SAN DIEGO: Three family members killed in home (SAM SPITAL)

“It is horrific any time there is a killing, but far worse when it involves family members; yet, even more ghastly when infants are also involved in a homicide.

There simply is too much violence occurring in society. Whether it is a struggling economy, huge debt, a bankrupt government, unemployment, underemployment or quite often tension between each spouse, there are support mechanisms that should and must be used. There seems to be lacking sufficient education and/or Public Service Announcements to alert and encourage people to obtain assistance. Clearly, the money that is spent by Government on other things should take a back seat to what can be characterized as an unspeakable scourge in society. Everyone can access family therapy whether from a religious leader, individual or group counseling or a local and often free service group. No matter what, however, it strains credulity for anyone who has brought children into their life to injure or kill them.

It has been reported the Defendant has a long history of criminality and even was incarcerated in State Prison. The sad reality is our penal system did little to resolve the deep seated emotional problems that may be the underlying cause of the alleged crime. It appears the defendant was a victim of abuse and neglect as a child and did not receive a timely and correct diagnosis nor did he receive any appropriate treatment. Nonetheless, I do not know all of the facts and circumstances as the media accounts afford little for the reader to discern. Therefore, it would be inappropriate to rush to judgment. Everyone deserves the benefit of such restraint.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer