Pharmacist Consultations Are Very Important

The California Board of Pharmacy mandates that Pharmacists provide personal consultations to individuals who are dispensed medications via a prescription when requested by the patient and in all cases if they did not previously receive the prescription and/or it was in a different dosage, form or strength.


In December, 2013, CVS Pharmacies entered into a settlement with the State as a result of enforcement actions by the Board of Pharmacy, and a couple of weeks ago Rite Aid paid nearly $500,000 as a monetary settlement shortly after a lawsuit was filed by the San Diego District Attorney and other Southern California and Northern California county District Attorneys.  Rite Aid did not admit liability, but in addition to the amount they paid to settle their case, they agreed to institute an internal audit and compliance program, and obey the patient consultation requirements in California.


The public needs to be protected and sufficiently informed when drugs are dispensed by pharmacies. Because a physician may not fully elaborate on the use of an individual medication, possible complications and adverse drug interactions, it is the pharmacist who can provide the protection the public needs so their health is safeguarded.


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