Miami-Area Patient Broker Sentenced for Role in $200 Million Fraud Scheme

The amount of fraud and waste connected with the Medicare program is staggering. Not only are these dollars being taken away from the fund to use for patients that need and deserve care and treatment, but it is adding to and crippling the huge debt of the United States. It is inconceivable for the public and the legal system and, therefore, strains credulity that anyone might believe they would get away with such criminal behavior.

On the other hand, the role of a criminal defense attorney is not only to rebut the prosecution case if possible, but to insure the procedures are followed. In this case, the focus would not only be on the offense as well as defense, but to emphasize any mitigating facts and circumstances. It is hoped that prior to sentencing his defense attorney was able to establish the defendant acknowledged his wrongdoing and was remorseful and apologetic. Otherwise, the Judge would not have the benefit of any redeeming qualities when the Court imposed the sentence.