Since 1971, a former Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice State of California, Sam Spital prosecuted cases in all State and Federal Courts through the California Supreme Court as well as the US Supreme Court. Since 1978, he has handled the defense of violent crime cases throughout San Diego County.

If you need a Homicide, Manslaughter or Violent Crime Defense Lawyer, call Spital & Associates. The prosecuting attorney often will file more serious charges when a violent act or threat was committed. As your San Diego violent crimes defense attorneys, we believe the best defense often includes proving there are special circumstances surrounding the crime, seeking mitigation and attaining reduced jail time or sentencing alternatives to jail, including Anger Management Classes or Domestic Violence Counseling. For top-quality criminal defense from a skilled and effective defense lawyer, choose one of our former Deputy Attorneys General for defense against the following violent crime charges:

Consequences of a Violent Crime Conviction

  • County jail or state prison incarceration
  • A permanent criminal record
  • Significant fines
  • Probation or Parole
  • Mandatory anger management courses
  • Losing your right to own a deadly weapon
  • Unable to obtain and/or difficulty with employment
  • Lifetime revocation of your California Driver’s License
  • Being subject to denial of a State Board license or having your professional license suspended or revoked (see – Professional Licensing)

Defending Against Violent Crimes

Rape, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Armed Robbery, Murder, Homicide, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder, and Murder-for-Hire can result in a sentence to life in prison or the death penalty.

Clearly, the police, sheriff’s department and other law enforcement agencies perform intensive and thorough investigations in serious criminal cases. You want a violent crimes lawyer in San Diego, CA with the experience and the resources to handle serious felony and violent crime cases. Our associate has not only obtained a defense verdict on a murder charge, but is relentless in his desire to win your case. At Spital & Associates, we are passionate about protecting our client’s constitutional rights. We have a former Special Agent from the FBI and other private investigators to conduct a comprehensive and methodical investigation of the facts and witnesses. Moreover, we use the “war room” process to study all of the evidence to present a powerful defense.

Our job is to defend you against powerful, organized and well-funded law enforcement and prosecution. If you or a friend is charged with robbery, rape, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, aggravated assault, homicide, manslaughter, capital murder, or any other violent crime, as your San Diego Violent crimes defense lawyer and because we have far-reaching experience defending individuals of a variety of criminal cases, we are able to discover the evidence the prosecution has, identify the defenses that are available and provide you with the options and alternatives.

In summary, you have the right not to talk to law enforcement. We want you to talk to us FIRST.

If you believe criminal charges may be brought against you for robbery, rape, homicide, murder, manslaughter, capital murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon or another violent crime, call 619.583.0350 to obtain a free consultation from Sam Spital, Managing San Diego Violent Crimes Defense Attorney.

You should retain our offices to review and/or investigate ALL of the facts and circumstances, and help establish mitigating facts and a defense before a criminal complaint is filed. While we do not wish to use past performance to predict future results, we have had countless numbers of cases in which we were able to present substantial evidence to the police and/or dissuade the prosecution from filing criminal charges.

Law enforcement 101 is designed to teach police officers and deputy sheriffs to catch someone off guard. Being inexperienced in police techniques and often told misleading information to gain evidence, you are unsuspecting when approached and interrogated by law enforcement. Most admissions and confessions occur because the police label the defendant as a “person of interest” so they do not have to give the Miranda warning. Our San Diego violent crimes defense lawyers are able to establish whether the defendant was indeed a “suspect” and whether the defendant received a warning not to make any statements without counsel. Since law enforcement is good at getting people to talk, before you say or do anything, call Spital & Associates for a free consultation. Let us contact the police and be your advocate. Everything you say to us is confidential.

Remember, you are deemed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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