Number of cheerleading injuries increase

Cheerleading now accounts for 60% to 70% of all women’s sports injuries.

This is partially due to the greatly increased number of predominantly female cheerleaders, and partly because cheerleaders are now asked to perform many stunt-like routines, such as human pyramids and tumbling. These activities bring with them a greater risk of injury than simply waving a pom-pom.

Cheerleading injuries can be disabling or even fatal, especially as the cheerleaders grow older and learn more complicated routines. Though it is exciting to see cheerleading grow more rigorous and be treated as a sport equal to other team sports, it is also disheartening to hear that so many injuries come of it. Cheerleaders should remember not to push themselves beyond their abilities, and to warm up sufficiently before engaging in any routines or stunts. It seems more planning and preparation, the use of adequate mats and pads, as well as increasing the level of proper and continuous education and training of instructors must be given greater emphasis.