• Tattoo Shop Manager Fights for His Life in Robbery Attempt (Sam Spital)

Commentary by San Diego Robbery Defense and Criminal Attorney Samuel Spital:

“On February 4, 2013, NBC Channel 39 reported the manager of Classic Tattoo in El Cajon, a city to the east of San Diego used martial arts to save his life from two robbery suspects who pistol-whipped him at about 2:00 a.m. The manager sustained serious injuries to his head when he was hit several times with a gun. The robbery suspects tried to take money from his pocket and his motorcycle, but the manager said ‘I put him in a guillotine, disarmed him and tried to get him out of the shop [at which point both robbers ran away].’

There were no other details relating to the case, including the type of weapon(s) used by the robbers, nor whether the business had video cameras &/or whether a description of the suspects was provided by the manager. As our economy continues to fall and there continues to be greater unemployment, even businesses that historically have not been targets of crime because they do not maintain large amounts of money or valuables now have to be vigilant. It is clearly worthwhile today for all types of businesses to install Video Surveillance Systems as one of the more common tools to safeguard their operations and property, let alone their own personal safety. Excluding the owner(s) of a business, there is workers’ compensation insurance available for temporary and permanent injuries sustained by employees and which is required by law. Many homeowners are also giving greater consideration to the installation of home security systems, which have become less expensive due to the wide variety being mass produced and sold by big box stores.”