Suspect linked to death of woman in Lemon Grove arrested in Oregon Jennifer Krajnak found unconscious by deputies (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Criminal Defense Lawyer Sam Spital:

“KGTV Channel 10 online News reported on January 6, 2013 a recent investigation by law enforcement revealed Casey Tschida as the name of the 32 year old suspect in the killing of Jennifer Krajnak. The suspect was an acquaintance of the 30 year old victim and was just arrested in Portland, Oregon at his mother’s house. He will soon be extradited for these charges in San Diego. According to the report, the suspect and the victim were at a bar shortly before the killing; each left separately at about 2:00 a.m., and apparently Jennifer was approached by the suspect as she was walking home; she was found dead shortly thereafter in the front of her home.

The article did not contain any more information relating to the victim nor the attacker. It strains credulity how little information is gathered by reporters today , whether print or electronic The traditional journalist would not only seek as much background information as possible, but sufficient facts to provide a balanced account. Lacking any of the above, it is a challenge for anyone desiring to make a comment to offer much value to the reader of an article and/or viewer of this or any other such news story.

Nonetheless, there are various crimes that can be charged in a homicide, including murder one that is premeditated; murder two that is in the heat of passion; voluntary manslaughter is a killing that lacks malicde aforethought; and, involuntary manslaughter, which is a death as a result of reckless misconduct. In addition, there may be legal defenses, such as self-defense that can negate the finding of a criminal offense, as well as extenuating circumstances and/or mitigation that can bear on the sentencing of a defendant in such a case.”

–Sam Spital