Man struck, killed by deputy’s patrol car ID’d (Sam Spital)

“On September 20, 2012, the UT News reported a pedestrian was struck and killed by a Deputy Sheriff in pursuit of an alleged drunk driver. It is unclear whether the officer had his front headlights on, but a Sheriff’s spokesman stated the officer did not have his flashing lights on. The Deputy Sheriff had only traveled about 100 yards before striking the pedestrian. The pedestrian’s employer stated she has seen officers leave the parking lot with their headlights off in order that the vehicle they are in pursuit would not notice them, thereby allowing the officer an opportunity to view the driver prior to making a decision to stop the driver. Because it was a dark area of town that the pedestrian was crossing, he obviously did not see the officer’s car nor did the officer see the pedestrian. Why does it take a killing before a City insures the safety of the public by having adequate lighting? Why did the officer not have his patrol car’s flashing lights on and/or use its siren? These are unanswered questions that no doubt will be the subject of a wrongful death claim by the family of the deceased. As a San Diego Criminal Defense lawyer who has defended clients with DUI charges as well as handling thousands of personal injury cases over the past approximate 40 years, this is but another tragedy that clearly could have been prevented and it is not simply hindsight that this is obvious.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer