EX-BORDER PATROL UNION BOSS FIGHTS FRAUD CHARGES – Attorney files slew of motions attacking charges that he defrauded union for years (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Federal Fraud & San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Spital:

“The digital edition of UT San Diego, formerly known as San Diego Union Tribute, published on January 22, 2013 a story concerning T.J. Bonner who previously led the nation’s Border Patrol labor union for two decades and was charged with Wire Fraud and Conspiracy, although his lawyer is now contesting both the prosecution case and procedures used to obtain an indictment sought by the U.S. Attorney who is claiming the defendant defrauded the union out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The article revealed the Government’s attorney responded to the pretrial motions attacking search warrants served on Bonner by asserting the warrants were valid and the evidence seized from his home are admissible. On the other hand the reported noted that the defense lawyer is seeking to dismiss the charges that Bonner submitted false claims for travel, meals, professional sports game tickets and reimbursement for wages; the defense contends the expense claims are legitimate because they were directly related and incurred while the defendant was working on union business. This will be a highly contested matter given the union boss has held a public role in which he served as an aggressive advocate for union members and in doing so was a powerful critic of government policy.”

–Sam Spital