LA police arrest man suspected of murders in 1980s (Sam Spital)

Commentary by San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Sam Spital, a Former Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice:
“On January 7, 2013, the UT San Diego News printed an online article of a 72 year old transient who had been described as a ‘career criminal’ because he had wandered from one place to another, having a record of arrests by police in 24 states, and now was caught and arrested for the brutal sexual molestation and strangulation killings in the late 1980’s of three woman, ages 35 to 46.  He was linked to these savage crimes by DNA evidence and charged with 3 counts of murder with special circumstances.
The article revealed a criminal history of two separate convictions for false imprisonment and assault of two women in San Diego for which he was sentenced to State Prison and later paroled. The suspect was also charged in Florida and Mississippi with two counts each of attempted murder and murder, but not convicted of those offenses. Most of the other arrests that were publicized were for drunk driving and burglary, although investigators believe the suspect also committed violent crimes against others with ‘high lifestyles,’ such as prostitutes and drug addicts. It is believed the defendant will be assigned the Public Defender, but that is still undetermined. With the charges now being filed over two decades later, the attorneys will have a greater challenge trying to put together dates, times and events to build their respective cases. Private investigators may be hired by the defense and the defendant will be called upon to assist in establishing his account of the horrific murders.”–Sam Spital