Slaying Suspect Speaks from Jail: ‘I Lost It’ (SAM SPITAL)

“This is a case in which a man in his late thirties was caught two years after killing his wife, who was in her late teens a short time after she gave birth to their child. At the time of his arraignment he confessed to the crime, asserting his remorse and regret. Sadly, their infant daughter will no longer have her mother, and she will have to live her life knowing her father took her life away. What a horrific story. What a waste of human life. The slaying defendant claims he should not be guilty of first degree murder because he did not have a plan and it was not premeditated. Instead, he claims he “lost it,” and now blames society because he did not receive any treatment for his aggressive behavior.

We have so many places one can seek help for their violent tendencies. Does society take the blame for not unilaterally identifying such a problem &/or the friends and associates with whom such an individual came into daily contact? It is a very complex problem and probably not a single answer. However, it goes without saying each of us has to take responsibility for our own behavior. We have to find ways to find happiness and satisfaction in life, whether it be in positive goals, family, friends, work and/or creating strong beliefs.

The challenge for the defense will be to establish a defense as well as mitigation given the defendant’s many statements to the media, including that “there was no justification,” and “I’m not denying nothing (sic).” Nonetheless, the role of a great criminal defense lawyer is to create a strategy that protects and advances his client’s best interests regardless of the nature of the crime. That is why our American judicial system and the goal to provide due process of the law is the best in the world.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer