EXCLUSIVE: Crime Spree Suspect’s Family Speaks -Former firefighter Philip Hernandez, 40, went on a violent, three-day rampage across San Diego and was ultimately killed in a police shootout (Sam Spital)


“NBC 7 News reported in its November 5, 2012 online edition a former Riverside, California Fire Department officer of ten years who was age 40, went on a violent crime spree over a period of three days in San Diego with his newly married 18 year old wife in which there was an ‘execution style’ murder of an off-duty SDPD officer shot in the head at an ATM machine in Escondido. The police officer previously arrested Hernandez for having sex with a minor. In addition, there was another shooting, carjacking, robberies, and arson of several vehicles.

The former Chula Vista High School graduate had served in the US Army in Iraq was killed during a police shootout. The teenage accomplice said she and the former firefighter were married this summer when she was only 17 even though she alleged he raped her when she was 16. Other firefighters and family members were all in shock at what they claimed was totally uncharacteristic of him. The family believes Hernandez could not handle the sexual abuse charges and reacted with this aberrant behavior. The family and friends of the various victims, as well as that of the police officer who was killed, and the former firefighter and his teenage wife will be scarred forever as a result of such a horrific series of crimes. The teen suspect faces various charges including robbery, carjacking and making criminal threats, which carry up to 19 years in State Prison.”CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY SAM SPITAL