State Board License Diversion Program

A Diversion Program is intended to provide an alternative for a professional who is licensed in the State of California when there is evidence of a substance abuse and/or impairment due to a mental illness who would otherwise be charged with wrongdoing . One should not be embarrassed by what may appear to be a shortcoming as there are over forty (40) different  life stressors, multiple daily work pressures, and everyone should understand some challenges are simply genetic.

Obtaining a painstaking medical history and physical examination can afford the best way to evaluate your situation. Since this may also involve critical legal issues, however, seeking the advice of experienced legal counsel should be a paramount consideration as well.   A truly understanding and compassionate lawyer can discuss your eligibility, the  legal alternatives, as well as  the advantages and disadvantages of the course of action you may consider.

At the law firm of SPITAL & ASSOCIATES, you can obtain a confidential attorney consultation  at no charge, and we can help you identify the symptoms that may exist, if any,  and to assist you in changing the outcome.   There can be unintended consequences you need to fully understand when you have a professional or occupational license and, therefore, this may be a defining moment in your career. As our public service, we are here to help you so that you do not gamble on your career

Choosing the best course of action can make a huge difference now and in the future.