Del Mar plastic surgeon facing serious allegations from state medical board – Paul Chasan in middle of administration hearing (Sam Spital)


“On November 28, 2012, ABC 10 News posted online a report of a local physician facing charges by the Medical Board of California (MBC) in connection with an Accusation filed seeking to suspend or revoke his license to practice medicine. A very brief summary was refeerenced in the article. Hence, it would be more advantageous to view the actual allegations rather than summarize them. The link to the First Amended Accusation is:

In regard to any allegation the doctor had sex with patients, it was reported the Administrative Law Judge dismissed all of the allegations relating to sex. The physciain’s lawyer is quoted as saying: ‘Dr Chasan is an ethical, dedicated, highly-respected plastic surgeon who never has exploited his physician-patient relationships with patients and yesterday the judge hearing this matter dismissed all charges against him in this regard so such charges are not part of the hearing taking place now.’

Clearly, an Accusation contains allegations and should not be construed as valid, in full or in part, until all of the evidence is on record, findings of fact and conclusions of law are then compiled into a Proposed Decision by the Judge hearing the case. Thereafter, the MBC has the legal authority to accept, reject or modify the same and issue its own (final) Decision. Most importantly, an experienced State Professional License Defense Attorney has a plethora of strategies that can be presented to marginalize the charges and/or establish a compelling defense.”

–Sam Spital