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A former Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice State of California, Sam Spital prosecuted cases in all State and Federal Courts through the California Supreme Court as well as the US Supreme Court. Since 1978, he has handled the defense of DUI cases throughout San Diego County.

Consequences of DUI Charges

If you, a family member or loved one is accused of driving under the influence, or if you have been charged with a  DUI or DWI, the consequences of a conviction are severe and can include:

  • Large fines;
  • Terms and Conditions to Sentence;
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation;
  • County Jail time or Prison;
  • Higher vehicle insurance premiums to a point where they may not be affordable.
  • The denial of an application for or revocation of an existing professional license. (see Practice Area entitled Professional Licensing)

If you are found guilty of drunk driving, DUI or DWI, you will have a DUI conviction on your FBI and California Department of Justice criminal record. The penalties become even more severe if you are a repeat offender &/or if anyone was injured. In January, 2009, the California Legislature lowered the threshold blood alcohol level (BAC) for drivers who have previously been convicted of a DUI. If you are on probation for driving under the influence, DUI or DWI, the Superior Court now can make a ruling you are a “repeat offender” if there is ANY MEASURABLE ALCOHOL on your breath (this is in sharp contrast to the normal .08 percent BAC that is needed to establish intoxication). Hence, you should email or call Spital & Associates to discuss your case. The initial conference is free.

Hiring a DUI Attorney

There are attorneys that handle a huge number of driving under the influence cases on a daily basis, leaving them little time and desire to mount an effective and powerful defense for each client and, leaving little opportunity for you to obtain personal service from a successful San Diego drunk driving defense lawyer who instead spends the necessary time to fully strategize all of the facts and law to fight for your rights.

At Spital & Associates, our San Diego DUI defense attorneys have  practiced Criminal Law for 35-40 plus years, and have the specialized DUI knowledge, long history of interaction with San Diego judges and prosecutors, critical driving under the influence experience and requisite skills and ability defending DUI clients and, therefore, your chances of accomplishing the results you desire are simply better.

Don’t gamble on the result and later ask yourself, “Is that the best result I could have achieved for my driving under the influence case” or  “I did not receive a winning solution.” By selecting the team of San Diego DUI Defense Attorneys at Spital & Associates, you get a DUI lawyer who will fight for you as if yours is his only case, paying a reasonable fee so the necessary work can be performed. You do not want a mediocre lawyer or one who will cut corners because of a cut-rate fee. Instead, we discount our prices to those in the military, students and to seniors; and, we take into consideration your financial situation if you share that information during our initial conference.

We Are Aggressive and Fight to Win

Our DUI attorneys love to level the playing field, to protect and assert the rights of our clients. We handle these cases because your constitutional rights really matter. If a law enforcement officer does not perform his duty appropriately, or you were wrongfully charged with a DUI, you deserve to obtain justice. We are strong criminal defense attorneys who fight to win.

Proven Results

While our past successes cannot guarantee future results, they are examples of both the strong defense and offense effort we bring on your behalf.For example, reducing a second or even a third DUI to “wet reckless driving” with no jail time. Also, dismissing a prior DUI so that our client was charged as a first-time, not second-time offender.

DUI cases are time sensitive. We will work as long and hard as necessary to fight to win. Call Spital & Associates at 619.583.0350 and speak with the Managing Attorney (no paralegal, no law clerk, no secretary). You can also send Sam Spital an e-mail now, so that he can help evaluate your situation.

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