Confessed murderer sentenced to 80 years to life in prison (Samuel Spital)

“A former nurse pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in the slayings of (1) his estranged wife, who was a nurse and almost half his age, previously filed for divorce and kicked the defendant out of the condo they earlier had occupied, and (2) a male co-worker who was also a nurse, after seeing them together cuddling on a couch, as reported in the UT San Diego news on October 10, 2012. When the guilty plea was taken, the defendant agreed to an 80 year state prison sentence.

The news account did not report any defense statements or evidence, or a presentation regarding remorse in order for this writer to render an opinion regarding the sentence. However, the Deputy District Attorney stated the defendant “is believed to have watched the victims from a backyard area before ‘shooting his way in,’ which would likely be strong evidence to establish first-degree Murder since there appears to be premeditation and malice, being willful and deliberate. Also, it would ordinarily refute a claim the homicide occurred in the heat of passion or spur of the moment (second-degree homicide). It appears the plea deal avoided the necessity of a trial and benefited the prosecution while at the same time it circumvented a Murder One conviction, thereby an inducement to the defense.”

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