Proven DUI Results

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  • C: 3rd DUI.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving and NO JAIL TIME.
  • H: DUI and Failure to Appear.
  • M: DUI and >.08 BAC.
  • M: 2nd DUI.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving and NO JAIL TIME.
  • B: DUI and Drug Possession.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving; Drug Possession DISMISSED.
  • R: DUI – Under Age 21: 1-Year License Suspension.
    • RESULT: DUI Criminal case DISMISSED. Driver’s License Saved and No License Suspension
  • C: DUI (.14) and Under Age 21.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving.
  • G: 2nd DUI.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving, NO JAIL TIME and Prior DUI DISMISSED.
  • R: DUI and Under Age 21: 1-Year License Suspension.
    • RESULT: DUI Case DISMISSED. Driver’s License Saved – No License Suspension
  • W: MIP (Minor in Possession of Alcohol).
    • RESULT: INFRACTION: Disturbing the Peace; Driver’s License Saved.
  • C: DUI + Failure to Appear.
    • RESULT: Criminal Offenses DISMISSED, No Fines.
  • W: DUI + drug charge.
    • RESULT: Wet Reckless Driving.
  • B: MIP + Jaywalking.
    • RESULT: INFRACTION: Disturbing the Peace; Driver’s License Saved; Jaywalking DISMISSED.
  • R: Drug Possession.
    • RESULT: INFRACTION – Disturbing the Peace.
  • H: Speed Contest + Over 100 Speeding ticket.
    • RESULT: $100 Fine; No License Suspension and Speed Contest DISMISSED.
  • H: 25 Years to Life. THIRD STRIKE OFFENDER w/ four current Additional FELONY charges.
    • RESULT: 5.5 YEARS (w/ good behavior).
  • P: Felony Burglary + Grand Theft.
  • K: Drug Transportation + Unauthorized Use of dealer Plates.
    • RESULT: INFRACTION – Disturbing the Peace.
  • P: Imitation Firearm in Airport on 9/11.
    • RESULT: Criminal Case DISMISSED.
  • V: Vandalism.
    • RESULT: Criminal offense DISMISSED.
  • S: Weapons Possession + Failure to Appear.
    • RESULT: Public Nuisance.
  • A: FOUR (4) Felony Probation Violations.
    • RESULT: NO JAIL. Probation Terminated.
  • C: Battery.
    • RESULT: Disturbing the Peace.
  • S: Felony Probation Violation.
    • RESULT: NO JAIL TIME. Probation Reinstated
  • T: Grand Theft.
    • RESULT: Petty Theft w/Reduction to Trespass After 18 Months.
  • B: DUI w/Probation.
    • RESULT: DUI EXPUNGED and Probation Terminated Two Years Early.

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