“A Law Firm That Cares!” Since 1978

Although the government may have unlimited financial resources to prosecute their cases, and outnumber us in lawyers and staff, we are not outsmarted. Founded in 1978, Spital & Associates serves individual clients as well as small and large businesses. Depending upon the area of law, the firm utilizes a team approach with its associates so their collective knowledge, experience and resources are combined to obtain a favorable result. We are not satisfied with doing a mediocre job. OK is not good enough. We examine all of the various remedies and discuss these with our clients so they know the alternatives, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration in order to obtain a desired result. In many cases, this can save the expensive, inconvenience and time of litigation, hearings and trial.

Sam Spital is the Managing Attorney with over 39 years of experience representing clients residing throughout the U.S. and Canada with cases in California. We are relentless, pay attention to details, and work as long and as hard as necessary to obtain a winning result. Our clients on a continual basis state the depth of our knowledge, skills and experience in all aspects of the major practice areas is unequaled. They often describe us as their “hero.” Open and regular communications are key for a superior attorney-client relationship. Emails and telephone calls are answered promptly so each client knows the progress of his/her case and to receive our legal advice and guidance.

Contact us or Call 619.583.0350 from 8:30am to 8:30pm, seven days a week to obtain a free initial consultation with our Managing Attorney, not a paralegal, not a secretary, and not a legal assistant. If you or a friend or relative has a legal question, call or send us an email now!

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