If You Have a Professional License, When Should You Obtain Legal Advice?

If you  receive a Citation or Notice of Violation for a crime and/or are arrested, you need to obtain legal advice immediately. Moreover, your concerns are far greater than your driver’s license. When you have a professional or occupational license, your career is at stake. Not only would it be reasonable to worry about losing your driving privilege, whether a few months or a year, you should not gamble on the outcome when your entire career is at stake. For those who do not have a professional or occupational license, it is wise to think ahead inasmuch as sometime in the future one may desire such a vocation or occupation. There are about 45 or more state licenses, and for the most part there are no statutes of limitations to prevent the government from using an arrest and/or a conviction to deny such a license. Think beyond today and as far as 5, 10 or even 15-20 years from now when you may have different aspirations  or even a second career.

It is easy to find an attorney who handles a variety of legal matters, and there are many who boast they know licensing law. Preferably, one should pay more attention to the lawyer’s credentials than where he may be located in the State of California and/or whether you can obtain legal advice or representation for a smaller sum of money. It is irrefutable that an attorney who argues the obvious and charges less money is going to do less work.  This is vastly different than a lawyer who places more importance on leveling the playing field; is passionate about obtaining a winning result; is a leader in the profession; has a consistent and proven record;  goes to painstaking lengths and is meticulous about establishing an effective defense and offense;  and is one to whom other lawyers seek advice and endorse as a distinguished attorney handling administrative law cases. Also, read the client reviews and compare the nature and  number  as this too may help in deciding how to proceed.

In the case of some matters, the state licensing Board or Agency may investigate a case before an arrest, such as when one is terminated or resigns from their employment and/or there is a complaint about one’s fitness to practice their chosen profession. In other cases, one may be prescribed certain drugs and narcotics that causes him/her to be suspected of having a physical or mental illness. This can even result in a forced physical or mental examination, as well as an Interim Suspension Order preventing one from working. There are countless types of cases that are investigated by the State Boards, Departments and Bureaus.

Lastly, if one is arrested for a certain type of offense, the Board may offer a Diversion Program and/or simply seek to have a meeting or interview you. Regardless how innocent you may feel or  meritorious the claim might be, contact an attorney who focuses his practice on the area involved or subject matter;  do so without delay or you risk a public Accusation filed against your license, and potentially the exposure of a criminal or civil case filed against you.