Drug Bust Reveals Meth Now Being Disguised as Liquor (Sam Spital)


“ABC 20/20 News online reported on November 20, 2012, that officers of the CHP during what now has commonly become a routine drug stop on Highway 5 in Fresno County, seized 15 bottles of tequila worth about $500,000 that were filled with 56 pounds of liquid methamphetamine (Meth). The defendants were arrested on drug charges for drug trafficking and attempting to distribute drugs across state lines.

Meth use has exploded across America. Apparently a new trend of drug cartels in Mexico in distributing the drugs throughout the United States is to disguise them in a liquid form as they are transported from one region to another. Drug lords use Highway 5 as the corridor from Mexico to the United States and Canada for transporting illegal drugs and narcotics.

The most common ingredient that is used to manufacture Meth is Pseudoephedrine, which is sold in drug stores as cold medicine. Federal law limits the purchase to seven packages per month per customer or no more than nine grams. To get around these limits, meth users recruit and often team up with unsuspecting other individuals to purchase the maximum; this is called “smurfing,” which is named after TV, movie and comic small blue fictional creatures called Smurfs.  Oregon is the first state to require a prescription for cold medicine, thereby limiting the purchase of massive quantities of cough and cold medicine. The Pharmaceutical industry is seeking to establish a computer system to track these drug purchases to avoid the need for prescriptions and otherwise permit the legal use from being restricted.”