Marine killed in fire during exercise at base

One Marine was killed and four were injured at Twentynine Palms during a training exercise. An Amphibious Assault Vehicle caught fire during the exercise.

The family may have a wrongful death claim if timely filed as the horrific injury may be a result of a product defect, or mechanical failure.  Choosing to immediately retain an attorney with experience in product liability cases can allow the investigators and forensic experts that would be employed by counsel to inspect the amphibious vehicle that caught on fire. Our attorneys use a team approach to evaluate and determine precisely and in what way the vehicle was dangerous, unsafe or defective. We both know and understand that no amount of money can replace a loved one or fully compensate for the loss of a human life; however,  we also know the family of the marine deserves the right to collect for this loss, and to send a message to the vehicle manufacturer to be accountable and so another such catastrophe does not occur now or in the future.