Killing of pit bull sparks controversy

Pit bulls are known as dangerous, unpredictable dogs, so when a San Diego man admitted to shooting one, it sparked a debate.

Lee Pattison, a 24-year-old Navy diver, was on the sidewalk when he said that a pit bull across the street broke loose from his tether and attacked his Husky dog, Bolt. Pattison said that he punched the pit bull several times, during which time it bit him on the thigh. Pattison went inside to get his shotgun and eventually, after hitting the pit bull with the butt of the gun several times, shot and killed the dog.

Pit bulls have a rabid following of people who maintain that they are misunderstood animals. The real issue here, though, is animal control. No matter what type of dog a pet owner may have, they should keep it on a leash or fenced in when outside. It is negligent to let a pet run around, especially when it has the potential to injure another pet or person. The debate about pit bull dogs and their somewhat uncertain and possible propensity to bite, though some seem loving and gentle during other times, will undoubtedly continue as long as these pets are not properly safeguarded to prevent any attack or harm to others, including another animal.