Coronavirus: School of Higher Learning

Currently, we have a Coronavirus Pandemic, but we can also turn a crisis into an opportunity; and, use some of our time as a SCHOOL OF HIGHER LEARNING.

If we have children, they can learn what they may never have in school. … for an hour a day, if not more. For adults, we can use some of our time to search for and reflect upon information as well on the following topics:

1) How we can focus on positive thoughts.

2) How to budget and economic principles of supply and demand.

3) Team work.

4) Employing a physical regimen.

5) Safety principles.

6) Health objectives.

7) Family values and religion.

8) Ethical and moral choices.

9) Time out, and finding inner peace.

10) Rules and laws.

11) Hearing and not just listening.

12) Our police and other First Responders.

13) Our military.

14) Our healthcare systems and their key members and participants.

15) Charity.

16) Positive differences between liberal and conservative values.

17) Searching through old photos.

18) Being a participant in a support group.

19) Reflecting on the meaning of love.

20) Having a deeper sense of compassion for family.

21) Engaging others through communications, offering comfort and companionship.

22) Discovering how to deal with life’s inconveniences.

23) Learning to achieve confidence and self control.

24) Democracy vs. socialism.

25) Needs vs. wants.


As much as children and adults know about these and other topics, we all need to be reminded of the beauty in life, the opportunities, the value of knowledge, and the choices we have and can make.

Most importantly, the goal is to find the SILVER LINING in the current “Coronavirus” Pandemic and world crisis…. spending special moments with our children, regardless of their age; our immediate and extended family; as well as past, current and new friends and associates. We can use this time to also be reminded to view Life truly as an adventure.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!” – Helen Keller