Some think that the Medical Board of California should be shut down

There is a conundrum when it comes to enforcement of licenses in general and the Medical Board in California (MBC) in particular. Certainly in speaking with physicians and defense counsel, it is opined that the Board is too strict and its enforcement policies fragmented. On the other hand, from a patient rights perspective, the MBC needs to take a more aggressive enforcement position. These individuals cite the lack of medical knowledge and experience of investigators as well as the increased amount of time to enforce the law.

It is fair to say that in all areas of politics (whether Federal, State or local), there should be a regular turnover so that new and inspired leadership are involved. On the other hand, some claim there needs to be a consistent policy of the MBC and, therefore, members should not be replaced (unless as a matter of practice when a new Governor is elected). The best that can be gained from articles of this nature and dialogue is that our system of government will ultimately improve, albeit it is often said “the wheels turn slowly.”