Boy accused in transit sex assaults

“Published in the October 8, 2012 online edition of the UT San Diego, it was reported that a 15 year old juvenile was arrested and taken into custody for a series of sexual assaults on women who had boarded a local transit bus and later exited on their way to their destination. The suspect was charged with false imprisonment, indecent exposure and felony sexual assaults. At least one of the incidents took place around noon and apparently began September 28th. Just two days after Crime Stoppers published the facts of the most recent offense the boy was identified and arrested by Deputies from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

It is possible the District Attorney will charge the suspect as an adult. Nonetheless, psychological testing and counseling are critical to help this individual deal with his aberrant and unlawful behavior, as well as complete lack of respect for others. It is hoped the private attorney that is retained or the Public Defender’s Office will seek necessary and appropriate care and treatment because detention or incarceration alone is usually not an effective deterrent for sex crimes.”SAM SPITAL, CRIMINAL LAWYER