Agents seize $500,000 in drugs (Sam Spital)

“On September 13, 2012, the UT News printed an article about Border Patrol agents in several check points in both the counties of San Diego and Orange stopping vehicles and finding hidden in various parts of the automobiles a total of about a half-million dollars in street value of illegal drugs.As long as there are individuals that use drugs illegally, there will be those that profit from others’ misfortunes. The scourge in society continues to a level that seems worse every year. Some argue we should legalize certain drugs; others contend this would only lead to those that use drugs to eventually seek out and use more drugs to help them deal with their life issues. Unfortunately, people who abuse drugs become addicted and the result seems to inevitable lead to increased social problems, including suicides, serious crimes and accidents. The challenge for our education system and the press is to seek greater solutions and better intervention programs.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer