Tierrasanta Teacher Had Gun on Campus: Police – Teacher removed from school and placed on administrative leave

Commentary by Attorney Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer:

“NBC Channel 7 digital news reported on February 12, 2013 that Ted Walker, a 41 year old teacher at Farb Middle School as well as a ten year employee of the San Diego Unified School District, faces felony charges of possession of a firearm and a knife with a locking blade on school grounds. Parents were surprised when they learned of the arrest after being notified by email, telephone and/or via the internet. An investigation is currently being conducted to determine how long Walker had been carrying a concealed weapon and whether he has a permit to do so. Other details were not revealed by law enforcement, including the motivation of the teacher and whether any others at the school carry any weapons for protection.

In recent months, there has been a redoubled awareness of the continued and escalating violence at schools; as a result the issue of administrators and teachers being able to obtain a concealed gun permit besides school police carrying a weapon has been reported throughout the country. On the one hand this will require adequate training of such individuals as well as establishing guidelines for storing of guns and/or weapons, while on the other hand legislators and pundits have opined gun-free zones make schools in general and the public in particular easy targets for those that are prone to crime and violence.”

–Sam Spital