Pit bull owner arraigned following attack on girl (Sam Spital)

“The owner of a 65 pound terrier pit bull was charged with a felony for having a dangerous animal that can cause great bodily injury when it attacked and mauled a 4 year old girl when she tried to pet it in the apartment courtyard where she resided.

The District Attorney stated the pet’s owner immediately afterwards ‘grabbed her dog, went to her apartment gathered her belongings and went to her car. When the cops got there she was trying to drive away. They stopped her from doing so, but when they did, she admitted that she was headed to Tijuana.’Owners of animals often focus on how much they love their pet or pit bull dog, even having cared for since birth and for all intents and purposes claim the pet is calm and gentle. Nonetheless, it is critical everyone always be mindful of the dangers involved when they have a pit bull or similar type pet that might escape a fenced yard, get loose from its leash &/or be near anyone else. This seems particularly evident in California where there is both civil and criminal liability. Of course, the impact on the victim and his/her family can be life long, and certainly the pet owner wants to avoid this and their own sorrow and anguish.”

SAM SPITAL, Criminal Lawyer