeable, to be honest when he was not sure about certain information (equally important- we find a lot of lawyers give wrong and bad advice), and to be very caring. You also have to be willing to have a straightshooter- he will tell you like it is. My husband and I only wish that we had found Sam much much sooner.

– anonymous ★★★★★

Highly recommended

I can’t say enough good things about Sam. He was very knowledgeable in terms of the legal aspects of my case. In addition, and very important for me, he was so supportive and I truly felt I had a very talented lawyer “in my corner”. Any questions I had seemed to be answered immediately and fully. I had never had to work with a lawyer before, and was quite intimidated. Sam was the one who personally answered my first email and I felt a huge sigh of relief after the first phone conversation. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who is in need of a caring lawyer.

– anonymous ★★★★★