Oakland Museum releases photo of the stolen jewel box (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Theft and Burglary Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Spital:

“The Examiner in their digital news on January 17, 2013 reported the Oakland Museum of California released a photo of a priceless gold encrusted jewel box created between around 1870 that was stolen earlier in the month. It was revealed this is the second theft and the police believe the same person may have been involved. Interestingly, the article noted the male suspect was seen on surveillance cameras entering a locked door. The article provides a description of the jewel box, the base and the legs to which it is connected.

The reporter did not provide any further information regarding the police investigation and/or suspect(s), did not report whether DNA was obtained nor whether the surveillance cameras provided a photo of the burglar that would be provided to the media to help identify his name and residence. Since this is the second major theft of historic artifacts, it is likely there is evidence the police may not desire revealing as part of their ongoing investigation.”

–Sam Spital