Is there DMV Review?

Yes, you can appeal an adverse DMV decision. Here is the process for you to be fully informed. At Spital & Associates,  we can send a letter to the DMV Offices in Sacramento if we are specifically retained for this appeal and you pay the filing fee. At that time, a DMV employee will review the file for any alleged error(s). Although it is possible the DMV will give your driver’s license back if it is determined that the hearing officer committed an error in suspending your license, this is often not the case and most lawyers regard this an ineffective and a waste of time. More importantly, you cannot drive while waiting for the decision as the law does not provide a “stay” of the DMV suspension during the Departmental Review. However, the advantage is that we can use the Departmental Review process to obtain an extension of time to file a Writ of Mandate in the San Diego Superior Court. We focus on Occupational licenses issued by the DMV. We do NOT handle “driver’s license” cases.

What is a Writ of Mandate?

This is the method you can appeal a DMV suspension, and if you prevail you will get your driver’s license reinstated. If it can be established that the DMV acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner, the Court has the discretion to order damages plus attorney’s fees.

The writ is a San Diego Superior Court Order requiring the DMV to reverse its Decision of suspension of a driver’s license. The full legal term is a “writ of mandamus” or “writ of administrative mandamus” when seeking an appeal in the Superior Court

Is there a “Stay?”

At Spital & Associates, we will seek a stay of the DMV decision as part of your appeal. This is a temporary hold or stop of the DMV order of suspension. The period of time will vary depending upon the court’s calendar as the judge needs an adequate period of time to review the DMV proceeding and to determine whether to issue a “writ of mandate.” Also, due process of law provides you should have an opportunity to prove your suspension was illegal and you should not be penalized during the time the judge needs to evaluate the evidence in the DMV case.

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