Two men hold up pizza delivery man (Sam Spital)

“The Union Tribune on September 15, 2012, reported two individuals were arrested on suspicion of committing the crimes of kidnapping and carjacking.

They are charged with forcing their way into a pizza driver’s car and requiring him to drive to at least two other locations before fleeing.

It is possible the District Attorney will charge the two individuals with other criminal offenses due to the facts ( for example, using a knife or dangerous weapon).

The article did not, however, include any other information so it is unclear what took place at the two business locations, if anything. Hence, the motivation and intent of the suspects seems in question.
If anything of value was taken, it was also not reported by the writer. There would seem to be several issues for a criminal defense attorney to investigate and potentially argue given the above news account. Due to potential or actual conflicts of interest, each suspect should have his separate criminal defense lawyer.”

Sam Spital, Criminal Defense Lawyer