Commentary by San Diego Homicide and Criminal Defense Lawyer Sam Spital:

“UT San Diego News reported on December 19, 2012 a 28 year old suspect and acquaintance was arrested in the murder of a 41 year old woman in her Vista apartment, a community in the north part of San Diego County. Also, her 8 year old child who was in the apartment at the same time was seriously wounded, taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The article did not establish any basis or motive for the attack, information regarding the perpetrator such as criminal history, nature and extent of his relationship with the victims, explanation, possible mitigation and/or remorse. These are not only elements that assist one in reading a balanced account, but without such details it is more challenging to comprehend the underlying cause(s) that led to the crime. A criminal defense attorney would likely employ an experienced private investigator to obtain this extremely important information and perhaps retain a forensic expert to assist in the strategy and analysis of legal counsel.”

– Sam Spital