Is an Exceptional Attorney Essential?

Is there a distinction between essential and exceptional? How essential is it to choose the superb things we do and seek an outstanding result? Is an exceptional attorney essential? Perhaps, many individuals might have been content in utilizing a physician, dentist, accountant, and/or an attorney as long as they were not inferior.

However, is it any different in reading or watching the news, utilizing a barber or beautician, going out to dinner, or watching a movie? When the emphasis is on the desired result, it becomes essential to want a higher standard, receive value and choose exceptional as the significant keyword. In this regard, therefore, the number one criterion in selecting the people we retain (and the things we do), becomes very important; doing anything else, such as what may only be “o.k.” becomes tantamount to accepting mediocre and, at times and at best, this is superficial, inadequate, deficient and, even worse, useless and a waste of time.

I believe the majority of individuals want more, with the emphasis on an effective outcome. Yet, some will inevitably place a greater importance on the cost rather than the potential adverse outcome. In other words, they do not automatically ask “what do I have to lose, such as the priceless time I have, my professional career, credibility and/or personal integrity?” Therefore, with all of this in mind, many do not want “just o.k.” and, instead, focus on exceptional as the benchmark or measurement for the individual with whom they choose to employ and, often, on the things they do with the time they have.

In selecting a lawyer, the same criteria can be critical. The website Avvo provides a profile on all of the attorneys in the United States. Then, one has the opportunity to decide whether (s)he wants an attorney who is exceptional, as well as knowledgeable, skilled and highly experienced, particularly with a proven and written record of ongoing favorable results. For example, it might not at the outset seem as important in choosing a contractor, until one first looks at testimonials to determine whether there are others who have spent their savings or mortgaged their home, only to then experience their contractor departed from the plans and specifications, delayed at great length on the work and/or abandoned the job, not actually completing the project.

In the practice of law, it can make a huge difference if the attorney focuses on a comprehensive approach, paying attention to each of the legally significant facts, doing more than being hurried to get the work done, even with far less insight and strategic steps are planned and/or utilized. It is essential in order to diminish the risk or not gamble on the outcome. Hence, in choosing a lawyer, it is recommended you first evaluate the advantages of requesting a detailed analysis, thorough scope of work to be performed involving, among other things, indispensable steps, such as a risk assessment; an examination of pivotal facts and legal principles; focused research; essential strategizing; and utilizing credible forensic experts to evaluate and provide an opinion integrated into a cogent and compelling report concerning such issues, including those directly or indirectly, related to the standard of care, prudence, fitness, judgment, lawfulness, honesty, moral turpitude, competency, etc.

In summary, what some individuals may have previously thought were unnecessary because they did not think they required selecting an attorney who is exceptional, now are considering the very important criteria and issues as constituting essential characteristics in choosing the best lawyer (and the things they do).