If your case is one of about 1-2 percent of all cases that are not settled and go to trial, you should retain an experienced and highly regarded attorney to represent you. In addition, if you choose a “jury trial” rather than a judge trial, it is critical that your lawyer selects jurors who are sympathetic to your defense.

Who are the most likely to be sympathetic jurors?

  1. Blue collar workers
  2. Those who have had traffic tickets and fought them
  3. Retired military personnel (non-commissioned)
  4. Middle-class to lower income individuals
  5. Those who love Country music
  6. Easygoing, sociable and happy individuals
  7. Those who drink beer or bourbon and who admit to drinking at least two drinks at a time (in one sitting)
  8. Those Individuals who seem under-dressed when they come to Court
  9. Those Individuals who are not judgmental
  10. Those who are not likely to be into physical fitness
  11. Those who do not have careers in the insurance, engineering, computer and medical professions


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