Newport exec allegedly killed wife after divorce, money fight

Commentary by Sam Spital, San Diego Criminal Attorney:

“The Los Angeles Times reported on October 15, 2012 the Orange County District Attorney planned later on the same day to file charges against a Newport Beach man for killing his wife in a dispute over finances and a possible divorce. The newsperson noted the family resided in a $2.5 million home and the husband was arrested for felony murder near the San Diego-Mexican Border by officers a few days earlier. According to a different person, the 48 year old man claimed another individual killed his wife and forced him to place her body on a truck and then drive his own vehicle toward the Mexican border. The article does not contain any other references so it is impossible to know the facts and provide an opinion regarding the allegations and potential defenses to the charges. Suffice to say, criminal defense counsel has a variety of strategies to employ in representing a client.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Lawyer