Manhunt On for Ex-Officer Accused of Police Vendetta


“The New York Times reported on February 8, 2013 that a former member of the armed forces and Navy reservist went on a rampage against police officers and their families, killing at least three individuals. The 33 year old suspect, who was identified as Christopher J. Dorner, was in 2008 fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. This murderous vendetta set off a search throughout many cities in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Torrance and San Diego. In the evening hours yesterday, however, the burned truck owned by the suspect was discovered in flames near Big Bear, a popular summer and ski resort about 100 miles from San Diego.

The story has been covered in nearly all of the daily print and electronic news. In addition, the article noted the former cop posted on Facebook what was described as a rambling 6000 word manifesto threatening more violence due to racism and corruption in the LAPD as he pledged to kill two dozen named police officers to retaliate for his dismissal allegedly as a result of filing a false report accusing a colleague of abuse. He further claimed he sought to clear his name before resorting to violence but was not successful as he struggled with severe depression from the sequence of events.

The sad reality is that these senseless murders could have been avoided. Dorner would likely have benefited from psychiatric care and treatment for his acknowledged depression and been able to control his anger and rage and/or utilize meaningful steps and tools in order to lead a productive life, given his background , knowledge and skills.”