Why Vote – The Reasons Are Infinite

As we look ahead in 2016, the answer to the question seems obvious to most of us, yet there are still some who feel it makes no difference and, therefore, they do not vote.  Sadly, these individuals are often unaware of and not interested in what happens in their “world” since it does not fit their agenda (the things that matter to them). The majority of individuals who do vote, however, consider it  the single most important opportunity we have to provide a voice to the government that operates in cities, counties, and states as well as the federal government.

In the United States, we have a democracy and that means we have the ability and right to choose the leaders we elect and, thereby, each of them are intended to represent our opinions, interests, beliefs, and desires. Hence, the right to vote is a fundamental part of the fabric of our country. In contrast, there are some countries in which the right to vote is illusory at best;  the people do not get to elect their leaders.

No one can dispute that voting impacts nearly every single activity, function and part of our lives, including where, how and what we drive; the food that can be sold and what we eat; the water we drink and/or can use; the health insurance we purchase; the clothes we buy; the education we obtain; where we reside; the laws, rules and regulations that are enacted or repealed;  the occupational and professional licenses that are granted to individuals and businesses of infinite variety; the decisions made by our legal system (where judges are appointed or elected); along with the portion of the income we earn that is allocated to operate the respective city, county, state and federal government.

In summary, we should not take for granted the power and fundamental right we have to vote [as responsible participants in society], and in so doing provide a mandate for an existing system and/or bring about change. The most important corollary to this is to be thoroughly informed so the vote you make in an election reflects who and what you want.