1. Self-defense: This is a homicide that is committed during a situation in which one is justified to use force in the face of perceived serious injury to another or oneself and/or a life threatening injury.
  2. Insanity or incapacity: When one lacks the capacity due to a mental health condition to form the intent to commit a homicide offense, a valid defense can be asserted.
  3. Legal defenses: Even though there are legal defenses to a homicide, the crime should be taken very seriously, and you or someone you know who is being investigated or charged with this type of crime should obtain the assistance of experienced legal counsel. One of our associates has weathered the storm and even has a winning record in a murder case (although an attorney cannot use past performance to predict future results). There are numerous areas in the prosecution and defense case that call upon the experience of a seasoned San Diego murder defense attorney, whether (a) it be in the procedures at the crime scene, (b) the collection and chain of custody of forensic evidence, (c) the use of skilled investigators, (d) the conduct of pre-trial proceedings, (e) the preliminary hearing, (f) legal motions to attack the use of evidence, (g) the trial and all of the motions incident to an effective defense, (h) the sentencing and (i) the complex appeal process.