San Diego baseball player involved in alleged DUI hit-and-run

Matt Bush, a San Diego native and aspiring professional baseball player was reportedly involved in a series of hit-and-run accidents last month, which resulted in the serious injury of a motorcyclist. This is just the latest of a series of similar incidents for the 26-year-old, who has seen his once-promising baseball career stall as a result of his issues with alcohol.

According to police reports, the series of alleged DUI accidents began when Bush crashed a teammate’s SUV into another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle later told police that he had been hit by a SUV matching the description of the one driven by Bush, which had backed up at a red light to make an illegal U-turn following the crash.

Later that day, the same SUV crashed into the back of a motorcycle, causing its 72-year-old rider to suffer serious injuries. Bush reportedly fled that scene as well.

He was later apprehended by police, at which time he told police that he had been involved in yet another accident, in which he had collided with a pole, between the crash with the first vehicle and the motorcycle. Bush was arrested and charged with multiple criminal offenses in connection with the series of alleged DUI hit-and-run accidents. In addition, the motorcyclist reportedly plans to file a personal injury lawsuit against Bush and the owner of the SUV involved in the crashes.

The arrest is just one in a line of alcohol-related incidents that have derailed Bush’s once-promising professional baseball career. In 2004, Bush was the top overall pick in the MLB draft, but has spent the last two years playing for a minor league team after multiple ‘reported alcohol issues.’ Hopefully, he is able to get these issues under control and get back to his former and future baseball success.