Supreme Court will Decide if Businesses can Claim Exemption to Contraceptive Law

The Obama administration has asked the Supreme Court to decide whether or not businesses can be forced to provide coverage for birth control, even if the owners disagree from a religious standpoint.

It certainly is understandable why an individual who is guaranteed rights per the U.S. Constitution would complain if those rights were lost or otherwise negatively impacted simply because he/she operates a business.

There are equities that favor enterprise since this is the way our country was built, along with the basic need for nearly everyone and certainly part of the American dream to do the best we can; the opportunity to employ others and grow a business to provide services &/or products greater numbers, and the simultaneous benefit to all of society in the resultant increased taxes received by the federal and state government so they are able to promote the general welfare. Nonetheless, the Obama administration through its lawyers contend a business does not have any religious freedoms and should be distinguished from hospitals and schools who claim they should not be bound by Obamacare that requires they cover contraceptives.