Be Safe and Vigilant During This Holiday

This is the time of the year when there are many holidays and we will be celebrating, most often with family and friends. 

However, the period of time between Thanksgiving and the New Year can also be the most dangerous days and nights of the year, whether on the neighborhood streets &/or highways.

Unfortunately, we all seem to have more stress from our work, family and societal pressures. Many individuals are tempted to have an alcoholic drink by invitations to lunch or dinner, to parties, and to holiday gatherings that when accepted can at times lead to impaired judgment. It can also be a stressful time due to the continuing and escalating expenses of living; our limited finances; as well as the expectations we impose on ourselves, and others impose on us (even if only because of our perception). Lastly, we are faced with the days getting darker much sooner in the fall and winter, which factor can also increase the risk of accidents.

Given all of the above, during each holiday season we want to be mindful of the safety of our family and loved ones, ourselves and countless others and, therefore, to be extra vigilant when we go and leave places and are on the road.